This camera system can track fast moving
objects, keeping them in the center of the screen at all times. Currently under development by the
Ishikawa Oku Lab. at the University of Tokyo, this latest version captures
Full HD video and can be used outdoors. This device consists of two mirrors for pan and tilt, and a group of lenses. The Saccade mirrors can be controlled
at high speed, on the order of milliseconds. The mirrors move independently, so
this system doesn’t lose its high-speed response even if it’s connected
to a large, heavy camera. Also, by connecting a projector instead
of a recording device, images can be projected onto a fast-moving object. This could also be used in AR applications, showing interactive content on moving objects.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Dynamic target tracking camera system keeps its eye on the ball #DigInfo”

  1. and if playback was actually at 120+ frames per second this would matter. can you imagine the instant puke impulse if this was paired with Oculus Rift.

  2. The whole reason it has this ability is because it isn't moving a heavy mass, just a couple of mirrors a few degrees. Now if you put a laser on said aimbot, that's a different story.

  3. Just mine really, and not like, appreciate keeping them is closer.
    Anyway, forget about POV pr0n, with this system you can be in the cockpit, quite literally. Prone to give probably motion sickness though. XD

  4. why not just put a pingpong table infrpnt of the camera. that would get your point across better then just standing and waving it.

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  7. すごいな!こういうのを日本初でどんどん開発できれば日本も元気よくなれそう!!!

  8. They've been doing this for a while. This is merely the latest improvement on their good ol' 1000fps tracking camera that's been impressing everyone for years.

  9. the table tennis comment was both racist and extremely funny. i feel so conflicted!
    offence changed to a giggle!

  10. Do not try to follow the ball so quickly, that's impossible. Instead try to realize the truth, the world is moving around the ball.

  11. i don't understand a word he's saying and those words that keep flashing at the bottom of the video is just confusing the matter. ugh

  12. This is also good for scientists studying fast moving animals and insects, not just sports. And combine this to multiview point robot camera. Genius

  13. Как это работает? Камера сможет следить например также за машинами? Но её наверно надо будет настроить на машину…Или это первая модель, и пока работает только с мячиками?

  14. 2:18
    "Something something Naruto"
    Sorry I've never watched the show but it made me curious what Naruto translates to

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