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Dennis Veasley

83 thoughts on “Ellen Surprises Coach Alonzo Carter & San Jose State University Football Team”

  1. Hello Ellen and the Ellen Team! My name is Pablo and I'm the owner of a beautiful kitty named Arizona. Arizona has a Instagram account all about herself (@Arizona_the_kitty), and she has actually become the most famous kitty in Spain!
    She goes on all sorts of adventures and even dresses up from time to time!
    I hope you have time to check it out and if you love it please reply to this 🙂

  2. San Jose that’s hella dope.im from gilroy work over there but who doesn’t work over there that’s from Gilroy right 😅

  3. Have you noticed how Ellen as blocked comments on divisive videos. That's unfair because there are two sides to every story. Her choice, but it shows what is coming. Just get the official political line across.

  4. San Jose people were u at?👌
    Wow thats awesome SJSU!!!!!

  5. When I heard he was a backup dancer for mc hammer I was like no and I say the video and was like what the hack

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