To struggle and strive. It’s the most beautiful impression of youth. Only then, will youth feel complete. Ever since I first encountered tennis, I fell in love with this exciting sport. With the rapid and successful development of tennis, more and more talented young players are emerging, continuously making proud achievements for their country. In this new era, young tennis players have more opportunities. They are currently creating an even bigger picture. Yu Qing Highschool, Lu Xia, prepare to play. Now, The glorious future of Chinese tennis fell on the shoulders of these teenagers. Keep striving! Watch me! (3 months ago) No way, you guys don’t even know the different types of grips in tennis? If you want to hit a topspin serve, then you must use a Western grip Like this The racket is perpendicular to the ground. Hold the racket handle like how you shake hands. Do you see? So noisy. Who are you? Does your family own this train? Just like this Holding the rack from the top is the correct Western grip. So it’s like this. The shaking hands styles grip you mentioned earlier, is actually the Eastern grip. We have now arrived at the Persimmon Tree Tennis Park Station Beginner, There are plenty of people who can’t differentiate between these two different grips. I…! We had arrived at our stop, why didn’t we get off? Hello? Aunty, the tennis competition is about to begin, how come you still haven’t arrived? I…I’ll be right there. Don’t move. Ok It’s him. What do I do? He’s walking this way. What should I say? I should probably thank him. He…he really did walk this way! Excuse me, how do I get to Persimmon Tree Tennis Park? You are also here to participate in the competition right? Just so happen, I am also here to watch the matches So, which way do I actually go? Um…left Um…If you go straight down this road, you should be able to see it. Thankyou Little Ying! Aunty! The competition is about to start, let’s go. Um…shouldn’t it be to the left? You really have no sense of direction. It’s this way! Quickly, let’s go. Are you here to participate in the competition? Yes Then…how did it go? Late 5 minutes, I was disqualified from the competition. I…I’m really sorry. It’s all because I gave you the wrong directions. Who else do I blame if I not you? I’m a bit thirsty. How about I treat you to a drink? Although it can’t compensate for my mistake, but at least let me apologize to you. (Insufficient funds, please verify and try again) (Insufficient funds, please verify and try again) We agreed that I am the one treating you, to apologize. Thankyou Little kid, If it wasn’t because of you, I wouldn’t have turned up late to watch the competition. What, you lost your match? So now you must rush home? I’m talking to you! A kid like you want to teach me how to play tennis? It’s 10 years too early. That’s right, practice a bit more. I’m sorry! How can I watch the matches now that my clothe is dirty! Hey! Have you learnt how to grip the racket? If you have time, I can teach you. Kids like you, that likes to brag, will never learn if I don’t let you suffer a little. How did things turn out like this? Don’t cry later when you lose. Huang Jing’s serve is close to the professional standards. He normally likes to hit to the right, and is also very… Go go go! Let’s start. Be…Begin Wow, that’s dangerous… How was it? Do you now know how strong I am? Too slow. So fast… Wow, so strong. Heh, that was just a fluke. Hm! I don’t believe you can return this serve a second time. He wants to intercept at the net! So fast! So handsome… Good luck! 1v0, switch courts. Huang Jing, don’t say we are from Yu Qing’s tennis club. In case you lose, it will be embarrassing. When did I say that? I… Se…nior? Little Ying, what are you doing here? Aunty I thought he was participating in the competition. Didn’t think I would meet him here. Such a troublesome kid. Aunty, you know him? I am wondering, how come you are with Lu Xia? Lu…Xia… Good serve. Sure enough, like father, like son. He’s the one you often mentioned, your junior’s son? So he’s that genius Lu Xia, who won the International Junior Open for four years in a row? That’s right. He had been living abroad with his family. Lu…Xia… Damn, This kid is hitting long shots, forcing me back to the baseline. The kid wins a point. Lu Xia is amazing! He won another point. It’s out. Out? Impossible Clearly… You’re not that good at tennis, but seem to be an expert in taking advantage of others. And who are you, old lady? Do you have any right to speak here? Old lady? It’s out. Hey, this ball is in right? This… this time it’s in. Damn, here it comes again. Not good, it’s just out of reach. Don’t enter the court when a match is on. Little Ying, come back. Believe in Lu Xia. He knows what he’s doing. Let’s continue.It’s the same Twist Serve as Nadal’s. Last ball. No more, no more! Enough, enough, enough! You’ve still got a long way to go. Ham, is the secret weapon of Chinese chefs, and is an ‘unknown hero’ in many Chinese traditional dishes. Hello? Qi Coach. I’ve met you son. Really? Do you like him? I am full of expectations for him. Like father, like son right. Yeah It was said during that year, if you didn’t retire, then it shouldn’t have been difficult to win the first men’s singles Grad Slam right? Bringing him back to China now is the right decision. I am placing him in your care. Hello classmate, take a look at this. We are recruiting tennis club cheerleaders. If you’re interested, you can contact me. Hello, recruitment for cheerleading. If you’re interested, you can contact me! You’re finally here, I’m exhausted. How’s it going? Recruited anyone yet? Why don’t you be our vice captain? What do you think? Me…forget it. I can’t dance. My vice captain doesn’t need to know how to dance. Then, let’s stop recruiting. C’mon, let’s go. No! We must face the difficulties. Let’s go over there and hand out flyers right now. Class, this term, a transfer student from abroad have come to our class. Lu Xia! Qi Ying, do you two know each other? Oi, you know him? Lu Xia, why don’t you introduce yourself. My name is Lu Xia. You can say a bit more. For example, what are your hobbies? What do you like to eat? You can say anything. I like to play tennis. Ok. Student Lu Xia is probably not very talkative. No problem. In the future you can communicate more with your classmates, ok? How about this, Lu Xia, you sit over there? Rise. Good morning teacher. Good morning class. It’s ok Lu Xia. You just came back to China You may not know much about the school’s situation. How about this. Qi Ying, after class you take Lu Xia on a school tour, so that he can become more familiar with the environment. Ok? Ok. Then let’s start the class. How do you two know each other? Let’s go eat in a second. Sure. However I need to come back early to do my homework. Me too. Let’s go. Good luck. Hi Lu Xia, my name is Qi Ying. The teacher asked me to show you around the campus. Lu Xia. Your name is Lu Xia right? Do you need something? Let’s go sing up, to the tennis team. You are… You can call me Ah Mu. You like to play tennis right? The tennis team here is very strong. Even though I look like this, I have played tennis for 2 years already. I have also trained outside of school, therefore I have a good chance of becoming a core member. Lu Xia! Wait for me! Lu Xia! Classmate Lu Xia. Hello. I… I’m your classmate, Qi Ying. Qi Ying? Um…yes You have helped me in a stranded situation before. Do you remember? No problem. Let’s get to know each other again. Hello Lu Xia. My name is Qi Ying. The teacher asked me to show you around the campus. Just now, we were at the teaching and laboratory building. I’ll show you other places later. Our school is actually pretty big. Apart from the tennis courts, are there any other places you can play tennis at school? Um…I don’t know either. I’m going home then. But…there’s still a lot of areas I haven’t showed to you yet. Who would’ve thought, my house and Lu Xia’s house are down the same road. His backhand is quite powerful. Thankyou. It seems Lu Xiang Qiang decided to bring you back to China. He wants you to bring glory for the country. Hey, you’re not going home? I…I went the wrong way. Do you want to take a look at how an expert plays tennis? Take a look around. There a lot of books here regarding experts playing tennis. Federer, Nadal, Zveleev, Goffin. There are a lot of books about them here, are you interested? I want this one. This one? Kid, you have good eyes. I’m really sorry. It’s all because I gave you the wrong directions. So she’s Qi Ying. Son You’re back. How was your first day at Yu Qing? Nothing special. You must not be careless. There are lots of expert players at Yu Qing. Who’s racket is this? I’m screwed! Um…Stop stop stop Who did it? Who did it?! How come this kid is also in the team? Hey, look at what you’ve done! It wasn’t me. If it wasn’t you, then was it a ghost?! I’m telling you, all the core players will be here today. Since you’re so arrogant, today I…. Look over there! (Qiao Chen) (Zhuo Zhi) (Tang Jia Le) (Yan Zhi Ming) (Zhang Bai Yang) (He Xing Long) (Chi Da Yong) New members of the tennis club, familiarise yourselves with the environment as soon as possible If there’s a court available, you can use it. It’s not a big deal. Ok, everyone go practice. Let’s practice together for a bit? Lu Xia, let’s leave after we finish watching them practice. Come on. Zhou Zhi, your steps are still a little slow. So strong It doesn’t matter which direction the lobs comes from, he can hit them all back into the basket. I have never seen such an exciting practice game. Our seniors are still that strong. It doesn’t matter what type of serve you hit, you do not have the chance to show off here. Lu Xia this kid, what is he doing! Why is it you again?! It seems pretty easy. What are you trying to pull here? You have no right to play here. Who is making a ruckus on the court? Cap…captain… (Mu Si Yang) You need to be punished, for causing a disturbance on court. You two, run 10 laps around the court. Ok No no no…this…this…. 20 laps. Everyone continue your warmup. After warmups, go to the indoor courts for basic training. I must get even with that kid! Do you see that bag? Isn’t this Lu Xia’s bag? Can you successfully split everyone into four groups? The school competition this time around is the same as determining the main players for the regional qualifying round. I’m afraid, it’s not that easy to split the groups. That’s right. How come there’s someone here? Coach, welcome back. I only left for one year, but it still takes so much effort to clean up. Coach, how come you’re back? I’m not welcome? Coach has completed her advanced studies abroad. She came back this term, to continue coaching our team. Really? That’s great! I heard just then, you guys were discussing the situation regarding the school qualifiers. Have you selected your list of players? Have you met the newcomer I told you about? You mean… I don’t mean anything. Haven’t I just returned? You guys would be more familiar with the situation in the team Regarding this, it should still be decided by the captain. Lu Xia, Lu Xia! You finished running? Quickly join us and practice swinging the racket. Everyone has to swing 100 times. Kid, you sure are brave. You dare to show up even though you didn’t bring your racket. Are you looking down on our swinging practice? If you are this confident, then I don’t mind playing another round with you. But you don’t have a racket…what should we do? There’s a spare here that no one has used. Victory, is always given to those who are prepared. Isn’t this the racket I saw just now in the resting room? This kid Huang Jing, he’s reverting to his old habits. He’s started bullying this newcomer named Lu Xia. Should we go stop him? I don’t think so. Once the captain sees this, he will deal with them. What’s the matter? Don’t have the courage to accept? There sure are a lot of people who don’t have the skills but still want to show off. Lu Xia, Lu Xia! Can you really use this racket? What did he say? Is he ridiculing me? Hey! Can we start? Looks like there’s going to be a good show. Really looking forward to it. Come! Today, I’ll let you lose for good. It’s Lu Xia! I told you he is here. How can you play with this type of racket? Senior is just being a bully! Hey, who allowed you to be so arrogant just now? You just be good and play with me until the end. Si Yang? It’s still impossible. You can’t control the ball’s trajectory at all. If this continues, it wouldn’t be good right? He won’t be able to hit a spinning ball with the type of racket he has. It’s impossible to return a shot with this type of racket. Lu Xia can now completely control the ball’s trajectory! Impossible… Using the rotation of the waist to spin the ball. Not bad! It’s still too slow. Let’s go Lu Xia! Let’s go Lu Xia! Are they the new cheerleaders of our tennis club? Sounds more like Lu Xia’s cheerleaders. Are you kidding me? It was just a coincidence. Yes! Yes! Geniuses, can use any type of racket to play. He is starting to counterattack. That ball is in the way! I’m screwed! Yes! Yes! Let’s end the warmup here. Xiu Wen! Let’s continue practicing our swings. You’re the one who said, to be good and play until the end. What do you think? Those who violated the team’s rules, should not be overlooked. Tell everyone to run laps. Even the core players? Of cause. Look how good we were just then? Our first task right now is to make Lu Xia famous. Only then, will our cheerleading team begin to rise. I heard that when Lu Xia was abroad, his tennis skills was already amazing. You seem to know quite a bit about him. Not really. I just heard about it from my aunt. I don’t know if Lu Xia can join Yu Qing’s core team. But I think in all of Yu Qing’s history, there haven’t been any freshman students that was allowed to participate in the qualifiers. Right? Da Chi How’s it going? Have you filled the form? Si Yang filled out the form just now and left. Let me see. It seems the competition this year will be very interesting. Little Ying Isn’t that Lu Xia? Let’s go. Little Ying, go go go! Quickly! No…I’m not going… Then I’ll go. Why are you stopping me? Are you that afraid? Don’t disturb him. He looks pretty handsome. Say, what book is he reading over there? Little Peng, Little Ying, you guys came. Hello boss. I want this one. You want this? Birthday gift? It’s already been 3 months since my birthday. But didn’t you only just return? Is there anything in the team that needs my help? Also, I heard the team qualifiers are about to start. So? I also heard that freshman students aren’t allowed to participate. Do you want to ask more clearly? I think this rule is a bit to cruel. For example, some team members may be a freshman, but they are very talented. If they can’t participate, wouldn’t it be too unfortunate? It indeed it a bit unfortunate. Aunty, you said in the past that you have always wanted strong, talented new members to join the team. So, we should adjust according to the situation. I can’t decide by myself. How about, you go ask Si Yang? Ok… Then I’ll go talk to him… Hang on. Where’s my birthday gift? Aunty, happy birthday! If senior Si Yang rejects my request, what should I do? Student, can I help you? Hello senior. I’m Lu Xia’s classmate. It’s like this. Can I ask you to allow Lu Xia to participate in the school qualifiers? Senior also watched Lu Xia’s game yesterday. What do you think? That ball is in the way! I’m screwed! The list of participating students has already been set. It can’t be changed. But… Also, this is the tennis club’s locker room. It’s inconvenient for you to be here. Best that you leave. I’m sorry. This question was asked two days ago for you guys to think about. You all have reviewed it at home, right? Today I will check on everyone’s preparation. If you don’t do well in the test, you have to stay after school, ok? Lu Xia! Answer this question. The answer is… 1/3 times x to the power of 1/3. Stop sleeping. You also know to stop sleeping? Stay after school! Lu Xia still haven’t come out yet? Hello senior. Can I go inside the court first to practice? Yes, of cause! Follow me. This way. (hitting it=10 bottles) Jing bro. You want to practice here? Why him again? If you want to use the court outside of practicing hours, you need to pass a test. What test? The rules are simple. As long as you can knock that can over within 10 balls, you will be able to receive 10 bottles of drinks. That’s a great deal. Little Ying, it’s good that you weren’t punished along with him. I was scared to death. I didn’t think that much. Don’t know whether or not he is still with the teacher. He wouldn’t be. He has probably already gone to the tennis courts. C’mon, let’s go watch him play. Good luck! Damn, it won’t fall over no matter how I hit it. I only have one ball left. Don’t worry. If you can’t hit it, try another 10 balls. Good luck! So close. I drank a bit of this, does half a bottle count? Yes, I think so… Yes what? Follow the rules. You need to give us 9 more bottles. Isn’t it one bottle for every 10 balls? It’s one bottle per ball. This is fraud! If you have the ability, then knock down the can. Why is it you again?! Last time! You’ve already lost to him twice. You guys lied, there are stones in the can! You guys… What amazing smashes. If I hit it 100 times, would you give me 1000 bottles? Kid, did I let you hit my can? I taught you how to play tennis last time, have you learnt it? What did you say? Do you want a beating?! What are you guys doing? Wow, I hit it in one ball. The school provided us with such good courts, It’s not used for you guys to create trouble. Qiao Chen. Senior! The juniors were so enthusiastic about coming to practice. It isn’t right for you guys to bully them like this. That’s right! I’m just joking around with the new students. Second year high school students from Class 7, Huang Jing, Ma Xiu Wen of the tennis club, come to the teacher’s office. Don’t do bad things. Huang Jing, Ma Xiu Wen, come to the teacher’s office immediately. Now! Wait. Who said you could go? You’re that freshman, Lu Xia right? It’s Lu Xia. See, what did I say? He is definitely here. Lu Xia, last time I saw you play again Huang Jing wasn’t enough, let’s learn from each other. Ok. Lu Xia, you really want to play against senior Qiao Chen? He’s Yu Qing’s core player from the second year students. Which side are you picking? Back. Ok. It’s the front. I’ll let you serve first. It should be impossible for Lu Xia to win again Senior Qiao Chen right? Senior Qioa Chen! Why are you giving up the right to serve first? He knows the twist serve, don’t you guys want to see for yourself? What is ‘twist serve’? You meanie! Why are you hiding it? Let me have a look at your legendary Twist Serve. Arrogant kid. Who would’ve thought, the strength of the spin is that strong. It seems I can only hit the ball right before it hits the ground. Lu Xia is too handsome! Even like this I still can’t stop it.Yes! Just now, senior used his strength to forcefully hit the ball back. I have grasped the timing, now all that’s left is the problem of strength. How can I lose when it comes to comparing strength? I think senior is slowly getting used to Lu Xia’s serve. No way! Is he about to break Lu Xia’s Twist Serve? He wants to hit a lob shot? You damn kid, hitting a drop shot. Again! He’s still that calm. He can play so well even against one of the core members of the team, Lu Xia is too amazing! Switching to his left hand? Let’s stop here. I admit defeat. Senior Qiao Chen, how can you admit defeat? He’s been using his weaker hand to play against me. Left-handed? Thank goodness I’m not in the same group as him in the qualifiers. Lu Xia, these are all given to us by Huang Jing from the bet he lost earlier. Kid, Yu Qing is not as simple as you think. I got it. Senior, you still haven’t removed the bandage on your foot. The doctor said it’s not a that serious anymore, I only need a bit of time to recover. But… Don’t worry, he is indeed very strong. As for my foot injury, he noticed it a while ago. He…he noticed? Today is such an unlucky day. Quickly shut your mouth and work. There’s still 3 levels to mop. The school dean will come to inspect soon. How do I make up a 2000 words report? Haven’t you written one before? It can be used as a template. But, you did pay off all your debt. What debt? Wasn’t it 10 drinks for every can you knock over? That kid hit the can 10 times, so that’s… 100 bottles! How many? 100 bottles. However I pleaded for you. Managed to cut the debt down to 90 bottles. You… I paid using your meal card. I’ll return it to you. One, two One, two One, two One, two Xiu Wen. Xiu Wen? Help me get his ball down. Ok. Old lady. One, Two. One, Two. Every gather up. Coach, you’re back? Coach? Let me introduce to you all. This is coach Qi Na. In response to the call for national youth tennis selections, from this term onwards, she has returned to our team to continue coaching us. I left for one year. I’m very happy to see that a lot of old player have remained on the team, and that new players have joined. No matter what, Yu Qing’s goal has never changed. That is, to win the National Competition. As for all of you, your studies is still the most important. It is also the first step in acquiring your qualifications, to participate in the school qualifiers. Only when you pass your studies and the qualifiers, will you then be qualified to represent Yu Qing to strive for glory. Do you all have confidence? Yes! In a minute, the groups will be posted on the bulletin board. Everyone can go take a look. Prepare well! Continue with your training. Huang Jing, come here for a second. Before, there may not have been anyone who educated you well, on the things you can do, and the things you can’t do. From now on, I will take this responsibility. Yes, coach. Off you go. Sorry coach. Why is this coach so fierce? How do you expect me to lead the team in the future? The coach wanted you to stay behind by yourself to give you a lecture. I think she values you. Isn’t this how a lot of protagonists in movies counterattack? You guys come check this out. The groups for the qualifiers are out. It’s the same original core players. What is there to look at? Its Lu Xia! Lu Xia qualified for the school qualifiers. Lu Xia… Isn’t he a freshman? No way…

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