Somebody talked to me you’re up before a point. What do you got to do to separate yourself? Yeah, what time is that what time are they getting up Good so you need to be up at least by what? 7 and my better the other motivational speakers. I don’t know if I’m more talented to them I just know I get up at 3 o’clock. I could put my videos out first. I just know I do 5 a day So if you’re actually better than me, nobody will know. All right. Watch this Tony Robbins back in the day Let’s brown back in the day when you watch the 2-minute video and you ordered one of their videos how long you think it takes for the CD to get to the crib or the DVD to get to your crib anybody how long you think it takes? four weeks Four weeks. I did something. Nobody else. Did I gave away my content? I put my content out every day You’re probably in love with et at that point. You bought to get a divorce you Just fail your bar exam Your team just lost in the championship you don’t need motivation for weeks for naught I saw a gap y’all I Saw a gap in the industry and I said just get your stuff away for free And guess what when you give it away for free, they will be endeared to you because I believe that content is sweet You know when you go to the grocery store or you go to the of to the mall and they say try fried rice You like you know, I’m good on that. No, no. No, it’s right. Right, right, you like brown wanna try fried rice and in cases They like come come $5.99 Right, they gave it to you for free and then you bid it for free and guess what happened? You brought a whole meal? So I’m being real. What are you gonna do to separate yourself? I separated myself. I started getting up early three o’clock more Never forget a kid from Chicago told me like yo e you’re talking about thank God is Monday you release your videos on Sunday night I said brother It’s Sunday in Chicago It’s Monday and Singapore It’s Monday in Australia baby. We’re just getting American money. We all over the world I’m separating myself. I’m putting my stuff out on Sunday night in the shot. But in the world, it’s Monday So what are you doing to separate yourself? Two? Three more talk to me. What are you doing? Wake up early. I love it What are you doing? Good taking this trip. I love that accountability Coach ain’t got to tell you your mom ain’t got to tell your daddy ain’t got to tell you But that’s what happened when you got an entitled spirit and you think you there already you don’t hold yourself accountable. Good talk to me Good figure out your priorities give me some of your priorities So you leaving the gym early give me an example sometime what you don’t have to gym early for good How much money that pay Now I’m said again how much money I pay you but standing the gym could possibly do what Take care your family good somebody else. Love it. Talk to me Good stop worried about with other people gods because one day you’re gonna worry bro, when I see these brothers making problem when I see them making paper this what my mama used to tell me my mama say If he got his mail that I mean the mailman is on it When I watch out and this year he got I’m like oh We can make that kind of money. Let’s go And guess what? It don’t mean I’m gonna make the same money But it shows me I can be a millionaire as an African American male who puts in the time with his craft So I’m not I’m not watching what other people are doing But am I being inspired by other people? Absolutely so we’re not watching what they do because guess what happens just because a man is on top one day it don’t mean he gonna Be on top forever and just because you’re not on top today don’t mean you ain’t gonna be on top forever Who would’ve ever thought Toronto were the one this year right that came out of nowhere Everybody was saying what about the East everybody saying what about the East and we got a chance right all kind of stuff happened They got a chance. So I love you. Good two point where we got baby. Talk to me This is where the rubber meets the road. Will you take personal accountability? Good hey, can I say this? no disrespect to rap and where rap is but Like don’t try to be something you like don’t listen to stuff on and try to be something you’re not Alright, don’t be like a studio gangster right for some of y’all you come from good backgrounds like embrace dad’s Some of y’all come from good homes Good parents. You’ve got two parents at the crib or you got your mom and your dad both involved in your life You grab my doggone took you to church? Your mom pray with you and you get out the house trying to act like you feel me I look I talk told you from from the shot. You can look up my birth certificate I went to school too in Detroit. You can look it up. I don’t gotta act like I’m hard I don’t gotta act like I’m nothing like I’m going to be Who I am y’all came out y’all all came outside each one of y’all when y’all came outside I did what I Shook your head and look you in your eye and said what’s up? And I said I said what to you I Said who I was and where I’m from Some of y’all are you big-time you like whatever who was a jerk or who’s it? Dude? I’m like, I don’t care How big time you are? Hi, I’m Eric Thomas. My grandma killed me if I don’t introduce myself That’s just what my grandma taught me that’s polite. I don’t care how much money I got I don’t care how much fame I got. We are humans be who you are, bro Whoever you are, wherever you come from you come from the suburbs You ain’t got a claim like you I’m saying like if you from the north side of Chicago You ain’t got beat you from the suburbs. You ain’t gotta be like yo, I’m from I’m from the west side You ain’t gotta try to claim something. You not or be something You’re not like be comfortable in your own skin is what I’m trying to tell y’all. That’s how I blew up I wasn’t trying to be rebellious wearing a hat. I’m from Run DMC air LL Cool J. Hat The Fat Boys hats Ut’fo hats that’s the era. I’m from I’ve been rocking 59 50s since I was 16 years old the shoes that’s my game, bro. I don’t do certain tiles I think a black man in a suit and tie look phenomenal. I just don’t do shirt and tie I’m from the D. My people worked at Ford GM and Chrysler. Did nobody wear suits to the plant We hire hats. So I myself run I’m comfortable with myself. I’m about 510 with my shoes off. I’m comfortable Do like are you sure I’m comfortable Mary 510 been married 30 years five ten two beautiful kids five ten I don’t need to be six six. That’s your life. I see do 16. I’m like you’re wasting it you bragging about you six Hey you wasting the height. I’m using all my fights here brah. I’m using all of it not to be funny I never got beat up. I use all my 510. I ain’t broke. I use all my party I use my mouth I don’t dream to be five Six phone I love my life. Y’all got started loving your life and whether you make it to the league or not you are not you are not who you are because of the league you are who you are because of who you are and if You make it to the league then the league is gonna be blessed with your presence Are you hearing what I’m saying be comfortable on who you are? Be comfortable if you’re poor if you come from a family right now That’s broke you you that you got to your advantage I use that to my advantage that I was a high school dropout that I was homeless that I trash can I Love dealing with a dude who think because he comes from money. He better than me. Let’s go Let’s go you got money, but do you got that dawg? Yeah, you got money you got proof but do you got that dawg? Okay, you got that stamina? So yeah, you might have some I don’t have right now But if I work hard I can have what you have So so as I leave guys be if you if you’re a person who respect like when you walked outside If you speak to people just because the people you running with don’t speak to people don’t you do what? Don’t you not speak you like y’all y’all do y’all but I speak what’s up, bro? Like my minute gave me a firm when we was out there. He gave me a firm. I remember him because of that He looked me in my eyes said his name. Are you hearing me? Don’t forget who you are Don’t forget who he where you come from My last name is Thomas I represent my stepfather who stepped in my life because my old dude didn’t want to be there I represent him I could change my name if I wanted to but everywhere I go I respect the man who came in for me when my father wasn’t there for me. My mom was 17 years old high school They told her to get an abortion. I respect my mom for not getting reborn up an abortion And so I respect the last name everywhere I go I bring my mom apply everywhere I go I bring my sister’s pride I bring my son’s pride everywhere I go I Bring a pride something you ever had some you’ve been out on the block somewhere heard some bad news about your dad. I Ain’t perfect but he had somebody come up and tell you something that was embarrassing to you about me. I got kids the decisions I make my son has to deal with the decisions I make my daughter has to deal with the decisions I made your mom and daddy and your family I have to deal with the decisions you make so tomorrow You start training train like this like this It’s your life not a game like this your life like this the last opportunity the only opportunity give it everything you got and If you fail you can at least do what? Come on you can say what you try but if you don’t go out there and give 120% you’re not a man a Man don’t always put forth effort and accomplish his goals as men we fail too. We don’t always do everything. Perfect But if you’re a real man, you try are you hear what I’m saying? If you’re a real man, you try I said my mom Biological father was no real man. Not because I’m mad at my man, but he didn’t he wasn’t there Yeah, when you played football, how many games did I make? When you broke your femur who was at the hospital When you graduate from high school, where was I? I’ve always been there. I ain’t trying to tell you. I’m the man cuz I got money I’m the man because I have a responsibility and I live up to my responsibilities. I give 120 percent of everything I do That’s all I’m asking you to do. So when you go out there and stop playing yourself don’t disrespect this game Don’t dishonor this game if you’re gonna go out there don’t go out there with your skill go out there with skill and Go out there with will at some point. I see y’all in d1. I see y’all every year I do the NBA draft What does it call the Sun? Transition rookie camp I’m there. So if you make it to the league, I’ll see you there I’m here for you. Some of you you come from a very great support system You don’t need no more support, but some of y’all need support Right, and I’m here to support you if that’s you pull out your phone. Let me give you my number real quick Bible says give honor where honor is due Cp3 know people all over the world. He and his family can have anybody here and he brought me here So on behalf of myself my son and my family, I just want to say thank you brother for the opportunity man. Thank you guys You You

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