>>Hahahaha!>>Oh, yeah?>>Boys! Boys! Boys! You’re driving me bananas
and I’m trying to pack in there! Can you please go outside
and play for 15 minutes?>>Fine.
>>Fine.>>Thank you.>>So boring out here!
It just like a bunch of dirt.>>Yeah! We aren’t even that
wild, come on.>>You don’t need to do,
that we haven’t done in forever?>>What?>>Sneak Attack Squad!>>For real, yeah!>>If mom think she can
just send us out here, she’s got another thing coming!>>Hehehe! Yeah! Come on, tell me!
What’s our plan?>>Well sneak attacking, of course. Go, go, go, go!
Run, run!>>No! Our Nerf guns are gone!>>Huh! Oh yeah! Dad packed them
since we’re moving!>>Well, what we’re gonna do now? [Gasps]
>>Oh! That was close!>>I know! What’re we
gonna do with no guns?>>I think there’s Halo guns
downstairs, though.>>Let’s go check!>>There they are! Yeah, that’ll work for today. Tell me where she went?>>Do I look like I know?>>Check it out.>>She’s in there!>>I got an idea!>>Ohhh, I like that idea!>>Here!
>>Shhh, quiet! Mom might hear us!>>Mom!>>What? Hey! Where in the world
did that come from? Hmm…>>Cole, we got her!>>Let’s go!
>>Right behind!>>Just what I thought! Two Halo guns missing. Perfect weapon I’ve been saving
for something just like this! [Whispering]>>Mom is gonna suspect us.>>Make her think like,
we played outside the whole time.>>Good idea! Grab the ball!>>Where are those two? Hmmm… That’s… impossible! How are they outside?>>My ball!>>What are you boys doing?>>Just playing soccer. Why?>>No reason, just thought
maybe I heard you come in.>>I think she’s on to us!>>Well, there’s no way!>>Here I am trying to pack
and then making this mess. Hahaha! I bet somebody’s
gonna be looking for these!>>Do you think mom knows?>>I don’t know,
it’s been a while.>>We should probably
go check it out! Let’s get our guns.>>They’re not here!>>Where’d they go?>>Missing something?
>>Oh, no! Whoa! Run!>>Mom! She’s shooting at us!
Aaargh! Mom, we have a present for you!>>Empty!>>There’s her gun!
>>But where did she go?>>I don’t know!>>Sneak attack this!
>>Whoa! Run upstairs!
Run! Run! Run! Come on hurry, hurry!>>I know those guns you were
using only have one bullet! I also know all the other Nerf guns
are packed up because I did it! So, you are out of ammo! So, Mom finally wins!>>Yeah, she’s right.>>Come on!
We can’t lose like this!>>Oh, wait…
I know something! It’s sort of a long shot,
but we’ll see.>>What is it?>>It doesn’t matter, it’ll shoot. You’re my loader.>>Oh, mom!>>Did you come to tell me
I’m the new Sneak Attack Master…? Uh-oh.>>Load it! There’s no escape, mom!>>How many will it need?>>All of them.>>Uhh, boys? What are you doing? Uhh, don’t do it! [Slow-mo voice]>>NOOOO! I think we sneak-attack
scored ourselves. If you like this video,
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