With eight to shoot and the posting ever good job Got the rebound lays it out to pole-sitter. We said no Melvin. I can’t believe it fortunate You know why Paul shot it the shot clock should have reset ahead How far was that he was about five steps behind Oh George He had feet good amazed as you can never come against have you normally say salt of the earth Is that right cp3 stop it now you’ve got Chris Paul That is not right I mean, that’s something you would see on the Rooker league And if you’re Zuba, if someone else got to take Chris Paul off the air right here Right Paul’s done for the night They sweep the Detroit distance They sweep the Detroit Pistons Ben Stevenson all-over George finally draws the foul shots good at that one No, three guys are good friends and play a lot of video game together flashback for different folks In a flashback a lot of practice battles also and how about Westbrook playing the guitar? Anything you can do I can do better and they stuff see this star Stevenson looking out of through two quarters completely 5957 Thunder stay tuned for the Toyota halftime Point would have 22 points from Dedmon and leaders came back Oh Leonard and tal that scores Just sheds mclemore sirs. Thank you for the extra point opportunity. You can’t even disagree with that. Just let me take it from you Takes it right out of his hands with the claw and finishes Boy he is an example of Will hardly heard it though. Oh, why last year all-nba first team Defensive Player of the Year? Nate’s on Westbrook and stares him down Milah would have kept in two three Great hustling for the rebound. And here’s Justin Anderson to many serious Country knocks it away from the Marcus that comes launched on three on two Lonzo all the way laughs a fly swatter by Davis Danny Davis showing all facets of His game blocking it deep in his for at 1:10 Well, do you think it would be cool if the Lakers dig it into Davis somehow? No Rebound gathered by Zeller here is the honest Someday Kobe Bryant used to like to say if you’re working out in June you’re too late if you’re backpedaling again stopped at the cookb Oh you surprised that it’s gone as well or should you think it was certainly to work? I thought it was going to be He spared it Wesley Johnson and then he hit He put him on the deck and then he hesitated Stared at it for a few seconds my goodness. I love seeing the thought man, you know, we put a team on the foul line Report anyone following that much they bound to score a lot So and this was Drake night here and he’s the one who just interrupted us Give me a taste of what the trash talk was like with the you know What the interaction is like with your your funny there? Oh, you’re the damn about no damn straight night Curry behind the back Moving around and warm up three. Yes, sir If you watch everything to transpire there it just has to put a natural smile on your face Carrie playing with five fouls defending LeBron James James Throws it inside again to Thompson Tristan Thompson 15 points 15 rebounds It’s bedlam here in Cleveland Mary blocked by James Making a statement on both sides of the floor says to the two-time MVP get it out of here Not on my watch and then how about this? For too long Seven straight points by Iverson looked like he was dead in the water looking for contact from So heal and get this bin back and Dwyane Wade right at the bottom of everything better job Welcome to your Kodak moment Anderson Varejao The white what Matt Laurens doing that doesn’t make any sense to me Unless he thinks he can entice Kobe Bryant to get thrown out his head. He without her is no he’s going to intimidate and now He fakes the ball, I mean Somebody in a magic mirror fall, even if I’m Stan Van Gundy I’d consider maybe bullying that Maas out and have a Discussion with it because at the end of the day we need you on the floor You’re not going to get into the head of Kobe Bryant

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Every NBA Star’s Most SAVAGE Moment!”

  1. Love how Lebron talked shit at 6:01 when he blocked Curry. But that same shit happened to him TOO MANY TIMES last year by Curry. Wasn't talking that shit then, was he. Oh no he wasn't.

  2. Joel embid moment wasn’t savage at all, that shit was sad. You like 7 inches taller than him. Plus this nigga gets locked a lot by big men

  3. LeBum and Sobie and westbroke are full of themselves for bouncing a ball they act like if they discovered the cure for cancer

  4. Its funny how so many people keep bringing up Iverson's crossover, as nice as it is was? They forget the 76ers got swept the rest of that series and so did the rest of the playoff teams

  5. The last one was by far the best . . . Not even close.

    Spoiler below

    Jordan at the free throw line, tells Motumbo “this is for you”

    Squeezes both eyes shut

    Drains the shot.

    GOAT by a long shot.

    AND he’s not a communist. (Go fuck yourself James)

    AND Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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