What is up guys PWG here with Jay Mike and today we’re going to teach him a few tricks and see how quickly he can learn them and you guys should follow too. And after that I’m gonna try to teach Philip some tricks hahahaha Yeah, teach me something! All right, so this trick is called, I don’t know what it’s called It’s like a knee bounce and around the world so you’re going to have the ball on foot stall you’re going to smash it with your knee Into the grip sorry into the ground and then go around the ball, okay easy, right? No, maybe not. That is how the trick looks. Looks easy. The question is, how quickly can I do this? I don’t know, It’s up to you to show how quickly you can do it. Okay. Let’s all watch oh, we got it We got it. We got it go Ooh Okay, promising promising. You’ve got the bounce, you got the knee, you got the Monta. Just the revolution around the ball. You just have to smash it down quickly enough to get the bounce. But remember, three touches after the trick or it doesn’t count! Only thing missing here Jay is that you need to learn how to juggle, basics first. I need to travel more. Go around the world, get it? No, and I think you can do this Come back, you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re just doing it all wrong. There you go! What’s the time on that one? Fifty seconds! That is good! So now we’re going to move on to the second trick okay! I think you can do this fairly easily. It’s a flick up and then to a knee catch around the world okay. So basically you flick the ball up, catch it between your knees, then do a small jump and do an around the world from it. Okay, so a small subtle flick up. Yeah. The way you catch it with your knees is like you bite with your knees so you don’t lift one of your feet, okay. There we go, okay? And after that you do a small jump. You don’t have to, but to go around the ball inside. There we go, can I jump? If you want to. I wanna. Okay, Stop watch you ready? Go! Remember, don’t jump in the first part, get it and… Three touches! Three touches! Remember guys three touches or doesn’t count. You need to have full control over the ball. Don’t stress. Ha! Remember just bite. There you go and.. YAY! It wasn’t pretty! What’s the time? 39 seconds It’s not pretty! What is good JayMike! 39 seconds! So I hope you enjoyed the video, leave a like and a comment. Comment down below if you thought JayMike killed this move, no, THESE moves! Yes! And also remember to subscribe by pressing the green bubble somewhere here and for now I’m going to steal it. Cheerio!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Everybody Can Learn These Football Skills”

  1. Nice skills pwg I can do them and I watch every video of yours but I can't understand spin magic which you did in one of your videos can you make another video for that

  2. Hey there unisport can u please tell me the name of that football u are using pls I want it too to become a pro freestyler

  3. Before I watch this video an ad came up about foods. Hmm . . . it feels like they're asking me "Soccer or Food?"

    Hmm . . .

  4. The other guy is faking it so much, you can see it by his movements and you can see he has done it before

  5. Drop it not hard like and find the center of gravity of the boll , first keep in mind and in eyes every thing about the first stall on toes then do the same technique or formula after the round about

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