I cannot lose either. Knees are too straight, elbows are too bent, shoulders are too open. Also, your hair is too long. What kind of advice is this? Knees The list of names are out, quickly, this way. I heard there’s Si Yang Let’s quickly go take a look. Little Ying! Little Ying, have you heard? Lu Xia will be participating in the school qualifiers! He’s going to compete? That’s right! He’s too amazing! Our cheerleading team should prepare too. Why did my aunt lie to me? Little Ying, hurry up! Coming! Let me tell you guys, Lu Xia has already agreed to teach me how to play tennis. Whether or not you guys can win against me in the future is still unclear. When did I agree to teach you how to play tennis? You… You are our freshman’s hope, you can’t definitely become one of the core members. At least I have practiced tennis over the summer holidays. Didn’t you just lose to Lu Xia? I…! I still need to mop the floor. I’m heading off first. I still need to attend make-up lessons. I’m going to be late! I still need to hand in my homework. I’m going too! The school qualifiers are about to begin. This is our once a month competition. We split the 2nd and 3rd year students into four groups to compete. The top two from each group, which means the top 8 of the competition, will become part of the core members as competitors next month. Only core members are can represent the school to compete. This time, it will be me. I don’t think you can win against Lu Xia. Lu Xia is our freshman’s hope. Don’t be happy too early. Even though Lu Xia can participate, our 2nd year student’s however, are not easy opponents. Coach! What are you two doing here? We want to show you something. You speak to them first. ok Follow me. Our cheerleading team’s slogan is: “Strive youth, with vigorous spirit!” Coach, this dinosaur is our cheerleading team’s mascot. What do you think? Not bad. So, we want to create a cheerleading it, is that ok? Of cause It just so happens to fit the current domestic tennis craze. Don’t worry coach, We will definitely do our best to cheer for the team. You two are cheering for Lu Xia right? We are definitely cheering for Yu Qing’s tennis club. Then how many members are there in this cheerleading team? Just us two… Only you two? How about you join us? Game over. 6v0, Lu Xia wins. Wow, this small freshman’s skills are amazing! Yeah, he’s pretty good. Do you see? He doesn’t have a drop of sweat. Lu Xia, well done! After lunch, you only have one match left against Bai Yang, one of the core members. It may be difficult competing against 3rd year students, but again 2nd year students, it should still be pretty easy. Lu Xia,, I haven’t finished talking yet! Lu Xia of group D, won with score of 6v0 Lu Xia. When I first found out you wanted to compete, I was a bit shocked. But after I found out you won two games in a row, I was even more shocked. Eat your food first, talk later. Lu Xia, say, if you really qualified to become one of the core members, then that means I also have a chance, right? Take a look! This is our 2nd year student’s real ability. You… What happened to your eyes? I was hit by Bai Yang’s ball. Take a look at this shot, even Huang Jing can’t do that. You can stop mentioning Huang Jing. I’m going to the bathroom first. Chief editor, I want to cover the professional league. How did it become the high school league? Youth tennis is the future of our national tennis As a young journalist, you need to participate more. Ok. Little brother, You play tennis? Then do you know where the office of Yu Qing’s tennis club’s is? The two girls earlier directed me to go this way. This way? I…just came from that way. I’ll trust you this once. Leave this to me. You go eat first. How’s the competition going? Pretty similar to what I predicted. There are 54% of players who finished their matches in 30 minutes. Among them, there are 12% of players who have not lost a single set. However… That new freshman is stronger than I thought. So far he has won all his games. Is he in the same group as you? It seems this kid will soon go through some sufferings. Not many people have seen data-based tennis players. Ok, ok Stop showing this notebook. It has left me with some trauma. However, before competing against me, that newcomer has another obstacle: Bai Yang. Senior, don’t always talk about me. This…what is this? I have never seen a return shot like this. This was the shot that injured me.This match is unfavourable for Lu Xia. Looks like it’s still impossible for a freshman to become one of the core members. Don’t look down on our 2nd year students. What’s this sound? Amazing! The ball hits the same spot every shot. What are you doing behind me? Did I disturb you? Is there something you need? The match is about to start. Good luck! Let’s head over together. Qiao Chen vs Zheng Si TingNumber 8: Vertical Smash Game over. Qiao Chen wins with score of 6v0 Yes! I haven’t been active for a week, my hands and feet became rusty. Your next match is against Bai Yang right? If it is, you have to be careful. Lu Xia! This kid is good! Lu Xia vs Zhang Bai Yang This is the first time that a freshman is competing against a core member. It definitely attracts attention. Don’t know how long Lu Xia can last. I’ll teach you a lesson. There you go again. Want to hit a lob? I’m not going to let you reach it. It seems Lu Xia has met some difficulties. Lu Xia’s height disadvantage is very obvious. Plus, Bai Yang still hasn’t use “that” shot yet. 15 -15 He just missed a lob shot, so he hits one back to the opponent. A bit interesting. Bring it!Don’t give me another one! Stop being an embarrassment. It’s exactly the same as the one on the video. That shot is Bai Yang’s Snake Shot. Senior Qiao Chen! Just call me Qiao Chen. A return shot with such a difficult angle. Only people like Bai Yang, with long arms and legs, can return a shot with such large radian. This type of move won’t be able to win against me. Out Senor, the weather seems pretty hot today. Bai Yang doesn’t seem to have an advantage. How can you make such irresponsible and sarcastic remark? I… Don’t provoke him. 40-30 Lu Xia can even return a shot that has such a difficult angle. However he has completely fell into Bai Yang’s trap. What trap? The Snake Shot is just a decoy. Bai Yang is using the Snake Shot to force his opponents to run left and right nonstop. This consumes a large amount of energy, pestering the opponents like a snake. The more you struggle, the more annoying it gets. Then slowly it will begin to torment you. This is Bai Yang’s tactic. So the more you want to return the shot, the more energy you consume. Go run after it! I don’t know if Bai Yang has realised yet, the sun today is favouring him. Kid, your physical strength won’t be able to keep up anymore right? You’re not going to last long! Senior, you are sweating a lot. How about taking off your jacket? The speed of his ball hasn’t increased. Is it my reaction time that’s become slower? If you want to face against a low and deep shot like Lu Xia’s, then you need to run to the baseline every time. When preparing to hit the ball, both of your knees has to be bent. Thus, you need to use 2 to 3 times more physical strength than usual. Does Lu Xia want to compete against Bai Yang in strength? Am I fatigued? I seem to be the one being pestered like a snake. Lu Xia wins this set. The score is 6 to 5 Isn’t this kid the one who gave me the wrong directions? It is becoming warmer! Damn it! Both of them are very tired right now. The only difference is, one of them has long ago saw through the opponent’s trump card. While the other one is feeling confused and restless, because he is beginning to fail due to his own strategy. Their mentality right now are completely opposite. Bai Yang, your tactic has failed. This match can’t be dragged out any longer. I can’t believe my physical strength is having difficulties keeping up. But, you are the same! In terms of fighting spirit, I won’t lose to anyone! This posture…Using big movements going from bottom up, to hit a Buggy Whip Shot. Utilising the centrifugal force to make the ball spin. There are many tennis player around the world who uses this move as a weapon. Are you teacher Qi? Hello, i’m Qi Na. Hello teacher Qi. I am a reporter from. You can call me Xiao Sha. I have contacted you before over the phone. It’s better if you call me Coach Qi. Ok…Coach Qi. I am a reporter focusing on the coverage of National Middle School Tennis Competition. Can you help me prepare some materials? What materials? The information on every Yu Qing tennis club’s core members. For example, their height, blood type, family background, how they grew up, etc. Then why don’t you report on the developments of youth tennis? I’m sorry, I really don’t have any knowledge regarding this. I actually want to get a better understanding of their upbringing, through these background stories. I want start digging about Youth Tennis through him. No way! Lu Xia… he also knows… the Snake Shot… What kind of shot is this? The radian of Lu Xia’s shot doesn’t lose to Bai Yang’s. Lu Xia! Must Win! Lu Xia? Yes, him. What about him? Looking at his posture, I got a sense of deja vu. I seem to have seen it before. But I can’t seem to remember where. How about this. All the materials about our players are confidential and cannot be leaked. However, with your identity as a reporter, using your own abilities to get a better understanding, is not impossible. Thank you coach Qi… That posture looks very similar to… Lu…Xiang…Qian… You didn’t expect this, did you? How is it possible? Senior, This type of shot is indeed difficult. I have seen it before on a magazine. After I saw you use it, I wanted to try it myself. It is indeed a very difficult shot to hit, when your arms and legs are not long enough. This kid, actually… Who would have thought of this. This type of tricky hitting technique cannot be learned overnight. Is it only technique? There is one other point to take note of. Lu Xia is able to quickly adapt to the matches. Plus, he is a player with considerable strength. Senior. Bai Yang! It’s like having a nightmare right? Don’t worry. He does this every time he loses. It’s a pity, Bai Yang. I won’t give up my position as a core member. Definitely won’t! You and Lu Xia are the only players left in group D, who hasn’t lost a game yet right? I won’t lose. When you become a core member, you can wear their uniform. I joined just for the uniform. Unfortunately, your next opponent is 3rd year’s senior Yan I think you may be a bit anxious. Stop being lazy. Hurry up and clean. How old were you when you started playing tennis? Forgot. Have you lost before? I lose everyday. You’re joking again! You have such amazing skills. In the future, you can definitely become an excellent first-class world player. Not interested. Why? I just want to teach someone a lesson. Who? Lu Xia say something! Who is it? I don’t think anyone would have guessed, that Lu Xia can win against Bai Yang. Everyone is becoming more nervous. If this kind of atmosphere can be maintained till the provincial competitions, then it would be pretty good. It seems, Lu Xia is slowly growing on you. I have not yet found his position on the team. Let him play against a couple of different types of players on the team first. As a captain, I have understand my teammates. Aunty! Aunt… What are you doing? Coach Qi. I can’t find Lu Xia anywhere. So… So what? So I wanted to take a look here, and see if he’s around or not. You seem to care a lot about him? It’s not like that. I just want to congratulate him. Also, you already knew, so why did you mysteriously hide it from me? The same goes for Senior Si Yang. I remember saying, the list of names has been set. I didn’t know Lu Xia’s name was on it. There is no training today, however… however what? Even if there are no opponents, he will still find a place to practice by himself. Thankyou Aunty! I’m going to go first. Quckly! He’s back again! Aunty. Please give me 470 grams of celery, picked before 5, with moisture at 88%. 80 grams of carrots, grapes from Bordeaux, and black bean-based corn. Aunty, please give me another 12.53 kilograms of balsam pear, that has been exposed to 88 hours of sunshine I can’t even beat a freshman. Disgraceful. I must not lose to that kid again. You looking for me? I heard from aunty that you are having extra practices here. I’m afraid I would disturb you, so I waited for you here. Do you need something from me? Congratulations today on winning against senior Bai Yang. Then, are you prepared for your match against senior Yan Zhi Ming? I heard, he has thoroughly researched the characteristics of each player. Playing tennis is not the same a answering a math question. You’re right. Oh, that’s right! We created a cheerleading team, specifically to cheer you guys on. Thank you. When I am playing tennis, I can’t hear any sounds. So it’s like this. But, I will still do my best. Yu Qing’s imposing manner cannot be lost. Thank you Can I ask you a question? Yes. Why do you want to play tennis? Because I have a goal. A goal? That’s right. The probability of Lu Xia winning: 0% This 0% is perfect, regardless of whether its from radian or from its significance. It looks like there shouldn’t be any problems tomorrow. What is this goal you just mentioned? It’s ok if you don’t want to say. It’s nothing embarrassing. No no! That’s not what I meant. What I meant was, if you don’t want to say, I don’t have to know. I want to beat him once, fair and square. Son! What are you doing? Come out and lose weight! I promise you I will only move one of my legs, ok? Sure, bring it! This new Tiramisu, is free to taste. Hey handsome! This new Tiramisu, is free to taste. Lose what? Lose what! Who will lose?! Boss, please give me a piece of cake. You…grab one yourself. I won’t lose again. Go all out. Don’t leave behind any regrets. Yes. One set game. Yan Zhi Ming to serve first. After Lu Xia wins this set, he will become one of the core members. However Yan Zhi Ming is very strong. He has been a core member for half a year now. 15-0 Your shot was great. But you still guessed wrong. According to my calculations, the probably of winning by hitting it to the right side is 75% 30-0 I still haven’t hit the shot yet, but he already knows. This match has only just begun. We’ll see. So strong! Looks like this is going to be a interesting match. It is not easy to win against Ah Yan’s statistical tennis. Left side, 67%. Right side, 82% Left side, 75% It’s now! The probability of your return getting over the net is 0% 40-0 He successfully stopped Lu Xia’s ball path again. Who would’ve thought that even though Lu Xia has just arrived, Ah Yan has already done his research on him. According to my research, the probability of you hitting a return shot to the corner diagonally is 75%. Include that match with Bai Yang. I have done my research on all of your last 4 matches. 12 straight balls, 5 diagonal balls, 3 lobs. The shot just now. The probably of you using a diagonal shot to return my side spin shot is only 25%. Due to my height, you are unable to hit a lob. Therefore you can only choose to hit it to the empty spot on my right, or my left side that wasn’t vacant. Due to your competitive nature, you will definitely choose the more difficult shot, which is the diagonal return. Therefore, the probability of you hitting it to my left side increased to 75%. Your tactics, may be of help to you. Not at all! Arrogant! He won’t give up like this. Did you also predict the shot just now? The mistake just now wasn’t in my predictions. Why did Lu Xia hit is that way? He probably hit it in a fit of anger. Mu Si Yang wins, 6 to 1 I can’t believe you hit another drop shot. Si Yang must win! Let’s go Si Yang! Si Yang must win! I lost to you again. Let’s try again next month. When that time come, who know which one of us will win. The situation doesn’t seem to be good. “Strive youth, with vigorous spirit!” Probability of return: 95% to the left, 5% to the right. Probability of return: 83% to the left, 17% to the right. Zhi Ming’s style, is to repeat simulations of situations, that may be encountered during the game. Using the data he gathered, as well as battle simulations to compete. Although there is nothing special about his strength and skills, however like chess, he can step by step, force his opponents into acorner. It seems senior Yan is definitely stronger than Senior Bai Yang. What part of senior Yan do you see that makes you think he’s strong than me? Is it right that if Lu Xia loses this game, he wont be able to become a core member? That’s right. What is there to watch if he is bound to lose. For Lu Xia, Yan Zhi Ming’s height is like a wall. Lu Xi will definitely find a way. Lob shot? Lu Xia! 40-0 How come senior Yan is this good? Your shot just now wasn’t bad. You correctly calculated my height and my defense range. Always hitting to a place I can’t guess, your skills are above mine. However, no matter how many good shots you hit, as long as I can correctly calculate where it will land, then I can definitely hit a it back. I admit, you can definilty become one of Yu Qing’s core member in the future. However this time around, the spot is mine. It was the right decision to come to Yu Qing. I can defeat all kinds of players. You seem pretty confident. However, my calculations are definitely correct. How’s the situation right now? Who are you? I’m a reporter. You guys are in the cheerleading team? You cant tell? No, I can’t, Why are you giving one to her? It’s pretty cute. This is a new step that I have been practicing lately. Originally I was going to use in the official games. Split Step? Wait until you have a chance to participate in the official, and then we’ll see. Hitting it to the right. Now the left. Why is Lu Xia telling him where to return the shot? If he doesn’t say it, then senior Yan probably wouldn’t know. It’s still the right side. His reaction is suddenly faster. Probability of return: 81% to the left, 19% to the right. The stats are changing. Now the back. Lu Xia’s reaction is slowly catching up to Zhi Ming. Too naive. It’s stil the same lob shot as before. Lu Xia is about to win a point. Out! Unfortunate. I was a bit too anxious. Senior, you already guess this ball would go out right? The stats need to be updated. Lu Xia is using Split Step! When the opponent hits the ball, you pick up the heels lightly with your toes on the ground. This way you can react to the ball in time , and make the next move as quickly as possible. Through this, you can start running through the rebound force generated by muscle contractions. As long as you can start half a step earlier, then the range of the shots will increase by 1 meter. I can’t believe a freshman knows the Split Step. Of cause! He’s our Lu Xia. I must end the game, before the data become invalid. Lu Xia is beginning to turn defense into attack. Split step is the most basic of basics. However, Lu Xia’s step….. He’s using… single footed landing technique. I can’t believe a freshman can use such skills with ease. Lu Xia. Lu Xiang Qian? He’s caught up. The probability of hitting it to the right is 95% Right side! 15-30 Why is it the left side? Lu Xia’s rhythm has become faster. Can Lu Xia also guess where the ball will land? No. Only Ah Yan can hit this type of shot. I’m guessing, Lu Xia’s body already estimated it before he jumped. If you don’t have a natural sense of the ball, then it’s impossible to use this kind of step. I’m guessing, Zhi Ming’s mood right now is the same as another player that competed.. Even if I can predict where the ball will land, I still guarantee that I can return the shot. However… Hey senior! There is still another shot that you can predict where it will land, but can’t return. One of them is the legendary “Cool Drive”, and the other is the one i’m about to play. Why did he change to his right hand? Even if serves with his right hand, so what? His twist serve is indeed strong. Twist serve? Who would’ve thought Lu Xia can hit the Twist Serve with his right hand. He’s indeed good. Lu Xia is indeed, a very skilled transfer freshman. He should still have a lot of skills that we don’t know about. Twist Serve Even though he’s left handed, his right hand however, can still have such power. Senior, make sure to keep your glasses on. I must not lose. As long as I calculate the data accurately, I will be able to receive the shot. Dealing with the Twist Serve, when I swing the racket, I need to use my left feet, take a step back, turn my body to the right, then hit with my backhand. The data is useless. Game over. Lu Xia wins with a score of 7 to 5 Give me hug. Lu Xia! Remember, to include the serve just now into your data. I acknowledge my defeat. This match was very interesting. Thank you senior. When receiving a Twist Serve from his right hand if I raise my step, the probability of return will increase by 8.35%. I don’t want to play against you again in the future. Everyone worked hard in the school qualifiers competition. Now, I will announce the core members. Lu Si Yang. Here! Chi Da Yong. Here! Tang Jia Le. Here! He Xing Long. Here! Zhang Bai Yang. Here! Zhuo Zhi. Here! Qiao Chen. Here! Lu Xia. Here! Lu Xia is too strong! When can I also become one of Yu Qing’s core members? Save it you guys. Let’s continue to steadily pick up balls. Ok. The city-level group stages are about to start. I hope everyone will do their best! Don’t leave behind any regrets. Yes! Disperse! Lu Xia! Next weekend, please teach me how to play tennis. Ah Yan. There will still be a chance. Captain, are you trying to comfort me? The team this year is different to previous years. Losing to Lu Xia and Bai Yang does not mean there’s something wrong with your abilities. Captain, you don’t need to comfort me. I have calculated it. After Bai Yang and Lu Xia becomes one of the core members, the probability of us winning the Regional Qualifiers will increase by 3.51%. As long as the team wins, I am willing to do anything. Ah Yan, I hope, you can use your special ability of data collection, to help everyone carry out a more systematic training. Please. However, I definitely won’t admit defeat. Our class today will end here. That math question, I am the only one from my class who knew how to solve it. The snail you’re drawing looks very nice. It’s a dragon! Isn’t our slogan: “Strive youth, with vigorous spirit” (literally the spirit of dragon and horse) Have a look at this colour. Would it be better? Let me try. It also made the Jiang Nan chefs use their brains. The most amazing result is to only take the buttered crab paste and yolk. Hello? It’s me. Coach Qi, is there something you need? If you are asking me out to eat, I may not have the time. Already a core member despite being a freshman. It’s the same as you that year. For real?! Why would I lie to you? Don’t you see who his father is? Like father like son! I… Since he has already achieved it, it is time I brought out the Chinese style Italian cuisine that I researched and developed for many days, to celebrate. Senior! How come you’re here? Senior, take a look at this. We made it. Not bad right? Not bad. For future games, thanks in advance. Is there something you need? I’m here to find Lu Xia. He left as soon as school finished. He’s gone? This I will leave this in your hands to give to him. It’s the core member’s uniform. Ok. However tomorrow is Saturday, I might also be impossible for me to meet him. It doesn’t matter. Senior don’t worry, just leave it to us. Ah Mu asked Lu Xia to teach him tennis tomorrow. We will bring it to him tomorrow. Then i’ll leave it to you guys. Bye senior. I think senior was in a hurry. How about we return the uniform to senior first. No way! Don’t you want to see for yourself what Lu Xia looks like wearing the uniform? Listen to me, i’m right. Lu Xia! This is your uniform. Thank you. What’s wrong?

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