hey Danny Maude here thanks for joining us
this week I am super excited because I have one simple move that you can do
whether you are a senior golfer lady golfer average amateur golfer that
will massively help you generate so much more power in your golf swing more
importantly it will generate it in a very accurate way now how do you
generate power in the golf swing you need to make sure that you’re generating
club head speed how do you generate it and keep it accurate you need to make sure
that when you when you’re swinging you’re staying nice and in line and nice
and centered as you are doing this but there’s one key thing that creates all
of that I’m going to share with you in this training exactly what is what that
is before I do that if you’re new to channel this is one of your first videos
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you get notified every time I release a video just like this one so what is this
magic move very very simple if you can understand how you shift the weight in
the feet it will have a direct result on your entire golf swing and the
amount of power that you generate let me explain so we said look briefly how do
you generate accuracy in a golf swing way to generate accuracy one of the key
factors is this we want to stay nice and still in this line but at the same time
move we don’t want to stay still and just do this we want to be able to move
in a nice spiral fashion so we want to stay still and we want that body to
move and turn or spiral I like to call it backwards and forwards with that in mind
we also want to generate to generate club head speed we want to then let go
so how do we create all those things well if you want to stay centered whilst
moving at the same time you have to shift your weight correctly now imagine
this most people don’t realize what they’re doing with their feet sometimes
people don’t use their feet at all I don’t know whether you are the same but if you want to
use them correctly it has a massive impact on the way this golf club moves watch
this if your weight moves from your left to your right in a sliding fashion as an
example look where I’ve noted I’ve moved off the
center that’s going to have an impact now on my ability to get back to strike
it accuracy if I move off Center here that’s going to have a massive impact on
how I deliver the club back to the golf ball you see a lot of amateurs you might be the same
they go forward and then you move back here that’s gonna affect your
strike so being able to stay centered is huge but just trying to stay centered
like this won’t generate any power so we need the centerdness and the movement
to generate the speed and the accuracy so let me show you how we do this what
are we going to do now is this your weight or any any player who moves
correctly their weight on the backswing moves into the toe of the lead foot my
left foot and into the heel of the right foot so it does this or from this
angle so see what my right hip goes backwards here I’m creating space here
I’ve got I’m exaggerating here by the way I’m moving the right of her left
foots coming up and I’m moving into my right here okay then on the way down
what happens is is there’s a pressure where they start to become now about
50/50 and then then it goes into the heel so the body’s doing this because
it’s doing this it’s easy to stay centered if we start to shift like this
backwards and forwards that’s going to have a huge impact clearly on your swing
so how do you go about working on this well there’s a couple of simple ways now
the first way I’ve just tee the ball up here with them with my iron well what I
want you to do is make to make it easy just for the feel is what you could do
is this you get yourself set and I’ll learn this particular drill from a guy
called JJ Rivett terrific never heard of him before check him out on lines got
some fantastic stuff and what you do is you move your weight onto the front part
of your left foot and then move it into the heel now all I do to kind of really
exaggerate this is actually lift the toe up of the right foot here so it’s like
toe to heel toe to heel toe to heel now this is really
exaggerated because then what we’re gonna do we’re then going to go heel to
toe heel to toe toe toe heel heel to toe now you learning to shift one two now
the mission sounds quite complicated but it really isn’t you Gus feeling and you
might know we’re hitting golf balls in the through this you might want to go
toe to heel heel toe just feel that motion now not stiff if you have been a
sway or you’ve been moving around this will feel like a completely different
move you might feel really weird is that with so I get it Bob that’s why I teamed
up I get a ball and we start to have a go at this so all I’m going to do is
this I’m gonna move backwards and forwards and we’re just
practicing getting a sensation of that motion notice how centered I stay I’m
not moving this way and the reason why I like to lift the toe up here just as a
drill is because it forces you then to really get this back here okay now for
those of you who slice the ball this is fantastic because watch this as you move
here and this is go about look at the space we’ve created to come down this
line versus when you’re here if you’re on your toes too much this is where
slices are generally they’re moving on to their right to are very quickly in
the downswing whereas if you’re here you’re already got all this space to
come down the line so it really really helps have another look at this all I’m
doing is I’m moving to the big toe of my lead foot into the heel of an right and
I’m practicing this simple Martian backwards and forwards will go a driver
in a second so they’re they’re really really simple now I’ve got use this
drill it’s kind of a good one for me as well we really helped but for you
he might just take a little bit of time to get used to so what I do now I’ve got
a couple of training aids here I’ve had these for a long time and you can get
this on Amazon I’ll put a link in the description below
these are those balance cushions and they can really help because one of the
things about this game is you’ve got to be able to learn to feel this moisture
so I like these because these balance cushions are simply full of air I use
them actually for my lot my gym workouts and you get yourself stood on like this
and it just gets you a sensation here I’m bit wobbly okay I’m off balance but
what you’re doing is is here is it gives me a sensation of our time state I get
myself balanced in the middle initially okay and then what I’m going to do here
is I could even hit golf ball that I worked initially and I’m gonna get the
sensation out of moving into the toe of my you can see here let’s her of my lead
foot heel of the right and then I practice just this toe to heel heel to toe heel to toe mean
he love left toe of the right imma just and look at how this what they
look what happens to this golf swing as I’d make this simple Martian watch the
shape of it up and then watch this I say stats of trance down watch this
and then move to my heel I then start to naturally release the golf club again
whilst staying very very centered let’s have a look at this with driver doing
exactly the same thing and then I’ll talk about how you then start to add
this is the accuracy move at the moment but it also really helps to generate
speed as well so look at the same with driver we’re going to go into the heel
back into the heel there so really turn the heel heel to toe and I can really
see I cants like a scissor if I can really feel this in changing the entire
shape of the golf swing now for those of you who get used to this and a slightly
more advanced and wanting a little bit of knowledge about how to then start the
downswing with this motion first of all that in itself could be a drill that you
work on for a week it to be you might pick it up really really quickly and
you’ve got the flow then you want to stack them well how do i generate even
more power well you’ll see with some of the best players they even get like this
when they’ve got this weight into the heel here they get into is what I call
squat position here now this is a feeling again of a real good sense of a
power for the best players but it might not be something you want to work on
straight away work on the first stuff but this is where if you’re really
advancing you want to push on and generate more speed let me show you what
actually happens so I’m moving into the heel by right hip goes nice and deep
here now watch this I say then plant this heel down here that stayed deep and
now I mean this squat position as if we’re going to do a squat there from
here what it is we’re going to push back into that heel and away we go so this is
like the middle bit we’re doing now we’ve done the two one two
the middle bit is where the power is good at you’re going to start to develop
that power so it’s you go into that heel now watch this
that’s the squat bit that’s the power bit okay now I Pro do this again in just
in phases so it’s heel squat power you so you can see from here what we’re
doing is we’re simply getting the sensation here look of that we’re moving
today here getting this nice and deep here and then from here that heel starts
to come down we’re staying deep and then bang we move further into that heel onto
the toe and hey presto we get that shot so we might want to do this nice and
slowly initially we drive a heel to heel and away we go
keeping everything nice and slow nice and simple that over 1 2 simple as that
it will really really help you get a generate the simplicity of how that
swing more importantly how the body works and the feet work to create your
golf swing so let’s summarize what have we done where does power come from power
get power needs to have accuracy so to create the accuracy we to make sure that
we stay centered in a line here we’re only moving off how do we do that well
you’ve got to move your weight in your feet correctly if you move your weight
all over the place that’s going to shift the what’s what’s up all over the place
so it’s simple actually just at home heel up toe up and we’re simply moving
backwards and forwards like this then add the golf swing because I’m Russian
there yeah you see that so we’re just getting that sensation start with that
first then maybe get some balance cushions again I’ll put a link in the
description below gates and Amazon they’re not expensive but they’re really
enhance the amount of feel that you get with this entire motion then if you’re
advanced you may need to look at adding the squat for the really extra power
which is simply this so you’ve been if you’re moving deep into that right heel
there and then from here watch this from this position here you then pushing back
you’re moving into the squat position as if you’re just about to do a squat and
then from there you continue the push into your heel as you move up onto this
toe here and it’s as simple as that he says but I would start for most of you
really simply toda he you’ll really feel it heel to toe it
will really help generate those extra yards or more importantly those accurate
yards cuz it’s smooth so I hope you enjoy the training if you did give it a
thumbs up and let me show you if one of your friends who I could benefit from
something simple like this or of course if you use the channel let me come and
subscribe by pressing that little bell bar and the subscribe on until next week
have a great golfing week

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