School project David & Sarah Johansson Hey, my name is Håkan Dahlbo and I built up ESTESS in 1985 Here in Seefeld we have a lot of possibilities You can start as a beginner You can go to school and play tennis and you can go the whole way to become a pro That means, that you travel all around the world and earn money with your tennis. Or you can visit our camps and just practice here by the week What does a normal practice day look like as an ESTESS-student? Hey, my name is Gunnar Karlsson And I’m responsible for the school section at the ESTESS Tennis Academy in Seefeld With us you can attend an Austrian or a Swedish school via distance learning Distance learning means, that you can do your school work here in Seefeld and communicate with your teachers online. That means, that you can go to tournaments and still have contact with your teachers.
As you can see, this is a very good school system that helps you to develope your tennis and at the same time finish your school. Hello, my name is Fredrik Månsson and I’m from Hässleholm in Sweden. I’m working as an assistant coach at the ESTESS Tennis Academy in Seefeld I came to Seefeld in 1991 as a player, that’s why I know both sides. As a player and as a coach. It’s very interesting to work with young players who wanna become good tennis players and I always give my best to learn a player as much as possible. They learn how to be disciplined and how to reach their limits. What I also like is to follow an improving young player.

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