– Hey everybody, Jack Vale here. Pranks don’t always go the way
that I hope they’re gonna go. Now my pranks are nonthreatening, they’re not mean spirited or anything so for the most part people laugh. However, I found this guy, he was one out of a
million I have a feeling. But I want you guys to tell me, when you watch this video, would you have reacted the
way that this guy reacted? Would you have been upset
that this happened to you once you found out it
was just a harmless joke. Let me know in the
comments, what you think, and I can’t wait to hear
your thought, thanks. (Fart noise) Alright man, thank you. (Fart noise) – He’s got a farter. – You’re Jack, you’re Jack Vale right? You’re Jack Vale. – Oh ya maybe, ya.
– No sh–. – Ya
– What’s up? Hey I’m Alex.
– Nice to meet you. – Is this the guy on YouTube? – This is the guy on YouTube. – Yup, hey how’s it going? – Hey excuse me, you wouldn’t
tie my shoe would you? Do you wanna tie my shoe? I’ll put it up as far as I can. – Ya – Thank you, I just thanks. – Hang on (Fart noise) – Sorry? – Nothing. (Fart noise) – Thank you very much, appreciate it. – [Man In Red Hat] Take it off the camera. – [Cameraman] Don’t touch me. – [Man In Red Hat] You
try to help a dude out, and yet you’re going
to (beep) me like that. – No, no, it’s for a TV show called– – I don’t give a (beep) – Do you remember Dick Clark productions? – Take it off the camera. – You remember candid camera? – I don’t give a (beep),
take it off the camera. – Okay, you know what I won’t be able to take it off the camera, and the reason is because
we roll the entire day. – I don’t give a (beep), you
know I try to help a guy out. – It’s fake.
– Don’t screw me like that. – No it’s a prank, it’s a practical joke. – I don’t think it’s funny. – You don’t watch shows like that? – No! Take it off the camera. It’s a public place,
you took a film of me, I didn’t appreciate it
and I didn’t approve it. Take it off the camera! – [Cameraman] Stop
talking to me like that. – [Jack] Don’t talk to
him, he’s my son, he’s 16. You don’t have the right to talk to him. – If I call the cops over here
what are they going to say? – I would love for you to do that. – And what’re they going to say? – [Jack] What’re they going to say? Well let’s find out, do it. I’m not going to sit
here and listen to you harass me in front of my kid. – Harass me? Son, I tried to talk
to you. It’s not funny. – [Jack] It’s a joke,
it’s a practical joke. What you’re doing right now is intentional antagonistic towards me. – [Man In Red Hat] No, yes
and what you did right there- – [Jack] Was a prank! (beep) (beep) goodbye. Don’t talk sexual to me either. Well he made a comment about my anatomy, at the end there and I didn’t like it. Never happened before, oh good, here’s the police, ya there he is. Rennee I need one of
those forms real quick, just grab one for me. Just grab me an empty form ,
just grab me an empty form. Or give me one that’s filled,
give me one that’s filled. We’re filming a hidden camera show for Dick Clark Productions. I’m sure you’ve seen these shows before, it’s called bloopers. – [Man In Red Hat] I was
just telling him about you. – [Jack] Good, good, good, I just wanted to make
sure we have releases for everybody that we
use in the production. – Did you come over here
because I’m standing here? – No, because I saw police and obviously I put 2 and 2 together. So anyway I’m sure you’ve
heard of these shows before, I mean there’s hidden
camera shows all over TV, that’s how you do a prank,
you get unsuspecting people. He clearly doesn’t know
what he’s talking about. – Dude, look here, I’m
walking done the street. You ask me to do something for you, I think okay I can be a good guy and you do this and
you’re pulling this on me and this is what’s making me angry. – Right – Not that you took pictures
of this that and the other, but you screwed me like that,
you boofed me like that. – Have you– – Ya I know the shows,
but that’s not the point, the point is you’re saying “oh
you got this all on camera, but I wasn’t being violent”
that’s bull (beep) too! Come on buddy. – Well we got it on
video, I wouldn’t said it if I wasn’t rolling the show on videotape, but besides that, beside
that, here’s the thing. You’re saying that you’ve seen these types of shows before right? – Yes. – And you understand how they work? – Yes. – But you’re still pissed
off, I don’t get it. – At you, yes. – You’ve seen the, why? – Because, the premise
of what you did was- – Was, I have a fart noise, I have a fart machine,
I have a fart machine. – Ya, it’s the premise of what you said, would you mind tying my shoe
because I got crutches on. And I did that because I
was trying to be a nice guy and then you do this to me
and you take pictures of me. – It’s a prank, that’s how pranks work, I think we’ve all seen
hidden camera shows, and that’s what you do, you get unsuspecting people
to fall for the prank. – What the point is is that you’re– – You keep cutting me off. – Doing this to people
without their knowledge. – How else do you do a prank? You’re pranking people
without telling them first that they’re going to be pranked. – Do it somewhere else! – Oh just don’t around you, gotcha. – Alright don’t worry,
we’ve got it from here. – We got to keep filming, come on. – Okay, I need– (laughs) wait I, he finished
the rest of this form, because you took his
form without finishing so I got to copy it over. – Dad, I was filming that whole time. – Nice , nice (laughs) Thanks for watching the video everybody I really appreciate it. Make sure that you subscribe and turn on that notifications bell, so that you can find out
about all my upcoming videos, okay, cause I am uploading all the time. Love ya, see ya. (Funky music)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “FART PRANK GONE WRONG!! – GETS POLICE!”

  1. I feel sorry for that old man that he was totally insane. He didnt know the meaning of prank. We are 3rd world understand this perfectly but what kinda monster he was??

  2. He felt bullied, not pranked.

    The act of nealling and tiing someone's shoes is an act of submission, in some level, and then he finding out that he was being pranked, is like being laugh at, when you nealed for the person.
    He's weak and insecure and tried to defend himself instead of being a sport. He overreacted.

  3. Idk Jack.. ide be pretty pissed that you didnt tell me you were going to prank me before hand. We all know good pranks are when you tell someone before hand…. whamp whamp waaaaaahhhhhh


  4. That asshole seriously needed to get a life…
    He is obviously not used to being a "nice guy" and the first time in his miserable life that he is, it …"backfired" on him. No pun intended.

  5. If he was really a "nice guy," he would have just shrugged it off and not acted like a jerk about it. He pretty well proved he wasn't being a nice guy.

  6. that man was being rideckulous it was just a dang prank all he had to do is say please take me off camera , I don't want to be apart of it.

  7. Everyone's different, guess you were bid to come across one of those angry fellas soon enough. Ain't the first time, ain't the last.

  8. he said it " I am trying to be a nice guy…." so I get out of that he is not a nice guy and always angry! He should wear a shirt that reads "Don't Prank Me Buddy!"

  9. He said’I was trying to be a good guy’ ,well,you don’t need to ‘TRY’ to be good,it’s not a try-thing.

  10. Wow Jack u should of told the old guy that u were going to prank him that way he would of not gotten angry lol

  11. Well,you acted as a bully,you're pranks are rude and very disrespectful for same people,you treat this gentleman really bad you should be processed as a disturbed person,who cares about your pranks,do you have authority or legal permission?..I'm sure NO,cause no authority can issue that kind of permit,you are offending another persons whom don't like your pranks,you need to learn about CLASS,EDUCATION,GOOD MANNERS WITH SOMEONE WHO DONT SHARE YOUR PRANKS,,YOU SHOULD FIND THIS GENTLEMAN AND APOLOGIZE IN PUBLIC,,YOUR SON IS YOUR VICTIM CAUSE INSTEAD TO TEACH HIM ABOUT RESPECT OTHERS PERSON RIGTHS YOU ARE TEACHING HIM TO I DO THIS AND I DONT CARE ABOUT THE OTHERS FEELINGS,,,YOU ARE A BAD FATHER…CLASS,HONOR,RESPECT,EDUCATION,ITS WHAT YOU HAVE TO TRANSMITTE TO THE NEW GENERATION….👎👎👎👎👎👎..

  12. Because the old man wasn't on the good moods at the time jack did the pranks farted…if he was happy i think its woulda been ok…oh well you get that sometimes. ..

  13. He had tunnel-vision, a One-track mind, I'M GONNA BE OFFENDED! No explaining anything to people like that Jack. Save your breath & just move on.

  14. I love your fart pranks! That dude overreacting like that is not cool. I would laugh my butt off if I got pranked like this 😂

  15. It is DIRTY and SMELLY to fart on someone, in fact -it’s DISGUSTING and he was obviously distressed. It like pooing on someone.💩

  16. Personally I think it’s funny but I know some people could get offended that ok to we are all different but at the end of the day this is how I see jack I am big fan but you need to be careful as there are people who find it funny some get offended but there are better ways to deal with either these people need to ignore it or just say nicely to you sir I don’t find this funny it offends me so in future if you see me again I’d appreciate it if you didn’t prank me thank you have a nice day. But being like that is just energy draining & just upsets you & pisses them off more so to answer your question hell yeah he was out of line

  17. older people are always bragging about how wise they are because of all they're experience , using that mentality the guy should be able to handle a prank like that like it was nothing

  18. Sometimes people are having a bad day
    He was helping u. I can see why hes mad
    U dont know what hes going thru that day.

  19. I think the 967👎 are extended family members of this Ignorant Arrogant Di** in the video. People cant even take a Joke these days!!

  20. you were uncool to him, and you tried to turn it around and make him the bad guy. in a lot of instances you will pay for it. and dont bring your kid along, its gonna suck him into some bad shit

  21. Some people have no sense of humor. You have to understand that fact and be prepared for those scenarios. Maybe the premise of being handicapped wasn't the best choice but that guy needs to acquire a sense of humor

  22. If he was Black there would have been racist comments all over. By the way did you ask for the guy’s permission to show him on YT ?

  23. he overreacted all the way, i think the old man just have other things happend in his life and shoose you to realease himself.. i love your videos man keep the good work greetings from Mexico

  24. Really? Jack, don’t stop what you’re doing because of this asshole. You’re right, that man is completely irrational & takes life way too seriously. Another thing you should know Jack is most people like that guy have “Mental Health Problems” & are self-righteous & don’t understand humor which is sad. Like you said Jack….these people are one in a million. Also, your comeback to this guy was awesome. He didn’t have much to say to the Truth he couldn’t handle in the first place. That guy definitely has Mental Health Problems, it’s not you Jack. Fart on man! 👍❤️💨

  25. He felt like you were trying to make a fool out of him I feel like that's why he got mad over the little joke. I don't know how that would work with California's two consent law. Lol. But really just makes Better content.

  26. Also filming in public is not illegal and if your in public and video someone the first amendment protects the person filming so keep up the funny work

  27. 5:24 starts to walk away like this is a waste of time and then someone yells out “Jack Vale’s” savage moment that the tattler is clearly an idiot and Jack is famous and appreciated after all.

  28. He’s just a prick you should’ve hit him the last fart he heard was from the wardrobe the fella who was shaggin his wife was hiding there. I think you touched a nerve end

  29. Next time if some human really needs help i wont help him, what if it is a PRANK? I hope it is a PRANK cuz i aint helping him. Feel sory for thous Who really ned that type of help. Your type of pranks scears peapole Who wana help others withouth being lought over it so you can make money on that. Sry for my english. And I respekt that older man Who helt that joker.

  30. This guy is the jerk of all jerks! If he was anymore anal he'd be tossing his own salad… He's definitely in the running for the douche bag of the year award! Now he's on camera for the whole world to see who he really is!

  31. Jack, continue to do what you to man. In other countries farting while eating dinner is a compliment to the cook. Lol
    Go with your gut feelings and keep on farting. So many are "Socially Constipated" and they could use some fiber to loosen them up a bit! 💩 lol
    You and the other "Master Blasters" are my "go to" when I need and instant laugh. Thank you for putting a smile on our faces!


  32. He clearly lives on his own, owns a cat, left his sense of humour in the maternity ward and doesn't eat beans..!!

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