When it’s not working There’s always people who’s saying you don’t know what you are doing When people say you are not going to do it it gets you a little bit more motivation My first name is Caroline family name Garcia, I’m from France. I’m balling Paris, but I grew up in Lyon My dad’s I’ve been coaching me the last five years very good, of course my coach told me a lot of things I don’t want to hear like you’re not focused enough. You’re not giving enough in the practice and I’m like, yeah, but I’m exhausted I’m tired, but is always trying to push me because you know, is this where I’m going to improve? It’s when I’m myself that I’ve been playing the best and I want to be even more me if it makes sense When things are not working. Well, I may just need to talk about something She is not doing better because it’s their father of training here You need to change things. You don’t know what you are doing then blah blah blah But we have to go the way we think it’s best We follow our path we follow our way and we always did

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Dennis Veasley

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