Madison Keys! It’s been all Madison, all match today. I think I compete my best when I’m intense and focused and also still able to laugh at times. I feel like the tennis world is fairly traditional and a little bit conservative but I think that I came in at such a young age having no understanding of that. I never feel like I have to be stuck in any sort of lines. I think my favorite thing is when I go into press and they ask a question and I say something super sarcastic, but fully deadpan. “Oh, after you lose, how do you think you played today?” Great. And then I have to tell everyone that I’m kidding. I think when people try to say, “Act Lady Like,” or, “There’s more critics when you break a racket, or scream.” It’s frustrating, we’re still athletes. We’re not out there trying to be prim and proper. We want to win, we’re competitive. I just had a bug fly directly into my eyeball. It’s been all Madison today. Well I don’t want to win one Grand Slam I want to win multiple Grand Slams, and I want to be number one in the world. I know I have the talent and the ability, so let me figure out how to put all of that together. Why not? I can definitely do it.

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Dennis Veasley

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