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Dennis Veasley

11 thoughts on “Driving Range Tips You Can’t Practice Without | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor”

  1. Recently took up golf and spent a month at the range, thought I got pretty good but when I actually played around a course I was terrible.

  2. When i hit multiple shots at the same pin , i am not so much trying to see if i can make the shot , i am looking for a good swing . I might hit 5 chips and the first 4 chips i take  just do not feel right but the 5th. swing is the swing that i am looking for . I could do the same thing using one ball but it might take me a lot longer to find the swing i am looking for . The same is true for driving practice or putting practice . I am learning something and i am learning it faster . If you have your swing down to where it is automatic and repeatable , maybe 1 ball works better . 

  3. Great explanation using relevant theory. Some suggestion blocked may be more useful for early learners. Also distributed rather than massed could be mentioned.

  4. I'm just starting out so this is one of those dumb questions.  It's a driving range?  But is that a driving club?  Can you use an iron on the driving range or will they get upset?

  5. i get super tired by the end of a large bucket since im doing full swings on all my irons/woods/driver, i should start doing random practice since i already fixed my big slice, thanks for the tips.

  6. Not sure I understood, except for part about making driving practice more difficult than actual play. I am a total beginner. I have practiced putting. Only been driving once and hit just to see if I could connect. So far so good. I have no idea what is involved in an actual game. I know players “tee off” but where that is in relationship to the green I haven’t a clue. So far I own a scratch bag, three balls, a putter, and a 6 iron. I figure that if I can develop my swing with the iron, and actually like it, I may buy another club, probably a 3 wood. Both my brother and my brother-in-law play golf so that is why I am mildly interested in learning. After seeing lots of videos I realize that it is far more challenging than I thought. Where I live, we don’t have such a great golf course, but at least it is close by and the fees are cheap. Glad I found your golf tutor videos.

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