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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “ENG) BT21 리복 운동화 21켤레 전부다 리뷰!! (내가 뽑은 베스트는?) BT21 Reebok Brand New Shoes Are All Here!!”

  1. 신발은 비록 촬영후 다 반납했지만…잠시동안 행복했어요ㅎㅎ여러분은 어떤게 가장 마음에 드시나요? I had to return them all after shooting the video😅 Which one is your favorite?

  2. 요즘 신발 디자인 별루라 안사는데 리복 로얄브릿지2.0 이쁘네요 ㅡ아다다스 팔콘 나이키보단ㅡ가격대비 이쁨

  3. 저두 운동화 사고 싶어요 엉엉ㅠㅠ
    운동화가 디자인이 너무 예쁘게 나온거 같아요! 치미치미♡ 치미 운동화를 사고 싶네요

  4. My favourite is the Royal 2LCS. Every shoe matches with my clothes perfectly and it’s very stylish and cute too. But every kind was good to be honest. I think the Insta Fury Pump is used best when working out or exercising. For Royal Bridge, I think it’s best to use it in your everyday life just like the Royal 2LCS. For the Insta Fury Pump, I think I wanna get Koya, RJ, and Mang. For Royal 2LCS, I wanna get Koya, Mang, and Cooky. For Royal Bridge, I really want everyone’s 😂😂 Anyways, I really hope this will be available in the Philippines.

  5. I want the clips in your channel to have a Thai liner.I like your channel a lot.I love BTS very much.I am Thai. Thank you for review. 😄😘💞💞.I'm army.

  6. RJ’s shoes are the prettiest to me but, I think it’s because the colors are more normal than the others. But, chimmys shoe is also really cool

  7. 제가 올해 중학교를 가는데 어떤 색깔이 교복에 어울릴까요….??참고로 교복 전체적으로 검정색이예요

  8. 아우..퓨리는 근데 진짜 일반학생들이 신기에는 너무 아니야ㅜㅜㅜ 등산갈때 는…뭐…..

  9. me looking BT21 Instapump : I WANT ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!

    my financial condition : 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  10. They are so cute all, my favorite were those of tata and koya …. waited some day to be able to buy a couple of them

  11. Last december i only bought one pair pump shoes and i couldn't eat for 3 days because it's too expensive. Now i'm seeing her buying 10++ pairs i'm shocked

  12. Do they still sell the shoes? if yes, where can I buy them (in Korea)? (Maybe you can give me an adress or just the store)

  13. 내가 아무리 비티21 캐릭터에 환장한 아미이지만 리복 디자인 진짜 실망스러움..저걸 누가 신나 몰.겠음..아미 연령대가 다양한걸 고려하지도 않은 디자인들..앞에 나온 컨××랑 넘 다르다. 정말 사고싶었는데 넘 품절이었음..유니세프기부도 되고해서 정말 사려했는데 넘 아니다 이건…빅힛이 디자인도 안 보고 오케이하는건지 원….

  14. そんなに買うお金はない!


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