Hit it. Yup, oh lovely. Shuttle cock and move.
Shuttle cock and move. Great rally guys. Errr excuse me, no spectators onto the court please. Oh how embarrassing. Actually we’re very sorry.
She’s okay. Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at a
SportsAid Workshop in London to meet young athletes. Kate who’s a patron of the charity, joked
with organisers before agreeing to fulfil that time honoured Royal tradition of joining
in. Skinny jeans and suit jackets aren’t exactly
regulation volleyball wear but she seems to be doing okay. SportsAid gives financial support
to up and coming sportsmen and women, so hopefully we’ll see her at the next one.

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Dennis Veasley

26 thoughts on “Duchess of Cambridge plays volleyball: Kate shows off skills at a SportsAid workshop in London”

  1. We're just too damn lazy to demand a referendum on whether or not to abolish monarchy.And apparently the royals generate quite a large income in tourism.Go figure! Oh & no,they don't 'run the country'…well not in the democratic sense.

  2. "Ooooooh,I really LOVE being a Duchess I do.I get to do all kinds of fun stuff…& I get paid shed loads of dosh to do so".

  3. Gentlemen! this was the opportunity to have a blessed look at the butt of duchess. But, nope. Pray for beach volleyball next time! 😀

  4. i'm sick of that chit eating grin, spoiled brat. abolish the whole monarchy. they live in billionaire splendor while most of Great Britain suffers. drive that pig arrogant, wuss, posh Eaton boy Cameron out too.

  5. This is where Kate feels more comfortable….doing sports!  She's a tom boy and far removed from glitz and glamour although that's her life now.  Someone said that she faked her pregnancy because she's on the court so thin so quickly.  Not true she jumped into shape asap because she's a public figure now, she has no choice.  Go Kate.  – lucky biotch  😀

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