(upbeat hip hop music) (zooming) – We’re gonna talk just real quick about putting and the
mental part of the game. So, I love doing these two together, because I believe that
they go hand-in-hand. Cuz putting is all mental. No, I can’t say, “This is the way you should putt. “You should draw back, “and release the disc this way.” All of our bodies are different. All of us are gonna find
a way to putt differently. And if you go and look
at everybody who putts and everybody who’s good at putting, I don’t think any one is the same. You have people who are
really good at pitch putting. You really people good who
are good at spin putting. Spush putting. Turbo putting. You’ve seen it all. We’ve all been there. I myself am a spin putter, and I just like to spin putt because it’s what has
come naturally to me. I get a good motion out of it, I can hit longer putts that way, I can use the angles and
the speed of the disc to carry it longer
distances with the spin. And that’s basically it. But for me and putting the biggest thing that worked for me was I found a routine that I could repeat. And I started with a five-step routine. And now I don’t even have any steps, because I’ve used that
to build what I do now. So now it’s muscle memory as the whole sport is, is all about muscle memory. And I used to have a step one, point two, drawback three, exhale four, five release. That was what I did. That was just my motion. And it worked for me. But now I know I can just step up, feel it, feel it, feel it, yep that’s the one, bang. And try and execute my putt. And we always, always,
always have to remember that putting comes and goes. And if you’ve found
something that does work, then you go out the next
day and it doesn’t work, if it felt so good, and it felt like it was
perfect, that’s the putt, that’s what I wanna do, stick to that putt. Stay with that putt. Even the top players can tell you, sometimes they just have
a bad putting weekend. Ricky Wysocki has bad putting weekends. As crazy as that seems, he has bad putting weekends. It happens. But does he change, does he switch putters, does he go and change his whole style? No, he sticks to what he knows, and he sticks to what feels good. The next part about putting that dials into the mental part of things is you gotta be confident. You gotta believe that you’re going to
make every single putt that you’re gonna make and you’re gonna throw. If you ever step up to a putt and you say, “Man, I dunno. “I might miss this.” The easiest thing you can do, use your 30 seconds. Take a deep breath, wipe your hands, switch putters if you have two putters and you’re comfortable
with that other putter. And re-center yourself, and say, “I can make this putt.” And execute. Cuz having that confidence
and building on that will only make you better. And that goes to every shot you throw. And that’s where we talk about
the mental side of things. Believing that you can execute a shot. Believing that, “Okay, I have to throw this
tunnel shot through these trees, “I’m not very good at tunnel shots.” Take a step back, “I’m gonna hit this tunnel shot. “I got this.” Boom. You will execute more often than not when you are that confident
and that positive in yourself in those moments. You will execute more often than if you ever have a shadow of a doubt that you’re gonna miss. So keep that confidence, build on that. And now, the mental side of things, is keep that positive mentality going. And I’m not only saying just internally. Spread it. I’m not saying you need
to go be buddy-buddy with everybody you play with and every card you play
with in a tournament, but the one thing we
all should try and avoid is don’t be that guy. And I can say that, “Don’t be that guy,” and I don’t even have
to go that much farther and you already have
ideas of what that guy is. You know, the guy. Just angry, punchin’ things,
kicking stuff, being mad. Don’t be that guy. And if anything, be to the opposite. Be the guy that says,
“Hey man, good shot.” Even, “Hey, you’re alright,” if somebody smacks the first tree. If somebody says, “Hey man, I don’t need you to talk to me,” then move on. You’ll feel better about
being more positive to the rest of your card, and being more positive
to the people around you. Cuz the way I look at it and the way I’ve always looked at it is if I’m gonna beat somebody, I wanna beat them at their best. Cuz then it shows their best and my best was just a little bit better. And that feels good. Winning feels really good. Rather than your buddy going and missing a bunch of 12-footers, you say, “Hey man, don’t worry about it. “Just get it in the basket, let’s go.” Then you feel good about your game. So don’t be that guy. Believe in yourself. Build a routine that you can repeat. Those are the simple things that I think for putting and mental game that I hope will help you guys. (upbeat hip-hop music) (zooming)

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Dennis Veasley

29 thoughts on “Eric Oakley Disc Golf Clinic | Putting”

  1. Man I've watched and been to a bunch of clinics and I have to say your approach at this is amazing. You are a great teacher and you come off really smooth and understandable. I'm quite happy I get to wake up today and enjoy a fresh point of view. Always stay POSITIVE!

  2. I thought this would be about mechanics……. Buuuuuuut…….. You're right about the mental thing, if your in your head, it's hard to get out.

  3. why does he talk like he is talking to a crowd of 50 people? you can see from the shadows its just him and the camera crew..

  4. Yeah well easy for him to stay positive since he is a pro. Try being me and still sucking balls after 3 years of playing. Makes me want to kill myself.

  5. Some of the most solid tips Ive heard. It really is about having confidence, believing your gonna make it. And staying positive when you go through those slumps which I do a lot. Having a routine that you can solely concentrate on is key as well. You only want to think about what you KNOW works, nothing else. Thanks Eric. I'm going to work on implementing these things more.

  6. he's talking about a different side of putting theses videos are not for mechanics of putting he's talking about mentally having what it takes to step up and hit a shot confidence is a big part of the game

  7. Dang. I am that guy. I'm so competitive. DG is such a frustrating game. DG brings out the worst in me. I often find myself dropping f bombs and raging on the course.

  8. Great video and I love your positive uplifting message…As a 60 year old beginner, I am fortunate to have joined a local club with people who do what you were saying…I make plenty of horrid shots and while I do not get angry or upset, the people I have played with are all about..Hey man your fine, we all do it, you will get it next time..etc…And when I make a good shot they are quick to high five and fist bump etc… Even when I make a 10 foot putt, they will say, great putt, good job etc..Really makes the game even more fun than it already is and Very encouraging to a new person and a great example for everyone to follow..Thanks for the great video.

  9. Love your clinics. Im a below average putter. I carry all my weight on my front foot when I putt. It’s comfortable to me for some reason. Would I be better off balancing weight between both legs ?
    Open to change form.

  10. This was one of the most helpful instructional videos on the game that I've seen. And it didn't even do that much 'instruction'.

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