spellbinding might be the most epic
bunker now currently it’s right currently what is up we are out here today at
Sweetens Cove this place is pretty epic a little nine-hole course out in the
middle of nowhere here in Tennessee I don’t know if you’ve heard of it
probably haven’t you might have seen it kind of around on social media because
when people come here and play they want to post about it we’re gonna take you on
a little nine-hole course vlog out here sweetens Cove today number one right
behind me we’re just gonna tee it up and yeah have some fun these green complexes
are incredible we’ll show you kind of some of the fun shots you can have
around the Greens out here today hopefully we take it low we’ll see not the best drive a little right should
be an okay shape this is my boy Matt Logsdon here jointly yes we just headed
up they’re pretty close yeah wedge here on the first hole mine is up there in
that bunker so let’s see if we can’t get it up and down for birdie on them a little firm that was aggressive they
come back right there par on one number two are four I think it’s somewhere
around 380 yards I’ll put the yardage down below yeah we’re good we’re gonna
sting this one and that is how you draw up a stinger perfectly in play in the middle of
fairway that’s why we stung it up here keep it short hot bunker this bunker is
brutal to be in by the way over here here it is not good we’re going to be
right there on the front edge it’s not close we’re short to a very very front pin
we’ve got some work to do there right there a pen has way up here on the front
look at this is this a regulation pen by the way comment below let me know this
is like 5 feet onto the green maybe 6 feet that’s pretty crazy pin placement
the undulation in these greens by the way it’s tough to tell here on the
camera but it is crazy how much slope are on these greens number three par five driver in hand won
over through two poles we’re gonna see if we can get our first birdie of the
day right here full send pretty much dead straight away there is bunkering
down my left your right and out-of-bounds down my right your left
just put them down in the middle and you’re good to go just a hair left button should be good
to go in the fairway that’s what matters wouldn’t you be able to see where the
pin is it’s kind of there on the right side you can probably see a waving I
know the ball is not in frame it’s right down here we hit that one way over that way that
was not good like I said this was not very good we are still in play
thankfully right there that was well to the right yardage wasn’t too far off
we’ve got some work to do I’m not gonna play the back box here just for the
camera angle I’m gonna play this from about 95 yards so you can see the green
surface 95 yards lob wedge nothing with lob wedge in hand say forget not close apparently one over par knocked it in
there close here on number four see if we can’t roll that in for birdie this
green that we’re walking out to by the way might be the biggest green I’ve ever
seen it’s crazy it you might be able to hit a 300 foot putt on it I don’t have
250 of waist there’s the green from a little further
away a little different angle and how far that green actually goes back there
thankfully we played it from the are to the very front not all the way back yeah
pretty substantial different par 3 to those two different pens all right see
if we can’t get back to even par and there’s a lot about spots over by
the green so you don’t want to miss in the wrong spot we’re gonna lay it up a
little short leave us a little wedge into the green for iron sting it come on back we did have a little Ridge
behind the hole we could throw it back there
let it come on back hit that one pretty good honestly
would take that every time we didn’t want to leave it short in the bunker
there off that tight lie just spun it on back and you know yeah I think it’s
about 10 12 feet for bird let’s roll it in for tuna rough side note might be the
most epic bunker you’ve ever seen in your life would you agree logs that is
epic I mean look at that in the comments below tell me a more epic bunker if
you’ve ever played one this thing’s pretty sweet don’t really want to be in
it it’s brutal I’m pausing today’s video cuz this is in the middle of what I
played yesterday right however saw Eric was in town cinema DM and you’re like
hey come join us tomorrow which is what we’re filming right now currently it’s
right apparently in the now this one’s also yes however we’re playing sweetens
again and will reave thoughts on sweetens today described in one word
one word for Sweden’s special special it really is it different
I mean I’m gonna used two words now okay I mean ultimately you know I we were
talking a little bit here and this was kind of realization I came to was I was
told it was an IHOP course and you’re automatically filled with opinions when
you hear that even me I played a lot of different types of golf you know but you
hear that it’s 9:00 and you can download and you get one coming and you know
whatever that thought is but you know when we just played what I was told was
nine holes once again and the experience for me is that it wasn’t no I know that
like really and not the length it’s just the variety of golf the attention put
into every shot whether it’s the tee the approach a chip whatever a button and
that’s ultimately you know what makes a good golf experience that’s for sure if
there is one a green complex bunker that really stood was there one out there or
might have been several well nine is probably gonna stick out for me
especially because you just see it so often right you’re seeing it from you
know the second hole you see from the third T you just kind of keep looking at
it wondering when am I gonna get over there you know and it’s a par three so
you’re sort of spending a lot of time on the tee box looking at the way it shapes
up it’s stunning you know and then uniquely at sweetens there’s two times
where you walk through a bunker to get to a tee box which is really exciting I
think you know it’s a it is right good behind no it’s you don’t rake there’s no
I didn’t actually are their rakes here I don’t think
there’s I didn’t rake a bunker I didn’t hit out of one the standard way I would
have and that’s what’s cool too is these bunkers here are not the standard sort
of you know golf bunker that you used to where you’re sort of you know hitting
that standard shot because the Greens aren’t standard so you’re always looking
at some type of different shot too you know advance the ball towards home love
it so this course out here is a very special place here in Tennessee it’s
really gotten kind of widespread well known through social media yeah because
of so many really unique shots bunkers greens out here absolutely had a blast I
really appreciate you let me join today Amy to me I’ve got one question for you
okay you played cape kidnappers yeah this is
on my bucket list that is like top like two or three places I want to travel
okay what was so special about it I mean I’ve
seen pictures but I give me a little sense of what I’m missing out on sure
yeah I mean you know kidnappers was in the middle of a big trip to New Zealand
we played a lot of golf it was high on my list as well of places that I was
interested to play I mean you you know kidnappers you’re you’re a usually
position to have a wonderful architect tom doe present to you a series of golf
holes in a location that just doesn’t get golf very much and I mean even the
construction of course it was complicated they were dragging mowers I
think with a helicopter or something like that to get him out there and it’s
just incredibly serene right you’re you’re many moments of the golf
experience there you’re basically it’s you the gob the ocean the sky and
whatever you connect to when you’re totally alone and so in that sense it’s
incredibly unique this is not much like out there yeah I’m gonna have to make
that trip someday hopefully shoot a blog for y’all to see really appreciate again
air attack we’ll have to do this again is everyone gonna get to see your blonde
it with the persimmon they are so yeah you shot that I’ll send you something
they’ll put it in there you shot it you hit a standard with a blonde and a
persimmon how many times pretty epic so guys I’m gonna put all his socials down
below where you can find Eric you probably already follow them so you’re
probably already know where to find oh that’s okay too
so we’re gonna make sure that everyone does so thanks so much and stay tuned
for Eric’s vlog yeah out here yeah so coming in the near future it’s gonna be
a sweetness go random Golf Club I’m not sure I’m not sure when that’s gonna come
out okay I’ll keep you all updated for when that comes out I’ll keep you posted
we’ll see you soon thank you later guys even par through five on to number six
par four I will post below how far this hole is but I’m gonna take a guess I
think it’s about 450 baby so driver in hand I wouldn’t really call
dogleg just kind of bends to the left so let’s find the fairway L’Occitane could you please describe
sweetness code in one word for me spellbinding spellbinding yeah that is
interesting we’ll take it in the comments below
could you tell me the definition of spell by the way that wind was hurtin
just a little bit kind of right to left sorry wanted to pitch too much I thought it was gonna keep breaking
there and kind of stop breaking the last few feet all right
par on six onto seven number seven par four I think it’s around 300 310 yards
maybe all right 328 I was close not quite there though however we’re gonna
sting this you do not want to miss this green right or left it’s kind of a
tabletop green it is brutal around the green if you miss a right or left so
we’re gonna sting it down there leave us a little flip wedge in there hopefully
knock it close seventy yards left here lob wedge as you
can see Loxton already hit it close all righty right there a little long
landed a bit firmer than I thought landed right about pin-high there that went back to the right and that was
way quicker than I thought I actually thought that was in the heart that was
another good putt I’ve got a little work left all right
big comeback right there number eight about 390 yards driver full sin pretty
much dead straightaway there is a bunker down to the left just need to play it
out to the right a little bit honestly that’s one of my best drivers swings
this year really happy with that swing the tempo the balance the flight and
everything 67 yards left here a little breeze into full fledge we’ll take that all day hurry today
already day every day every day wanted to stop and give you a little glimpse at
what this green is called a pirate’s green swell oxen just told me it like
dips down right here and then dips back up
probably dips down about 15 feet it’s crazy the elevation change I’m trying to
get an angle to where you can see how much it really does down kind of hard to
tell here but you can see right there kind of how much how severe and then
back up the hill there just wanted to show you all this green this thing’s
crazy in the hole for birdie let’s go number nine here part three 140 140
yards little into the breeze just because you don’t want to be shortened
that bunker I think I’m gonna hit a smooth little nine well too much club they’re a little long
left we’ve got some work to do just wanted to stop and take a minute look at
that bunkering Wow yeah that is quite the bunker and guess
what it continues all the way over there yes pretty insane bunker here my boy
logs then through it and close there and I’m over here off the green I’ve got to
get this up and down no that rolled a little pass but off
that tight lie down there up that hill I’ll take that not the way we wanted to end it that is
not how we wanted to end it there on nine with the bogey
I believe we ended up at even par however this course is unbelievable I
had so much fun some of the shots around the Greens are crazy what the elevation
changes the undulations on the grains the bunkering we didn’t really hit in
any bunkers I don’t think today so didn’t get to experience the bunkers but
showed you a couple shots of the bunkers they are crazy out here they’re
everywhere they’re pretty cool so if you ever get a chance come down here to
sweetens Cove kind of on the mill enou we’re in Tennessee but it’s a great stop
for sure just nine holes and they’ve got two pins
set so you’re able to play eighteen to two different hole locations which is
pretty cool it’s a great idea had a lot of fun hope y’all enjoyed
sweetens Cove and you know what guys until next time we’ll say when we say you

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Dennis Veasley

36 thoughts on “Epic 9 Hole Golf Course “Sweetens Cove” Is A Hidden Gem | Great Conversation With Erik Anders Lang”

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