Okay, another drill to help improve your fitness
and your quickness is to touch the lines. So you can put something to pick up if you
want, but in this case, we’re just going to touch the lines. So, I’m going to move forward
and I touch this line and then I sprint and I touch this line. And then I can go back,
working on my back pedaling and then I sprint to this line and I can side to side, back
pedal and then I can go all the way full sprint, side step, back pedal. So that’s one way of
working on your sprinting. The longest sprint you’re ever going to have in tennis is going
to be the diagonal. So, if someone hits the ball here and then they drop shot you there.
So, this is as far as you’ll ever have to sprint in a game of tennis will be about that
far. So that’s what you really want to work on is your quickness. There’s a lot of people
who are a lot faster than me in a hundred yard dash, but because I know how to move
around the court efficiently, I can; usually I don’t have to move more than I have to.
A lot of people will move twenty feet to move ten feet. So, by doing these types of drills,
you’ll learn how to make your movement as efficient as possible.

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Dennis Veasley

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