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Dennis Veasley

72 thoughts on “Everybody’s Golf VR – Live Action Trailer | PS VR”

  1. i have everybody gold and you want me to buy another same game but with vr feature in full price? come on make it as add-on for non vr game with half price. i bet the map is still same

  2. Olhando a cor da fonte do título desse jogo pensei que era algo relacionado ao Gameboy da N! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Foi mal PlayStation!

  3. So Wii golf but functionally blindfolded? What could go wrong?

  4. Ok what is it with that demo? Tutorial on the practice range, fine, but then only watch but don't touch on an actual course? And can you change the audio to Japanese? Japanese girls speaking in a deep English voice is so awkward.

  5. Does anybody know why one can't try a normal course in the VR demo version?
    I can't seem to make the ball go from practice to adress in that mode, only in practice can i do it?
    Are they serious? That isn't even a demo if i can't even actually try anything??

  6. Aww, but the favorite part about Everybody's Golf was seeing and hearing your goofy avatar while golfing!

  7. Why cant we download movies form the PlayStation store and why cant we use the ps4 like the ps3

  8. funny how this trailer shows up the moment Everybody's Golf ( ps4 ) that I bought from the current Big in Japan Sales finish downloading.

  9. Please can you support keyboard & mouse becose I don't have money for PC, but I won't to play games with keyboard and mouse

  10. I'm extremely disappointed that it lacks online multiplayer support. Hopefully that major hole is filled VERY SOON with a patch.
    Don't take one step forward (VR golf) only to take several steps back (no multiplayer).

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