( upbeat music ) Welcome back. Now, I’ve never played
golf a day in my life. It’s too slow-paced,
I refuse to use tiny pencils, and apparently,
in grown up golf,
there’s no windmill or 14-year-old couples
exploring each other’s mouths. Ooh, mouths? Mouths. Well, we thought,
how do you make golf better? The answer is simple:
you freeze random objects
with liquid nitrogen and then you whack
the crap out of them,
which is exactly what we did. Today, we’re going to make
golf faster and funner.
We’re Nitro-Golfing! Uh-huh, we have super
cooled a series of objects
using liquid nitrogen. Now we’re gonna see
if we can make a hole in one. You get a hole in one,
I’ll get you a chili dog. Something tells me
that’s not going to happen. Professionals like us refer
to the golf hole as a cup, so I’m gonna hit
a cupcake. Logic. Bagger Chase,
please fetch me a cupcake. Bagger Chase, you ever put
a cupcake on a tee before? – First time.
– How long you worked here
at this particular course? – It’s my first day.
– Oh, lots of firsts
for Bagger Chase. Oh, here we go. Fore!( sentimental music )Whoa!
It went everywhere! – Did it go in the cup?
– Some crumbs did, yep, I got some cupcake crumbs.
I get a chili dog. Nothing says “I love you” like
a shattered bouquet of flowers. Aim high, Link. I have to alter my
professional golf swing. Yeah. Oh my goodness,
it’s crackling. Fore!( sentimental music )( laughing ) – Where’d it go?
– Right there. It all went right there. Look at that.
That was perfect, man. I see nothing in the hole. I took all of the
flowers off, though. That’s like a good
lawn-mowing job there. Take this home to Christie. Hey baby, look what I got ya. Hmm, smells…
like nothing. You can leave
your jack-o-lantern on your porch to rot,
or not. – Aah!
– ( chuckles ) Look at it! Almost hurt
myself on that one. – Wow.
– It’s like styrofoam. – Really cold styrofoam.
– Look at that. This one will make
your head explode.( music playing )Whoops!
( laughs ) Bring that face
over here. Look what you did, Link! Put it up to my face. It’s like the
Phantom of the Opera. Oh, that’s cold!
Don’t put it on my face. This gummy bear is
in deep hibernation. Let’s wake him up. ( sound slowed )
Oh my goodness! Sub zero sub sandwich. What kind of sub was that? It was cold cuts. Dirty diaper. You know what,
Bagger Chase? I think I’m gonna go with
a five iron on this one. I don’t know what that is. It’s the one
with the five on it. Fore! – Ugh!
– Is that real poop, or is that fake poop? – Why don’t you taste it?
– Cellular telephone. Can you hear me now?( music playing )– What is that?
– I don’t know, lick it. Look how many–
who knew that there was
just pieces of paper – inside of a phone?
– It’s just like a– There’s multiple
pieces of paper! That’s all a phone is! And that’s
how golf should be. Totally destructive
and done in four minutes. I think
I’m into golf now. Yeah, we gotta
get a better caddy. Hmm. Good point. Next, we’re gonna
burn your eyeballs with things you
just can’t unsee. Link:Our new GMM poster is
available at mythical.store,
just in time for
your wall’s growth spurt.
Clothe your wall now.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Extreme Liquid Nitrogen Golf”

  1. Why did you change your intro the other one was nicer and something the say lets talk about that can you put that in your next vid

  2. Guys you need to slow down. Real fans can't enjoy this fast-paced stuff. Sure do it because people have short attention spans but I miss putting Gmm on and being able to chill.

  3. I'm totally on board with more episodes but it seems like having the three short ones doesn't allow for enough content. Like this would have been so fun as a game and those are always my favorite videos

  4. I am loving the new content! You guys are hilarious and charismatic as always! Keep up the good work and thanks for staying a part of my daily routine <3

  5. this new way u make videos is not fun at all, it was perfect when it was one vid a day… i really wish they go back to the old ways, this is totally different from the gmm i loved.

  6. Links come back pic on insta should be of that time he ate a corn dog while riding a unicorn into a pit of lava with Rhett’s “I’m so Stressed” song playing in the background.

  7. Not fan of the random music during the slow motion parts. It really wasn't necessary! Just letting the viewer enjoy the awesome visual effects of the low motion is enough! We don't need every second of the video filled with auto as well

  8. I miss the old gmm where everything was in one video and it didn’t seem scattered or like they move really fast during each individual video

  9. I'm starting to like this layout after some getting used to. They can do some things that wouldn't fill a full episode before.

  10. God damn these guys are fun….they should have they're own late show….its time to get rid of all the bullshit leftist political agenda in network television!

  11. The fact that we didn't get an initial continuous wide shot of the hit and resulting splatter before all the slow mo and zooming and dramatics really annoys me.

  12. I like when Rhett and chase both lift up there leg because they are scared links frozen face he’s hitting is going to hit them

  13. Hey! Don't raise the horns unless you mean it!
    Bad enough people are wasting vintage metal shirts wearing them Ironically
    Well, that was pretty brutal, ok..
    Love you

  14. Rhett (to the dirty diaper): is that real poop or fake poop? Why don’t you taste it?

    Rhett (to the cell phone): what is that?
    Link: I don’t know. Lick it.

    These guys response is always to put unknown things in their mouths, isn’t it?

  15. "Apparently in grown up golf, there's no windmill or 14 year old couples exploring each other's mouths"- Link 2017

  16. I realized that most of the time, I comment about how adorable Chase is…
    I'm gonna continue that, because he's sooo cute with his squeaky voice and shortness compared to Rhett and Link(freaking giants😂😂) but it's almost my favorite thing!😂😂😊😊

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