hi and thanks for coming to our site. My
name is Walter Giacometti and I am the founder of the Tiger tennis academy Here we’re going to answer your most frequently asked questions about our tennis there are three items required for the
class: tennis racquets, tennis sneakers and athletic guitar for our three to
five year old program we supply the rackets for all the classes for our six to nine and our ten to fourteen program we supply the rackets but eventually you
would want to speak to your tennis pro in regards to purchase in a racket and
they will recommend the suitable racket for your child yes we do offer trialed classes this is
a great way for your child to get a feel of our program, if you do enjoy the
program and want to sign up for the entire semester the course of the trial
class will go towards the semester post we do recommend for a three to five year
old program that the parents do stick around for our six to nine and our ten
to fourteen program you may want to stick around for the first couple of
classes but it’s up to you if you’d like to stay I student to instructor ratio is 5 to 1
if we do have more than 5 kids on the court which a maximum of 8 we will
provide a second instructor we do loud for makeup classes for each
semester do you have one makeup available to you if you do need more
than one makeup all our office and we will work with you within reason

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