Okay once again, we’re going to do the side
to side drill on the back hand side now. So, we’re going to pick up those balls; bring
them back here. So, you want to go real intense. So, you can hear the squeaking and the tire
squealing because you want to be able to cover this thirteen and a half foot section of court
quickly. So when you’re playing a match, you’re moving over, you hit the ball, you’re back
to the middle. So, what this does for you; is it’s a good workout. So what I would advise
is doing four, six, eight balls thirty seconds as hard as you can. Take a break, do four,
six, eight balls thirty seconds and then do it with the racquet. So, you just want to
keep doing this because that way when you actually hit a real ball, you’re already grooving
your movement. So, I can step in and hit it, back to the middle. Down the line, back to
the middle. So, there’s really no end what you can work on just with shadow boxing. So,
just practice and this has a great value. Every time I do this stuff, it helps my game
and it doesn’t take much time at all.

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Dennis Veasley

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