EP05 Forehand back spin service Coach Ying Introduction In this episode, Coach Ying will
demonstrate with FEXTRA blade + Target National(Forehand)
+ Taiji Plus(Backhand) SANWEI COLLEGE
EP05- Forehand back spin service Glad to see you again, today we
will learn the Forehand Back spin service 1st: the hitting area
of the racket and ball It’s in the top area of the
blade head, this part Top area along the edge, to
produce a large friction area Swing the bat from back
in a bigger rotation angle For the ball’s hitting point It shall be in the middle
part to lower part This is how the bat interacts
with the ball to make back spin Pay attention to the contact area The ball’s middle to lower
part contacting the rubber For the forehand back spin service,
we can make a long ball or short ball For the long ball, the first bounce
is at the end of the table The ball can then bounce very close to the
end line of opponent’s side of the table For the short service, the first bounce
is around the middle line of the table Placing the ball very short Long ball hitting the bottom area Short service hitting the
area about middle line Do remember the different hitting areas 2nd: the height of the ball toss Try to make it slightly
higher than your head In a vertical line 3rd: the best timing of serving the ball don’t make it too early or too late The best hitting point is when the
ball is at same height as the net If too late there’s no time to serve
Or too early the ball will bounce too high So try to hit the ball
when ball is at the net height 4th: the body movement when serving Open the hand with
wrist in a large angle Then strike the racket down
to make friction Use the waist power to turn around The whole service process is: Bend – Toss the ball – Open
hand – Turn waist – Strike down Let’s do it again Now let’s recap the main points
of the forehand back spin service No.1 Tossing the ball
in a vertical line No.2 Hitting the ball when it’s
at same height as the net No.3 Using the waist to
turn around and make power The body turns around while
the bat swings down No.4 Recover after finishing the service Use one leg as the support to recover So you can get back
to the ready position quickly These 4 points are very important to
make good forehand back spin service Demonstration Short ball service Long ball service Thank you for watching

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