hey Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this week I have got incredible exercise for you that can improve pretty
much any aspect of your golf swing in a very natural and easy way if you’ve been
trying to improve your take away move in fact you know what let’s just get
cracking with the video because do you know what it improves the
take away move it improves rotation for impart improve transference of weight in the golf swing it improves
your ability to square the club face it pretty much improves everything so before we get into the video though if
you’re new to the channel and this is one of your first videos with me
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you get to see videos like this every single week from me so I can come and
help you improve your game so what is it well I kind of create videos for quite a
while now when I’ve actually used your natural action so what most people don’t
realize is that they have a natural ability to play this game I often show
people film people throwing golf balls and their bodies and the way their
bodies move are just incredible completely different to when they swing
a golf club and I will my job as a golf coach is to bring that out of you as
much as I possibly can and I wanted to develop a throwing action into something
that was actually hitting golf balls a lot more seamlessly so I came up with
this so what I want you to do very simply is this I want you here to start
hit some golf balls one-handed bare with me okay
it can notice that most people in starts just start thinking you know there’s no
way I could do this but I’m gonna show you some videos of ladies doing this
senior golfers doing this everybody doing this and it is amazing how they do
it they swing so much better and they strike it so much better it’s just
incredible right but I’m gonna show you just one thing so we’ll get yourself set
here in position and all we’re gonna do we start to practice swinging and
hitting the golf ball 100 why would I do this why would I even create it well one
here’s the thing it naturally helps your body move better why is that well I’ve
taken your strength away see the thing is when you see a child playing golf
they just seem to learn right they seem to learn and they always
seem to have great good-looking golfing’s very quick early on but they
don’t start like that when these first start I’ve got three kids they’ve got
twin boys at four and 8:06 and the swings are looking great already and I
haven’t told them a thing right now what’s happening let me start off and
they’re heading it along the ground all over the place with awful swings the
thing is is they the number one objective is to hit the ball as far as
they can at all they’re interested in right now as they’re doing this their
bodies are working out naturally how to do this then naturally working out the
answer now the difference between a child and an adult is you have strength
they don’t so here’s your problem you can make a bad swing work just purely
because of strength you can stand like this you can swing like this you can
muscle a golf ball and actually get a result a child can they don’t have your
strength so you can get away with poor mechanics and because you can you
develop Palmer Kennex so I want to under undeveloped and I
want to get you learning like a child again so if I take your strength away
and get your swinging one handed you have what I’m forcing you to swing we
great mechanics naturally now when people start with this do you think they
just hit the ball great straight where no just like a child they’ll hit
terrible shots but the difference now is you will naturally develop good
mechanics so for those of you who maybe struggle with a takeaway move watch this
if I’m if my number one objective is to bring that clubface back to square do
you think it makes any sense for me to do this just feels weird to do that but
you know what when the left hands in there and I’ve got strength I can feel I
can get away with it so get myself set here the take away
move natural ease better here I’m in a much stronger position here and then
what always happens with people in this situation here is this if you
traditionally poor ball strikers stay very static through the impact area they
don’t move their legs you do that with one hand and the club here because your
body stops the club’s just going to simply wrap through and hood
the face and hook it miles left for right-handers so let’s have a look at
that enactus if I don’t move my body which I kind of won’t it it’s just gonna
whip straight over at left because I can’t control it but the problem is
there’s an adult and you’ve got the strength well you can guide that ball
now and start to push it down the fairway and get away with it
so here’s what happens because that just feels weird and awkward one-handed you
gotta try this to kind of kind of feel it because it feels weird
watch this suddenly my body works so much better but don’t just take my word
for it have a look at some of these images here of people that have done
from awkward motions to incredible impositions using one hand you so it’s amazing isn’t it the difference
is that this is such an amazing exercise you need patience so the reason what I’m
still going to be in a job because most of people most people are most golfers
they just won’t like hearing bad shots so they won’t have the patience to do
this but if you do you will naturally develop some incredible mechanics it and
you’ll learn the sensation of the golf swing so let’s set a few shots and I’ll
show you how you can break this down and then practice it absolutely dead straight and this here’s
the other thing here’s the feelings I get from this
I’m turning here my body turns I’m keeping naturally by the way this
feels like a more angle in my wrist here because that’s the only way I can keep
the clubface square if I just let this go I’m gonna hood it all the way to the
left do you know what nobody slices with this nobody comes over the top everyone
gets the right secret cuz you know what this just feels strange you just
wouldn’t do it right so how does it work and can it work with things like driver
it can indeed have a look at this you can it work with a shotgun it’s a Stefan weight from Stefan Swiss
this whistling play bunkers areas with 100 pocket ah like that pops it out
beautifully it works with everything it’s just brilliant it will give you so
much feel for the golf swing it is just untrue yes you’re gonna struggle with it
sometimes at the start but I’ve had guys who have literally come up and almost
started hit ripping it straight away let me grab driver for you and show you
how it works your driver so you grab driver people that my god drivers gonna
be like super difficult with this do you know what it’s just the same swing back
swing through and all I’m going to do here is nicest move hand be on the back
back here through to here and what’s fascinating about I actually
hit that one to the right ruining why I got incredible feedback
from that what I did why did I go to the right there I could feel my hips slide
into this position here and head it out to the right do you know what with two
hands I may have recovered that I don’t want
to have a swing that is recovering this the swings like that are inconsistent
this will train you to swing fantastically well once you’ve got the
sensation of stuff like this all you’re going to do then is build up
the practice with this so if you kind of in a sense you can make some swings here
just feel like you’re finishing nice and short first feel that Martian here don’t
be trying to swing all the way through that just gets the arm being very very
active this is all about helping you feel and control this Martian so you get
yourself set feel a lot motion here maybe stopping almost there putting then
the lead hand in and maybe just hitting a few shots now kind of getting that sensation so what
you’re doing with this is the one-handed exercise simply helps you develop a
swing without your manipulation because he just takes you strength away so be a
child again get that one handed out start to hit
some golf balls one-handed gradually build it up let’s summarize briefly what
is it nothing complicated you’re simply playing golf 100 it works for every shot
you can chip with this you can putt with this you can play bunkers with this you
can do everything with this once you got to feel this when you swing back you can
actually feel well where would I put my take away fit was one-handed well I put
it there I wouldn’t put run here then you could put this hand on and go wow
that is a very different position where am i swinging through to work on the
halfway position here well that’s very different because normally I’m here or
here so straightaway all these feelings become different let the one-handed
swing be your coach it’s so so important I hope you enjoyed the training if you
did and do you know what please recommend this to as many people as you
can it’s such a simple way of getting people to play really really good golf
I haven’t released it today I kind of kept it to myself but I just want to
share this with the world this is so it works so so well it really really does
so if you use the channel low press up subscribe button so I can send more
videos like this every single week but until next week have a great golfing

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Dennis Veasley


  1. This REALLY HELPED me! after perfecting this, how do I put speed and distance into it without slicing the golf ball?

  2. Best video yet…I started with no golf ball..my 7 iron and driver…doing the half swings first and then elongated them out…I then hit several shots with the 7 and driver and was amazed by the difference. This drill is now part of my pre round roytine.

  3. Danny, doesn't this encourage a firm right hand grip? I have always felt that my left hand needed to be the one in control and the right along for the ride. I understand the advantages of the one handed approach but why not the left? Regardless, I'm definitely going to head to the range and give it a shot. Thank you for the work.

  4. Imagine paying this guy for a golf lesson, he would be spending 55 minutes YAKING to show you a technique that would only take 5 minutes!!!

  5. Interesting. Swinging one handed feels good and very natural. Tried the right hand only and then reaching back with left hand at different points in the swing to see how it compares to normal. The issue I picked up on is that where I end up in the backswing using one hand is a hell of a stretch using two and probably impractical. Any thoughts on that?

  6. Nick Faldo almost if not always had a 'early wrist set'. It might look strange but when you get to the top that's exactly where you end up anyway.

  7. Danny I'm going to try this in my backyard with the net. If I go to the range and do it I'll look like a hack! 🤣

  8. This drill might be very good for many golfers, but not for me. In my swing, the right arm is – or well – seems to be very passive. A thing i never had in mind so far. After practicing this drill for about an hour I got some real problems hitting normal two-handed shots. My right arm and hand suddenly felt dominant and the shots were pure desaster. it costs me about half an hour to get my swing back. But no complaints here. If you don't try it you'll never know.

  9. Can’t wait to try this drill! I grew up playing tennis and just recently took up golf, so this will definitely help my transition into this sport!

  10. Danny, thank you for the video, as a very high handicap golfer, I can appreciate the effort behind helping people like my self to find a way to swing easier.

  11. Like the idea of this and gave it a try today. Awful shots but felt an improvement to swing path when I went back to two hands. It seems like it would be a good thing to use on practice swings , rather than two hands. Would that make sense? But….you know you said nobody slices with this? Well I do, and I don't slice the ball normally. Work that one out!

  12. Thanks for this one Danny. Gave it a try this morning but came up against a slight problem….. Although I play as a right handed golfer, I'm left handed and found it to be extremely difficult hitting the ball using my just my right hand. But I will persevere! Am sure it'll help strengthen my right arm and improve my lack of upper body movement.

  13. I just want to say thank you, practicing your drills at the range have helped me take 10 shots off my game and I broke 90 against my dad for the first time ever this past weekend! Amazing content and keep up the great work!

  14. Daniel, I watch most, if not all of your videos, so I took this one to the range yesterday and let me tell you that is a game changer. My HDC is currently at 10.8 but I'm so inconsistent that I can break 80 one day and then struggle to shoot under 100 the next . I started this drill with an 8 iron (no warm up) and was able to hit the ball one handedly after 2-3 tries, then it was pure magic. I then started hitting 5 balls one-handedly followed by one ball two-handed. I found the 5/1 ratio balanced enough for me. I went back to the Pitching wedge and moved all the way down to the 5 iron. Repeated this set like 3 times. Not one shank. I struggled with the driver (losing many shots to the right) but I'll get it eventually. Thank you again. Greetings from Miami.

  15. Yes, this drill really works! I have been doing it for about 3 weeks and was happy to find this video that confirms my own idea why I started practicing this way. So, give it a go, within one week you'll see great improvement in ball-striking, speed and tempo. Thanks Danny!

  16. That's insane but I used to play golf with a guy many years ago who only chipped one handed because of the feel and feedback from the shot. Perhaps there was method in his madness.

  17. Oh no youve revealed a big secret here! when I was a 14hcp I couldnt hit a right hand only 7 iron,Stupidly I could hit a left hand only 7 iron and Im right handed! Now 5yrs later, Im down to 5hcp @ 60 partly due to being able to hit right hand only 7irons.

  18. This was a great first video to be introduced to your channel by! I'm eager to try this out, as it just makes so much sense! Wonder why I never heard of this before? I'm interested to see what else you have to offer, so I subscribed! Thanks!

  19. Absolutely the most stupid, audacious. idiotic, crazy, insane lesson anybody has ever posted. AND THE BEST EVER. DAYUM!

  20. I have coached travel minor hockey in Canada at AAA and other levels and this guy is an amazing teacher. Love the fact he picks up on small things like understanding how a child learns and how that translates to helps other age groups. Danny keep up the excellent work teaching the rest of us

  21. I tried this on the range today. Definitely not easy but shots with both hands on the club afterwards were a-maaazing! 😆

  22. Tried the 1 armed swing today as part of my pre-swing routine. Didnt even hit balls. My tempo was completely different and my swing came from the inside. Goodbye weak slice, hello bomb draw! Fantastic!

  23. Alright dude, what do I owe you? My first born? I saw this video, then the catapult swing video back to back, and holy crap dude, I went from slicing regularly to proper draws with my driver, why don’t more people talk about the catapult thing? I had to club down on all of my second shots after driver today, you got a sub from me!! Thank you!!

  24. I have a habit of getting the club a bit inside on the way back and then first movement of the downswing is the right shoulder and hands moving out towards ball. I dont really throw the club over the top but I am steep. Could this drill help with those faults?

  25. Danny I love seeing your videos, but what I would love to see even more is a youtube golf coach make videos of giving actual lessons to actual people. So why don't you break the mould and be the pioneer 👌

  26. I've seen other trainers use the one handed swing…is there a reason you would do it with the trail hand opposed to the left/dominant hand?

  27. Hi Danny. Ralph G. again. Another amazing drill. Not sure which one is better, the helicopter drill or this one. Both are amazing. Tried hitting one handed with the left hand too, alternating between the right and the left. That seemed to help also. What do you think of that? Thanks. Ralph G.

  28. Typically this notification was shown in my feed after I’ve been to the range! Means I’ll have to get back and give this a go!

  29. Are you actively holding the angle in your right arm and wrist or is it the extra body rotation meaning the overtaking isn’t happening as quickly or is it a case of activating the body more whilst not chucking the club?

    Or something else? 😄 perhaps I should let you answer and not ask a leading question 😄

  30. Yet another great video!!! It slowed down my swing concentrating on being being at the right place at the right time.

  31. I've done this, it does help you feel the right sensation….until you put the left hand back on. Then, because just about everyone either overlaps or interlocks, the grip feels different…so you lose most of the feeling……And yet very few use a baseball grip in the golf swing………But it is a good warm up drill.

  32. After a couple drills doing this, one of my career best ball striking days. This forces me to do and feel the body movement my teacher pushes but just just hasn't felt intuitively right to me. Putting for birdies is fun: who knew?! First of your videos I've tried, but subscribed and checking out more. Huge thanks.

  33. Mr. Maude, I watched this video and gave it a try. Though I play golf right handed, I'm naturally a lefty. This drill didn't quite work out well for me. Any suggestions? Push fade/slice or over draw are my misses/nemesis

  34. Thank you Danny from South Africa 🇿🇦 I’m a high handicapped woman player, I will practice this shot at the range 👍🏻

  35. This is weird! I am actually hitting better and more accurate shots one handed than with two. Especially chips lobs and bunkers. Ball is coming out of the centre of the club ( normally out the toe two handed) nice flight and honestly not too much difference in distance when compared to an average two handed shot and a lot less effort invested. My thoughts are that it’s the natural ability of the human brain to hit a target with a weapon, bit like throwing a spear, or a club etc. Very thought provoking.

  36. Those one handed swings look fantastic! Cant wait to train this! Thank you for sharing and not keeping it to yourself.

  37. I will definitely have to try this. I'm wondering how much of this I'm going to have to do before the feel will start to translate to regular swings.

  38. Just subbed. You have an awesome channel! The drill you showed your dad had me realize that I was moving the clubhead in and my hands out. Obviously the opposite. Thanks bro!

  39. Just got back from my trainer yesterday. He showed me the same swing is what I needed. However, it was with both hands which is a little more difficult to master for me. Your one hand drill will help me develop the feel I am looking for thus making it much simpler to master. Thanks. By the way, I love the videos. You have helped me (high handicapper) to knock many strokes off my game and helped me eventually break the 90 barrier for the first time in my life.

  40. Gray video. Thank you. I tried this for a few days and had great feels with the drill. However every time I add my left hand I go back to my prior steel swing. Is it s matter of spending more time with developing this drill or do you have another video on how to add in the left hand? Thanks!

  41. I've never seen a video like this and it made so much sense… it literally gets your tempo right and once you get the hang of it and then add your other hand… the shots are very consistent. Thanks and great video!

  42. Thanks for this drill. I always add a bit of a right hand flip as I'm getting to impact. I'm guessing this drill will go a long way towards eliminating that.


  44. It Works !!! After hitting balls with right hand only during a few minutes, my swing has a better rythm. Just try to keep the same feeling with two hands, don't try to shoot the ball hard. The contact is well better and you gain distance. Good Tip. Thanks Danny.



  46. Hi Danny!

    Is the one-handed drill which focuses on natural body movements like throwing a ball consistent with using the lower body to turn a screw in order to maximize speed through the ball? How do these differing concepts work together? Or do they?

  47. I’ve watched hundreds of golf videos, some are helpful, many are just rubbish. However, I can honestly say that after watching this video and practicing the drill on the driving range that this is probably the best, most useful drill I have seen and used. It works! Try it!
    Well done Danny. I’d give you a hug but it would destroy my street cred.🤗

  48. I found this brilliant, but have a question.. I am left handed but are playing right handed golf. It did feel strange to lead with my right hand, so I tried doing it with my left hand. This felt much more natural, but is the drill working doing it this way? Many thanks for all your instructional videos. Danny, you are my house god of golf.. 🙂

  49. If there are people out there that love golf and want to get better and they're not watch Danny Maude, they need to be informed. I tell everyone to check him out. Just a few of his videos have got my wife hitting the ball high and long. The only better would be if I could actually take lessons from you Mr. Maude. Simply the best!! Thanks again for another great video!!!

  50. Danny, I golf left ( my whole life) but my right hand / arm is my dominant / strong one. Would this drill work the same on me??
    Great vid as always

  51. Every time I get a golf lesson
    …. My coach gives me a bucket of 100 balls and says ….

    50 left hand onlys ….

    Then 50 right hand onlys…

    Then I stripe it and go home.

  52. My coach gave me this drill almost 30 years ago when I was a kid, I used it on and off throughout my amateur and professional careers, and since I retired and started coaching I get some of my students to do the same drill. If done properly, it can be greatly beneficial in a myriad of ways, but it has to be done correctly.

  53. great exercise,i,m going to do it more often,i do it to enable me to engage right shoulder and hip rotating until completion of swing the ball flies dead straight,weight completely on left side..S/J.

  54. Danny, great video! Just one question: your right hand is at the end of the club grip; does it matter if the right hand is positioned down the grip as it would be placed when holding the club in both hands? Keep the videos coming, I really am learning a lot.

  55. I'm catching up with your videos and just watched this one. I have raised this before but never got an answer. If I use one hand I'm right handed . If I use two I'm left handed. I have always felt a bit conflicted swinging a golf club left handed, but I couldn't swing it at all right handed. Have you ever come across this before? Any thoughts?

  56. Hi Danny, that's a great video thanks so much for sharing. Can I ask, if you're left handed but play with right handed clubs what hand should you use for this exercise?

  57. danny i'm gonna try this although it will be a bit of a challenge because i'm naturally left handed but golf right so i'm not that coordinated with the right side. it makes alot of sense.

  58. I really struggle with a push fade and the shanks. It drives me nuts! After shanking about 20 shots on the range this evening I gave this a try and within 10 shots I was hitting practically every one straight down the line. I ended up hitting about 100 shots like it but for the life of me I couldn't get it to translate to a 2 handed swing. courses
    I think I'm just going to cut my left arm off and play shorter courses. Stupid golf! 😠

  59. Hi Danny, that's a great video thanks so much for sharing. Can I ask, if you're left handed but play with right handed clubs what hand should you use for this exercise?

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