Hey this is Craig Valency at Fitness
Quest 10 with another tennis tip with my buddy Ida and we’re going to talk
again about how to do a warm-up on the tennis court the best kind of warm ups you can do
prime your nervous system and get your footwork going and get you moving ready
to move the way will on the court so right now one common area of injury
for most people especially for seniors is below the knee calves, ankles, achilles tendons are huge
problems as you age so one thing we want to do is warm up
from below the knee and this is a great way to get it going to slowly and work
our way up we’re going to start to feel the toe rockets we’re going to just put our hands on our
hips and go heel to toe and just work the back so a lot of people just do heel
raises what you want to do here is the toe raise and you get the tibialis
anterior, a fancy name for the muscles in the front of the shins here and now after we’ve done knows we’re
going to that was forward and back motion now we’re going to a rotational
motion since tennis is a rotational sport we want to get that in there were going
to balance on one leg balance is a great way to prime your nervous system and
we’re going to do circles we’re going to tap to the side tap to the side tap to
the side notice the force going through my ankle
this rotational preparing everything my knee is slightly bent and she looks
better than me on this one and you’re going to see how we’re going
to get prepared for rotational forces now we want to add a little bit more ballistics to it so what we’re going to
do is just a heel raises, just pound your heels into the ground but keep your
toes good your toes on the ground going a little faster and now we’re
going to bounce that. Pogo hops… bounce and now after we announced he was
separated pop it out pop it up really work in the
calfs and getting the ankles primed nice and then we want to go ahead and take it
forward and move those arms will move those arms today and there you have it
our ankle lower leg warm up hope to see you next time, at another tennis tip

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