Hey awesome ones Heather here and you
know with the cooler weather kind of upon us I thought I would talk about
fall and autumn fashion. But instead of trekking off to the mall I thought I’d
shop my closet and do a little bit of mixing and matching and see if I can
come up with the five big…well they are five of the biggest trends for the fall
season. Can I do it? Let’s check it out and it all starts in just a few seconds. So let’s start with number one and lace
tops are really really trending this year. I guess lace dresses as well
but as you can see with this top it’s very very pretty. I don’t need to wear a
necklace or anything with it but you know I kind of bought it to wear with
a pair of jeans but it really looks nice. I actually have the jacket on here
paired with a jacket and a pencil skirt. So let’s take a look at this.
So I usually wear this lace top as I said with jeans but check it out
this is a nice outfit for a business casual or maybe out with my friends and
that lace top kind of adds a little bit of sexiness to it along with a pencil
skirt and it’s also got those rolled up sleeves. Hey the eighties are back
everyone and I also check out these earrings that I’m wearing with this
outfit. I love them with long hair and also I’ve got these floral shoes and
they’re very popular now. I’m going to link a lot of things in the description
so you can get similar items. So for number two I’ve been seeing a lot of
tone on tone. It’s a trend where you wear the same kind of coloring all completely
together and for me if I wear a light blue and I’ve tried this a light blue
top and a light blue pair of pants. I kind of look like I’m wearing pajamas. So
but I’m not one of those people that you know won’t try to at least try to follow
a trend. So I’m going to do the Heather version of tone-on-tone and it’s right
here. Now for this outfit I picked a caramel color because I find it kind of
a rich color to do tone on tone. I’ve also got a darker top underneath. I need
a little bit of slim in there so I decided to do that and also needed a bit
of pizzazz so I added some gold earrings and also a nice gold bangle as well, And
this is kind of a cashmere sweater so it’s it’s very luxe and I do love it also
for my shoes oh I’m doing something else here. I’m adding even more bling to it by
adding this leopard scarf and that that’s how I’d wear it. I just really
love it with that and also don’t forget to take a look at the shoes because as
you can see here there are a faux snakeskin shoe and it goes really well
with the outfit but just add that little something-something. When you do see me
standing by this wall here take a look at the tree because this is a tree that
is growing out of the the stone wall and every time I look at it I get inspired
because you know we can all accomplish so many things in our lives and and this
tree is just inspiration for me. But anyway I digress. Now for number three
and there’s such a beautiful coat if you know the kind of camel-hair coat and I’m
gonna tell you I have mine but I really only kind of dress it up and wear it to
business meetings and being a youtuber I don’t even go to that much…many business
meetings these days. So I had to find another use for it.
And I did. It’s right over here. So I have a lot more days where it’s more casual
and this really works for me. Hey this could be a little bag that I have beside
me. It could be a gym bag. Also I could do the kind of Audrey Hepburn look going on
here with the sunglasses. And I’m not saying wear all black underneath but
you know with this outfit it kind of works with that coat for sure and check
out the running shoes that I have on. There a great pair of athletic shoes for
going the distance and also the sockets. Wear those sockets because then your feet won’t smell. For number four the little black dress. Now this isn’t the whole
outfit that’s trending but hey most of us have a little black
dress in our closet somewhere and I’m going to show you how I paired this up.
So a second versatile outfit is the jean jacket and why just wear them with a
pair of pants like why not wear them with a dress. You can even wear them with
floral dresses and I think that you must have one of these in your closet if not
you should get one because they are so versatile. And check out the shoes that I
have on as well, the stockings also a scarf and if I’m going out for the
evening… oh my goodness oh okay take off that
jean jacket and I’m ready for the night time. It’s a great look. I bought a
lot of animal print outfits and scarves and jackets and things last year but hey
guess what they’re trending again this year. So that’s cool. I’m very happy about
that. Now if you think…ah its a little too daring for me. I’m gonna suggest go for
it.Even if you just buy a scarf and again I’m gonna link below for some
animal print scarves and that sort of thing. I’ve also bought myself a pair of shoes
and some people are even wearing the animal print dresses so lulala again for
that one. But I bought a jacket specifically to wear for business you
know and I went with this video why not change it up a bit. Let’s look a little
bit more casual and take a look what I did here. I decided to pair this with…
I got a kind of winter white thing going on here with the white t-shirt and the
white stretchy pants. And also put a little bit of a belt underneath as well.
Notice the sleeves again they’re kind of rolled up and the one thing about this
belt it’s a little bit stretchy. It has some give there in the the leather and
you know it’s kind of a fun look and also I have
those leopard school or guess they’re not leopard but those animal print shoes on
underneath. And they kind of make the outfit all go together. And by the way if
you if you really think that this video is helpful for you I’d love to hear it
in the comments, you know…what you’re thinking and maybe you can share it with
a few people because what we can really do is just take a look at what we have
in the in our wardrobe and maybe all we need to do is just purchase an animal
print scarf or we might need to get that jean jacket. That’s gonna last you by the
way for another 20 years. So let me know in the comments if you found this
helpful. Also do you guys have any other ideas that you think are trending? I know
that orange color is trending. I know that florals are trending for me. I like
florals with a little bit of a darker background. Again I’m saying you notice
that was winter white there. I don’t want you to wear all black but sometimes if
we wear these…I’m a little curvier…the big splashes of big floral prints it’s
it’s just too big. So we have to kind of watch that but there’s a lot of things
that are trending and I really hope that so far this is helping you. So it’s time
for us to bring out the cuteness factor. No that’s not me it’s our little Yorkie
Hurricane and yes Hurricane it’s you and when we bring out little Hurricane we
like to talk about upcoming videos and tomorrow I’m gonna be like I kid again.
I’m going to one of the largest North American fairs and if you think you’re
too old to go to the fair well you might want to think again. And that video is
going to be on our second channel that’s over at youtube.com/awesomeover50inspiration
where we have our recent travel videos to London and to Paris and
oh we’ve done one on how we made our kitchen into a little coffee shop. We’re
also talking about some tech items that we love, that’s pretty interesting there.
So yeah head on over and take a look at that one. But what about this channel?
So you know what? When I was getting ready for this video I noticed that I
had to do a few little tuck ins and rearranging for my…well let’s just say
to kind of hide my tummy a little bit and I thought to myself you know what.
It’s time to do another slimming and trimming video. What you can do with your
clothes to make you look a little slimmer and trimmer. So I’m working on
that one right now and did you see the video that I did on growing out my gray
or I guess silver hair? it’s really a process and you know I talk a lot about
it on Instagram and if you haven’t seen me on Instagram I’m there every day with
stories and postings and I talk a lot about you know the pro age sort of thing.
And that said oh just search awesome over 50 on Instagram you’ll find me
there and in the meantime I think this guy, he’s outside so he kind of wants to
go for a walk right now I think but anyway in the meantime don’t forget to
subscribe to this channel too if you haven’t subscribed and click on the bell
and you’ll be notified of these upcoming videos especially that slimming one
that I’m working on right now but you know I hope that you can shop your
wardrobe. I hope that you can find a few items and maybe just go to the mall and
buy a scarf or a lace top or something like that or shop online at the
descriptions below. And you know keep on kind of going with a few trends there.
Keep it youthful and keep it awesome.

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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “Fall Fashion | Style for Mature Women over 50 for 2019”

  1. Love, love, love my Jean jacket; it is my "go to" accessory for dressing up or down!! Great fashion tips and ideas, thank you for another "Awesome" video😉!!

  2. Ohhhhh……beautiful outfits here Heather, love the tone on tone, and I like the added touch of animal print to any outfit……..how cool is that tree, amazing 😊 Thanks so much for sharing, wishing you a wonderful week-end, take care 💕💗

  3. A few trees in Southeastern Michigan are showing a fall tinge on their very top! Love it! I'm dragging up my fall clothing from storage in my basement. I haven't seen these clothes for so long that I feel like I went shopping!

  4. Hi Everyone, Heather here… if you want to find similar styles to the one's I'm wearing in this video they are at my blog at https://www.awesomeover50.com/fall-fashion-trends-for-2019/ (just scroll down the page to find them) – Enjoy the Fall Season Everyone!

  5. Thanks, Heather!
    Is good to shop one's own closet—-and not be part of the consumerism that is hurting so many of us!
    (And, always—hurrah for jean jacs!_

  6. I thinned out my pants, mock & turtlenecks, cardis and long sleeve tees, last season. I work in an office. I'm replacing my staples, just placed an order. Next to thin my scarves, again!

    Burgundy, from the 80s is back!

  7. I love the fact, that mixing our more precious, evening glam pieces w denim and comfy walking shoes creates more interesting outfits👍🏻☺️ Hope this trend stays!

  8. I've always done tone on tone. It's a great look with statement jewelry and animal print scarves. I suppose it could be said it's almost my look.
    I wear it well and always make sure I match my makeup with the colour in my scarf.
    I'm happy the animal print is still in. I can get some more wear out of my Zebra print jacket from Wallis.
    Best wishes from the UK.

  9. You looked beautiful in everything, as usual! I did love you in the tone on tone beige the best. The added scarf was great. I loved the denim jacket but you should be a little “edgier” & try it with a midi floral dress or some print rather southwestern looking. You can wear sandals with it now but western boots look best. You see this outfit all over Instagram. Also I too have a camel coat & love it but the updated look is a MOTO jacket. I just ordered one from Nordstrom’s as I missed getting one on their big sale last month. It too can go with all your outfits & elevate your style. To go with that, a new pair or skinny jeans with the high waist is really on trend. I just received a pair from Walmart from the Sofia Vefgara line & they fit true to size beautifully! I got the Rosa Curvy because I’m just like you with a little bit of a tummy but not too hippy. I don’t like all the distressing they have on jeans but these have a little on the frayed hem; another edgy look. So check those out. I love your animal print jacket but not a big fan of it with the white underneath. I think you’ll lots of better ways to wear it though. Keep up the great video’s. ( Oh, and I LOVED the tree growing out of the wall! Yes, an inspirational thing to see!)

  10. Hi Heather! Great looks. Thank you! Have a wonderful Labor day. 😊🤗😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. I think monochromatic style is what you're referring to as "tone on tone" and it can look chic when done well. The jean jacket with the black dress, tights and boots is really flattering on you.

  12. Tone on tone. Now that is something I will adapt to. I have a Winter white Jacket and cannot find the same white for pants soooo I will team up pants and top etc with different whites. Thx.

  13. I love rolled up sleeves, jeans jackets, lace tops, and animal prints. You just reminded me of some things I have in my closet. I've decided I'm not rushing out to buy anything for Autumn. I'm going to be more discerning, take stock of what I actually need, and then stop shopping. Great outfits, Heather, as always. Thank you and Bill very much. Have a great weekend. Hugs to the adorable one. XOXO

  14. Great video!
    Shop my closet…. Just not sure what I would put together…But,your video did help.
    Thank you.
    I'm watching for your slimming video too! God knows,I need all help I can get!!! Lol!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Hi Heather,
    You look so nice in the different outfits. You gave me a great idea! I’m going to add a lacy top to my wardrobe. I wear my jean jacket a lot. It’s a must have item. Looking forward to your “slimming” video. Happiness and hugs, Teresa

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