My name is Kevin Woodard I’m the
director of golf at Southern Dunes Golf and Country Club in Haines City Florida
we’re known for our bunkers some are over 200 yards long we’re known for our
elevation changes and we’re known for our large undulating fast greens.
Southern dunes is a public facility but we host about 40,000 rounds a year we’ve
been ranked as high as number six in the state of Florida and we’re consistently
ranked four and a half stars by Golf Digest. We always want to be on the
cutting edge of whatever new technology is out there so when we knew that there
was something new and exciting out we were going to be the first to have the
elite with the lithium-ion battery at our golf course. I would definitely say
that E-Z-GO with the elite fleet has delivered a quality product with the
elite fleet we’ve noticed thirty to forty percent decrease in our energy
bill or traditionally with the older style carts it took six to eight hours
to charge, with lithium-ion battery it takes two and a half to three hours now.
The staff loves it, not having to do battery maintenance every month. On
average when we did battery maintenance it would take six to eight hours for
that to be completed along with checking tire pressure. The savings and payroll you
can do the math. I think the most impressive part I’ve seen is just the
the weight, they are 300 pounds lighter which is less wear and tear on the golf
course which at the end of the day that’s our final product that’s what we
want the best everyday. As a golf professional I would definitely
recommend to any of my peers the elite golf cart, why wouldn’t you with a five
year battery warranty, zero maintenance and just the quality products. Why
would you not go that direction?

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