Tournament name? Open 13. How many tournaments in France? Nowadays, there are… six. Monte-Carlo? Well, it’s never easy to know! Which surface type in Marseille? Surface in Marseille : indoor hard. How many points to win? 250. Nowadays. Year of the first Open 13 tournament? Didn’t we celebrate the 30th anniversary? No, it can’t be… Maybe 1990, was it? 93? Hmm, I would have said 90. 2013 was the 20th anniversary. Who are the record holders? There are two. Am I one of them? Well… Jo won twice… I won twice. Did anyone win three times? Who won three times in Marseille? Ah, I don’t know. A Swiss and a Swede? So let’s say Marc Rosset, by elimination. As for the Swede… Enqvist? 2015 winner? No idea. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I was tired. I sent someone in my place. But it still was me. Your prediction for 2016? This year I’m going to try and join Marc and Thomas. Win a third time. But it’s tough. Three.

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Dennis Veasley

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