(upbeat music) – Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey, and in today’s video I
am here to testify that dreams come true!
– Dreams come true! – They honestly do. This video is sponsored by Converse!
– By Converse! – I mean guys, come on. I wore Converse to my first homecoming, I wore them throughout my
whole entire childhood, I had a pair of black high top Converse that I wore for years, all
through elementary school to the point where my mom
had to throw them away in the middle of the
night because they were so nasty
– It’s true! – Because I wouldn’t. I
was going to cry if I knew she’d thrown them away.
– So now we have eight pairs of different
colors of Chuck Taylors in our closet right now. – I’m so excited. – We are obsessed. – Okay so in honor of my
obsession with Chuck Taylors and everything about them, we are doing two DIYs
today on the Chuck Taylors and we are showing you
how to style them as well. – So, let’s get started! Woo! – [Brooklyn voiceover] To
begin, I’m going to show you all how I’m going to decorate
my Converse Chuck Taylor black high tops to show
off my spunky personality. For your supplies, you
need some faux black fur, a needle and thread,
some scissors, a ruler, and of course, your
black high top Converse. The first step is to take the white laces out of your Converse so that you have a blank canvas to start working
on decorating your shoe. Once you’ve taken your
laces out of your shoe, you’re gonna take your ruler, I have a very beautiful hot pink ruler that I’m going to be using today, and then you’re just
gonna measure the width and the length of the tongue of your shoe so that you can measure
your fur to be the same measurements. Now you’re gonna take your faux fur, and there is a furry side
and then a flat side, you’re gonna wanna make sure
that the fur is face down and you’re measuring on the flat side, and you’re going to measure
the same length and width that you had on the tongue of your shoe, and then you’re gonna cut
out that portion of your fur. As you guys can see, I’m using my fingers to mark the measurements, and
that’s because I don’t want the cuts to be perfect. My style is a little bit
messier and more unique and asymmetrical, so I’m gonna
let the cuts be the same way. If you look at the top of
your tongue on your Converse, the edges are rounded, so
we’re gonna be cutting the fur so that the edges are rounded as well, so that they better fit
the tongue of the shoe. Now while you cut, the fur does shed, so make sure you have a lint roller handy because it kind of gets
everywhere (laughs). Now that we’ve got our
perfectly measured piece of fur, we’re going to take the
flat side of that fur, put it against the tongue of our shoe, and start sewing it on with
some needle and thread. Now, you do not have to be
a professional seamstress to do this, I definitely
am not the best at sewing, but you can just take a needle and thread, kind of throw some stitches
on there just to get it to stay on, because the fur
will cover your stitches so they really don’t
need to look that pretty. If you don’t want to sew,
you can use fabric glue. I’m just sewing so that
it lasts and stays on a little bit longer. Once you’re done sewing,
you can take your laces, whatever color you choose,
I chose black because I like the look of it
all being chic and black and sleek, and then I’m
just gonna lace up my shoes. I personally when I lace
up my shoes don’t lace them up all the way so that the
fur can kinda stick out a little bit on the tongue, and now I have completed
my personalized Converse. (camera shutter) (upbeat music) For my first outfit, I’m
doing more of a holiday look and I’m styling my shoes a
little bit more dressed up with some black lacy
socks, a black tulle skirt, and a red tied checker
flannel for the holidays, and on top I rolled my
sleeves a little bit and I’ve added a cute
little simple necklace to kind of dress it up, but
also keep it very simple, like my style. (camera shutter) (upbeat music) For my second outfit, I’m
leaving it a little bit more casual. Of course I’ve got my black
high top fur Converse, I’ve got my black high
waisted skinny jeans, and on top I’ve paired it
with a stripey turtleneck long sleeve shirt, and I
put a jean jacket on top to give it a little bit
more of a street chic style, just like me. (upbeat music) – [Bailey Voiceover] Guys,
so now that you’ve learned that one, it’s time to learn a second DIY, and I’m going to be doing it
on my Converse Chuck Taylor white high tops. So to start with the tools
you need for this DIY, you need a cut mat, along
with a cut mat you also need white leather or vinyl, and then of course you also
have to have a hole puncher, but this is just a fancy-looking
version of that we found at our craft store, along
with small scissors, those aren’t necessary but they help, a little poker to help
poke through the leather, real scissors, a pencil,
and of course you also need the outline that we will
be using for the DIY, along with an X-ACTO knife, and a ruler, and then, of course, our Chuck Taylors. So, let’s get started. Step number 1. So we are going to take
this pattern that we found online and we are going
to cut it out to help out with our DIY today. So once we have cut it out,
we’re gonna go ahead and take our white vinyl slash leather,
whichever one you decide to use, both work, and we are gonna go ahead and lay that out with the back side up. Once you’ve laid your
vinyl slash leather out, go ahead and take one of the
patterns that you previously cut out, lay it on the back,
and trace it with a pencil. Next step. Take those big scissors
and cut out the pattern we just traced. It’s our handy-dandy ruler time. So take that ruler, and measure
on the back of the pattern that you just cut out,
three-fourths of an inch from the top, and you’ll
just mark a little line on both sides, and then trace that line. This line is going to indicate
where you will stop cutting when you cut out your tassels, that way you don’t cut a strip out, you just want it to hang
like a cute little tassel. Alright y’all, now that you’ve done that, take your X-ACTO knife,
and I gotta be honest y’all this is probably one of
the first times I’ve used an X-ACTO knife, and I was so excited. So what I did was, I just
used my ruler to trace along those lines that we’d
previously just drawn on the back of our leather,
and use our X-ACTO knife to cut them out. That way you can get that
adorable tassel look. Okay you guys, I know it was a while ago, but remember the paper pattern
that we cut out very first? We’re gonna take one of
those patterns and line it up with the one we’ve been using, and you’re going to see
two Xs in the corners. We’re going to take
our little puncher tool and just punch a hole that
lines up with those Xs. This will be marking the
spot that we will punch a hole in, where our laces
will be threaded through. Now it’s time to use
the scary-looking tool. Now don’t worry you guys,
it’s not as intimidating as it looks. Basically, it’s just a
leather hole-puncher. So I’m going to align the
hole punch with the marking that I just made, and go
ahead and attempt to hole punch through the leather. Now it can be very difficult sometimes, unless you’re really strong,
which I like to think I am but not strong enough to
punch a hole through leather. I used my poker tool to help me, and then if it’s still
having an issue coming out you can always use your
scissors to just cut it out so that you can have that circular marking for your shoelace to thread through. Now the tool that I’m
using has different options for the sizes of holes that you wanna use, so in the previous step,
I used a medium-sized one, but this time I’m going
to use the smallest one that they have on there, the little itty bitty teeny tiny one, and I’m going to poke holes
that align with the slits from my tassels, basically
this just decorates it and I guess you don’t
have to do this option if you don’t want to, but
I think it makes it look really cute and fun and
festive as you guys can see. Alright you guys, so once
you have finished doing that to all of the different
parts of the pattern, go ahead and line them up by size, the biggest tassels on
bottom, the smallest on top. Align those holes that you
punched in the two corners so that way you can
thread your laces through, and voila! That is the DIY for you. (upbeat music) Now for my favorite part, I get to show you guys how I styled them. So to start, I have my
brand new DIYed Converse that I’m wearing, along
with these adorable dark wash ripped jeans that I paired with a gray and white checked
top that I tied together and then to top it all
off with a pop of color, I have a green bomber on
top because you guys know how much I love a pop of color, obviously, because I have pink hair
and I just love color so much, and I love this
outfit just ’cause it’s casual, comfy, and it’s so cute. (camera shutter) (upbeat music) This next outfit is my dressy outfit. So this is what I like to call
my schnazzy holiday outfit. So I was looking for some
nicer holiday clothes, and I found this adorable white dress with these super cute sleeves
to pair with my brand new DIYed Chuck Taylors. And then of course you guys
know me, and I have to add my pop of color. So I added it by adding a bright red bag to match my bright red lips, and that is my nicer holiday outfit to pair with my brand
new DIYed Chuck Taylors. – Thank you so much to
Converse for helping make our dreams come true!
– (singing) – It’s finally happened,
and hopefully you guys are inspired by the DIYs that we did with our Chuck Taylors,
and you guys can go get your own and customize
your own Chuck Taylors, and it’ll be so exciting.
– Yes. – Now if you all haven’t
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button right over here, if you wanna see more of our DIY videos, click the box right up here, and that’s all we have for you guys today, so we’ll see you next week. Bye! Muah!
– Bye y’all! Muah! (upbeat music)

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