Okay in tennis, once again, strength training
is incredibly important. If you look at all the top players today; men and women, a significant
part of their training is weight lifting and fitness training. You’re not able to hit those
big serves and withstand the pounding of the game, if you don’t work out. You see it in
all sports, whether it’s baseball, basketball, football; the players today are the fittest
ever. So, some exercises you can do at home, in this segment, we’re going to cover the
squat and the push up. They’re great basic exercises and they take very little time to
do and they’ll pay off big. You’ll be able to withstand injury, hit the ball harder and
move around better. So, the standing squat which helps build your quads, your glutes,
your calves, strengthens your feet and your back is very simple. You can do it flat footed.
You can just put your arms out like this and just go down like that and lift straight up
and you do enough of these, you’ll never get tired in a match because as you see, a lot
of tennis shots are just going down like a squat. If you want to make it a little tougher,
you go up on your toes and now this will work the calves a lot more and your balance. So,
this exercise, it’s not no fancy machines, no fancy coach. This is a great exercise for
anybody of all ages and just see how many you can do and just build upon them and if
you get really good, I supposed you could just do it one legged, but that takes a lot
of balance and a lot of practice.

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Dennis Veasley

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