Ok in this group of segments, we’re going
to go over fitness training, some exercises. We’re not at a gym, but I think if you really
want to become a good tennis player, tennis is a sport, that it’s like a martial art.
You have to have total fitness. You have to have strength. You have to have agility. You
have to have quickness. Now if want to just play socially for fun, that’s great, but if
you really want to improve your game, you want to improve the body, because the body
allows you to get to the ball faster and in better position, and to do more with it, so
with that in mind, in this segment we’re going to go over, we’ll do a lot of side to side
drills. We’re going to do some poses , which will build strength. We want to be able to
prevent things, like a sore shoulder or a tennis elbow, so we’re going to do some strengthening
exercises. We’re going to do some movement drills, and a lot of fun stuff, that it’s
not going to be too hard on you, but if you do it regularly, once again, the fastest way
to improve your game is to get in better shape. If you have skills and have poor fitness,
if you improve your fitness, your skills will be that much better, and if you don’t have
much skills, get fit. If you’re fast and strong, it can keep you in a lot of points, so with
that in mind, we’re going to get started with some fitness training.

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Dennis Veasley

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