[tense music]– You know what you did.
– Talked about I was doing [bleep].
So what the [bleep] was I doing?
Say it! – I was hoping that Evelyn
and Jennifer addressed their issues
on this trip, but I was also hoping
there was no yelling involved. – I want you to say.
Who was I talking [bleep] to? Talking about my [bleep] kid. – Okay.
– You don’t got [bleep] kids. – You don’t [bleep]
have [bleep] kids, so you don’t know
what the [bleep] [indistinct],
you stupid bitch! I will [bleep] your ass up.
– Oh [bleep]. – Oh [bleep].
It’s about to go down. – Mother[bleep].
I will [bleep] your ass up. Get the [bleep] over here.
I will [bleep] you, bitch. – I know what it’s like to see
red and go for the jugular, but this?
This is way too much. – You were like
my daughter’s aunt, you [bleep] stupid bitch! You’re wack as [bleep]!
You were like my daughter’s aunt, you [bleep] bitch!
How [bleep] dare you? – Evelyn is out of her [bleep]
mind.I’ve never said anything
malicious about Shaniece.
It’s all bull[bleep]. – Do you know how she felt? Do you know how she felt
when she got [bleep] home? – Ev, Ev.
– Huh? Do you know how she felt
when she got home that she knew you was
talking [bleep] about her, you fub bitch? Look, I feel like
I have come so far, and I haven’t been
this angry in so long.But when it comes to my kids,all that [bleep]
goes out the window.
I’m sorry.
I’m not that [bleep] mature. How [bleep] dare you? Your friend
is a [bleep] buster. – I’m confused
why you directing the energy towards me.
I don’t have– – ‘Cause that’s your girl,
’cause you had a lot to say. – No, I didn’t!
– You had a lot to say. – I ain’t have nothing
to say about you. [overlapping shouting] – You think I’m scared
of you? – Who thought that? You on another tip, sis. You have a lot of bark.
Where’s the bite? I don’t have no time for this, ’cause I never–yeah.
I’m very serious. – Bitch, [indistinct].
– Bitch? Who you calling a bitch?
Why would you be scared? I’m grown as [bleep].
You doing too much.– Jen has showed herself
to be a liar and fake.
And now, to top it off,
she has a hype man? Girl, boo. – You don’t [bleep] know me, so girl, my energy
is just what the [bleep] it is. – It’s only so long you can let
someone talk about your family before you [bleep] explode. – Don’t come for me. Ever.
– So what? So what? I ain’t scared!
I ain’t scared of you, you mother[bleep]! – Are you serious?
She doing way too much. [overlapping shouting] – Who the [bleep] does
she think she issticking her nose
into our business
because you know Jennifer?At the end of the day,
you’re nobody to us. – No, no, no!
– You [bleep] bitch. That’s the wrong
energy you got. You need to keep that
same energy when you see me– – Oh, I [bleep] will. – [bleep] She think she is? – What the [bleep]
was that about? – Here, put your shoes on.
– [bleep]. – So this trip has gotten off
to a [bleep] start. Is it too late to get our
money back and go back home?

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Dennis Veasley

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