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Dennis Veasley

88 thoughts on “Dream Match Tennis VR – Announce Trailer | PS VR”

  1. There is so little to do in the game that he had to spread out one sentence through the whole trailer. Play – real tennis – at home

  2. Wipeout VR needs more advertising! It's not even listed as VR on the US pSN store. It's a top tier VR title and is a system seller!

  3. Many years ago, this was an excellent game, but updates ruined it.
    I was playing it in 2007/8/9 and we all enjoyed it 🙂

  4. It is hard to see the ball on the opposite side of the court and i bet the moves ain't accurate, i would guess it will feel just like the tennis game that was on the Wii

  5. I'm down for some tennis, I only live 2 minutes away from a tennis court…But why go there when you have it at home 😛

    (Here is hoping the gameplay is decent)

  6. I think this is awesome.. Been wanting a VR Tennis game.. Will take this any day over selfie tennis etc on Vive/Rift! Looks like movement also will be decently implemented.. That's the worst part of VR, teleport movement.. If well done.. This Farpoint type movement will be excellent!

  7. Okay no we need actual games instead of one little mini-game stretched out as a full game. If you want to make a tennis game give us multiplayer, different modes like 2v2 and different surfaces and so on.

  8. By the same people who made Rollercoaster Dreams…. i think i'll wait for reviews.
    We need a game like this though !

  9. Release a trailer for the new VR mech combat game Code 51: Mech Arena coming out next week from Chinese developer Smellyriver. It's basically Hawken in VR. It looks awesome and I've been looking forward to playing it for a long time, but it needs more marketing and a community for the multiplayer to thrive.

  10. Playstation help me out pls
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  11. Play station please put sea of thieves in console because a lot a lot of people want to play this game in ps4.

    Like if you want this

  12. alguien puede explicarme como y por que es posible que no existe un juego de tenis en Play4????? no lo entiendo y llevo años esperando un virtual tenis para play.. gracias! ah, que no sea VR claro…

  13. Am I the only one that read it as “Death Match Tennis”? I even thought there was a gun in the thumbnail 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. It doesn't look bad but why not go out and play REAL tennis? I would prefer to play the real thing plus you get a work out.

    VR can be great, if it allows us to do something out of the ordinary. Not the case here.

    This game seems pointless unless it can actually help you with your game.

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  16. I just spent about 3 hours trying to locate an email to contact Bamboosoft regarding this new VR title and I have not had any luck at all. If anyone can point me in the right direction I will be forever grateful.

  17. This probably isn't it but if they could make an actually realistic tennis simulator it would change the way people could train. I don't know how they could get the physics that spot though, they'd have to calculate exactly how long the ball sticks to the strings and how far it rolls before the bounce and have zero latency for it to feel real

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