– Hey guys, this is Nate
with playyourcourt.com. Today we’re going to show you drills to improve your slice serve. All right guys, today is
all about the slice serve. What we’re focused on today is something called
the exaggeration theory and what this talks about, what we’re going to discuss
with the exaggeration theory, is the idea that you have to
vastly exaggerate a target when trying to achieve new technique. The problem is when we set
up when we start to serve we’ve been trained to keep
the ball inside the box, so targeting sometimes gets funky because we’re so risk aversion,
and we don’t want to miss. So sometimes we have to miss really big in order to track back all right. So with this slice serve, as you can tell I’m at the service line, this is where I’m going
to start this progression. This is drill number one,
and what this does is with the service box being
at such a sharp angle for me to aim to that service box, I’m going to be working
automatically very, very sharp as I work through these serves, and it enables me to start
finding a better angle. So from here I’m not nearly as concerned about hitting the ball
erratically into the other court, hitting the side fence, hitting the poor person
playing next to me. I’ve got a very good idea of
where I’m hitting that ball and the angle makes sense, so I’m going to be a whole
lot less risk aversion, and I’m going to be willing to
take that new continental grip and really work through this stroke. So once I feel some success here, I’m going to go ahead and drop back, and this would be closer to
what the 60 foot line would be, and I’m going to really
work on the same thing finding this angle. I start feeling a little
bit more comfortable, it’s time to get back to the baseline, and as I get to the baseline this is especially where the
exaggeration theory comes in, I’m going to intentionally aim
for the green part of the court. I’m not actually going to aim for the box. I’ve got to tell myself it’s okay to go out that wide and
have some success, right, so my target, I can start
working over from the green to the alley until finally I start working on that wide serve, and I start trying to
bring it into the box where I’ll find more success
working through that big angle. Okay guys, so today’s set is
super actionable, super quick but get out there and try it. It’s part of this risk aversion, our inability to miss badly. When we’re learning something, especially just learning
the continental grip, learning the slice serve, we have to miss badly
to really kind of find the perimeters of how this thing works. So start in these progressions, start on the outside of the service line on the outside of the court, work your way back to 60
feet, then the baseline, and then work on outside
of the double’s alley, tracking it back to the double’s alley and then finally inside the court to really find how the slice serve works. If you enjoyed today’s video,
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  2. Yo Nate, Just a quick question. With having played with both the blade and strike what do you prefer and why? Which one do you think suits your game more and why? And what are the main differences in each of them? I have the blade but was looking to buy the strike when I bought the blade but unfortunately they didn't have the right size for me! I Like playing with the Blade since it offers a lot of feel and spin/control but what would be your opinion! Love to hear! Thanks

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