So, we put a tennis ball on the chair because on the wheels is broken. And it can fall back and sometimes smoosh feet and stuff like that. So, Duke here… Duke, what is that? He isn’t very happy we used one of his… [Duke barking] Duke. Tawni: He’s gonna try and eat it. Duke. [Duke barking] I know. Come here. Sit. Come here. Lay down lay down lay down. Relax. Buddy it’s not a toy. It’s not a toy anymore. [Duke barking] Quiet. [Duke grumbles] Quiet. [Duke barking] Come here. Come here. [Duke barking] Come here. I know. I know. Come on. Come here. [Duke barking] Yeah, yeah. Barking… [Duke barking] Stop. Duke, come here. Come here. Come lay down. Come lay down. Relax. Relax. It’s okay.

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Dennis Veasley

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