it’s starting I hope you guys are excited because you I’m for a stream probably actually go to the main menu or actually I’ll let the opening plate even though streams gonna get copyrighted anyways but welcome guys hi how’s it going looks like we are lives I do need to tweet this out and not but we’ll be good to go we as excited this is the not Super Bowl because I mean I don’t care about either the teams are playing so I thought hey let’s play a different sport and tennis is called never played Mario Tennis so this should be fun I will go ahead and tweet this out and link it and discord like usual but yeah how’s everybody have how is everybody doing today having a good Sunday nice boring nothing happening Sunday [Music] I actually really like this opening that’s why I want to I really want to show it off something about waluigi and and Wario just to facing a poster just seems to make sense to me Thank You subscribing sparks I’ll appreciate it let me just double or IIIi I really wish waluigi was in more games waters faster than robots he’s he is insane if you’ve seen him and some of his single-player games passing player but he’s like solo games he actually is incredible alright so I think that’s taken care of well go ahead and keep watching this I actually really like this opening it’s amazing you get here I’m talking English just a little bit but not much I think Mario actually says oh I got to this or something like that at some point so uh should be interesting by the way I’m gonna eat a cheese stick as we watch this because I can this is not this is a real good way to train them that’s for sure also a Monster eats cheese stick by not feeling them got the yo sure’s why do you need my need oh oh my god it actually bit much I’ve everything about tennis is that you no matter how good you are you’re never going to be better than a wall I like it I like it mm-hmm I’m not dog in there cute little dog there’s not relevant saying haha oh my god they got the tennis oh that’s Ivan slams tennis ball that’s cheating water listen to Mario Lisson Mario did you say it gazes I got it that’s English whoa we never get to hear me say speak English great rackable attitude you got the whole team coming out not the whole team but the whole cast this is such a good cutscene for what’s just tennis I know it’s not just tennis but come on no matter how much fluff it up $1 just gonna be tennis watch this right into the mouse I don’t know why the balloons would actually react to that but hello oh my god it’s the scene from the most recent Star Wars movie anybody know I mean anyways it’s gonna just plop right onto them isn’t it excellent slow-mo oh they’re dead they’re all dead that’s murder they’re all dead Mario that’s all we got from that that was the opening oh I love it so yeah we’re gonna play some stuff I think we’re let’s start with the tournament probably gonna fail by the way if you can tell by the some no I really wanna play Bowser jr. and do singles it’s for your opponent to win tournament or master the gimmicks of each courts and win to move on wish you guys think is more interesting gimmick master or world open because this is yeah the confirmed cannon for the story of smash brawl gimmick you got one for gimmick to be honest I barely not a place game but it should be interesting okay whatever only one person answered but we’ll just go with that do the fire cup cuz that’s just what it defaults to okay but we are starting off against Yoshii I’m going to destroy the dumb dinosaur and wish he thought oh no I was right inside nevermind let’s do it alrighty what is happening here I like the aesthetic I’m letting a play out cuz I just first time I’ve ever seen this is just gonna keep going until I press something I think it might be actually okay all right let’s herb go okay so I can use the lizard on the rope to uh do stuff always coming after him okay I see the gimmick now get it it’s gimmick master supposed understand the gimmick his first time seeing this harder than Dark Souls don’t you lie to me his special beam cannon I don’t know what’s gonna be Oh his three balls to deal with what I think impressive too early so he didn’t do anything like he just has like a line of lizards yeah have another dumb reptile okay so it slows you down that’s that’s the issue yeah look at him he can’t get over that line you can’t jump over all those lizards kidding oh I have my own lizard now oh no uh-oh you want to anybody don’t have any money no worries I totally understand I appreciate the thought watching me really on my videos helps out more than you might think so that’s what I if you’re always looking at it for something – a way to help me out just watching my videos every time they pop up in your subscription feed actually does help way more than you might think but in general I appreciate the thought yeah I love the DK music Anna back on are you really gonna cheat me like this now I did it too early so I was like a too far away gonna work but hey Crockett he’ll welcome just welcome to the stream a game ploy I better do this it’s really stacked on in my favor I really should be able to do this right here take another one oh my god I’m gonna fail again aren’t I come on do it to it oh I won the game excellent what I really don’t know how to like do any of the controls Oh God oh oh I swapped the the view I swapped of you and I was not ready for that let’s go with this view I I know you can you can hit or you could slice it’s really long now I would have actually liked prepped for the stream by like practicing or like looking for controls but that’s boring I do know how to special tak though all you just came from the gada failed you just came from that nv1 SMG 64 awesome what this game is for Gamecube yes you guys if you didn’t see it uh it was uploaded on the hobros channel we did another ten youtubers versus once we Turner collab but we were all ball Luigi which was interesting well you’re gonna do me like that you’re gonna just try to use a special on me I don’t think so okay awesome do you see that as ooh I’m doing doing flips and stuff we can’t stop this tennis master barely know what’s going on alright okay I did fail that one that’s a whoopsie do you know the law this truly is the Wasserman like I said in my comment haha got him look at him fail like a loser that was just bad reaction time on the on the a ice fault are only as a part I’ve actually played snap I don’t like it it’s not good sorry if you like it you’re a lot like it I just don’t like it I’ve tried streaming it didn’t didn’t go well save game progress yeah sure why not how dare you say it oh ok did he lost it unfortunate oh the water master also lost and my father won cool good to see but after this after this tournament I think we’ll do some we’ll do some special matches I like it I like this place Rico Harbor we have to sleep through it welcome so when the ball hits part of the court it moves got it okay I don’t know I don’t think I could really control that all that well personally what kind of garbage is that well I mean that’s that’s cool she could be proud of what you got man that’s always a good thing I like Mook playing up near the net for no reason huh so so I didn’t well maybe it didn’t work right but my my three shot didn’t actually hit all the buttons but then again maybe they just didn’t work because it that was a play that ended up I don’t know is extremely difficult I don’t know see it’s pretty simple to me it’s just tennis I’ve never actually played tennis for real IRL but I know it’s a pretty simple game actually actually acting on it that’s I mean that’s the hard part you got to be really skilled in many ways are you you’re really gonna try that again it didn’t work last time I am a magician suck it that was a joke it looks really easy I can’t read text I can’t read sarcasm through text okay summer fall I never played mario tennis game are they fun I’d say so it’s like the oh my god you guys seen that gift it’s like it’s like two Me’s playing tennis they go up to the they go to the the net and they’re just spamming back and forth got them it’s done they I will never expect right in their shins I’m primarily playing this because I want to get myself at least a little bit used to the controls and it will do the special matches which are actually pretty interesting because there’s individual like little is individual little mini games she got destroyed let’s do someone mod Wii Sports with Mario Tennis skins you can actually play Mario Tennis with motor controls oh you say it’s not feasible but I think that could be possible actually I don’t know how to go about it myself if I was trying to undertake that project but I the sounds put like I think it could be done oh okay you beat the crap out of her yes I did I truly did yeah how’s you guys day going I know some people are watching this superb owl is a Super Bowl personally I know I don’t care that much a ghost what does that do Oh while you’re on it oh boy what oh that was Oh what okay that works too I was not sure I was going on it elated so much closer to the net than I actually expected well I see the ghost and I get that like I saw like the square I’m on is a light but what does that do for me there’s just a clear at the ghost something do the ghost slow down the ball like I don’t even know that luigi mentioned three on switch that’d be pretty cool you trying to do your uh are you trying to working in dorm room and people are yelling but the super vowel yeah it’s oh dang it I really I keep I keep trying to hit it like I keep not expecting it to go short I guess that’s part of his powers you know power there yeah I’m just gonna play up near the net because it keeps falling short one uses his special so like I think I’m inherently stronger right here football doesn’t even involve foots it falls feet I like it yeah I don’t think I don’t think any of this is actually like official like official rules I never actually played Clara splash or proper any of them Paper Mario games is it good guys I thought or what was which ones which it wasn’t there a sticker star I thought people hated that one I don’t know he says Amin English yeah he says I mean in sunshine Elise he says quite a lot of English oh speaking of you know the characters talking have you guys heard Nintendo of America announced that there will be a Mario movie and they’re working along with illumination studios which are the guys that did a sing house our life of pets and like the minions series which it fits on the bub everyone loves a good pup so I can really say Oh God sounds like absolute trash it could be he really could be don’t to be fair elimination studios while making somewhat trash they do all the movies look good visually it’s still probably trash but yes also there’s the Marquardt on iOS and Android yes that’s true I just don’t care about my record all that much I mean I do care about it but it’s probably gonna it’s either gonna be a Mario run situation which is gonna be garbage or it’s gonna be a Animal Crossing punky camp in which case it’s gonna be just just barely okay doesn’t next thing mean that’s bad or anything but either way just sounds like something I won’t care about all that much oh yeah polka camps like fun I didn’t keep with it for a couple months but I just got bored of it it’s good but it’s not as good as the main series games I think that’s reasonable to say but I mean by design it was supposed to be like keep is sort of sated until the real thing comes out well do you see me glitching over there oh my god he fell on the banana it actually happened I love it yeah I I was able to enjoy it and like I got to level 30 or so or 25 something like that without ever buying anything or paying any money I think people overly estimated the the need for purchasing things I didn’t actually really calm down I almost almost done with a tournament I was gonna say I I never actually did get all the items for the Christmas event I got all except the last one or so which is really sad but oh well I’m just you know what I’m really upset about I I don’t know if I’ve checked the crafting I think it did but there’s no like nerd glasses that are like just simple frame black frame glasses I want to look like a nerd in the game as in real life something that pakka can’t has failed to do oh my god can you please just just come on hey hey dog oh what’s up I’ve got a muster sort huh how you doing welcome to stream I am desperately trying to win against this garbage game oh he he failed he slid but he didn’t work yeah I will say it’s so dumb but I really like the idea of the um I really like the idea of the flower garden I would love to see that come come back for a like a switch and we’re crossing one I wanted to switch animal crossing the first place but to see that in a switch a democratic wouldn’t be great and I think it could actually be really really awesome especially if they flush it out even more like being able to have more plots and a lot of stuff maybe it’s like a town and an amenity that you can have made it’s like a green house and you go in there and like it could be fun what oh come on I was totally I was totally there what I hit I hit a banana peel I’m sad well I didn’t think that would happen I’m hoping the nurse for paka Campos shouldn’t end of how badly we need a switch channel crossing I hope I hope it’s like like hey we want some of our junior developers to get some stuff let’s do this and you know we’ve been having some ideas let’s let them implement that and see how it goes or something like that because I’m pretty sure I don’t like I would have to double check oh god oh god oh god I failed oh god oh we could make a nosy Zelda yeah I mean they’re ready said they’re working on this all day you know what I should do I should make another result a video we all know I haven’t done enough of those the joke is I’ve done almost 30 of them but even still I should do more god I’m CPUs a hacker I know right that’s what I’m saying I didn’t actually say that but that’s not what I’m feeling what what what kind of garbage is this okay I see how it is is this where I fail I really fell the tournament and do so angry come on turtle I’m trying my hardest here okay all right match point yeah I hit it over there and okay so this is this is actually this is actually break point because it was dude so you can’t win on deuce it’s a B no this is my special yeah suck it Cooper I’m better than you I’m just kidding we’re still on this we’re gonna be here for years we’re gonna be here until the next Super Bowl oh my god I am dedicated to winning this right now my late a little bit but not really welcome a stream gotta hit him right in the coupe of face I will say I know what video I’m working on next it’s gonna be another mod video actually hope everybody is looking forward to that I’m gonna put a little more effort in this one last one was a little rushed but it’s gonna be a hat in time mods see it sounds weird not saying glitches but I already covered glitches for that game there’s a fun that’s fun video to make ah there we go to meson okay so actually about the two mouth sonic agreed but also oh my god that was dumb I accidentally left it on screen for another 15 seconds like when I was talking about the wall running part that was all that was actually an editing glitch I think what had happened was I had both brought in the clip I left it on track 5 which is really high up like in the tracklist and actually I think it might have been um off-screen when I did it for some reason III it just got left in and it wasn’t supposed to be there at all like it was a complete accident but someone was like I see two math Sonic is so strong he glitched his way into the videos like yes this is the reasoning correct I’m going with that because any excuse I’ll take it come on oh you loser take this this is the Super Bowl Mushroom Kingdom edition exactly it’s the Eagles versus the Patriots who’s gonna win the birds or the men with guns actually I think I know the answer the birds obviously have you seen them fight oh we’re not done yet it keeps going it’s like real tennis actually okay speaking of tennis because that’s what the stream is anybody hey yeah there you go what’s red and bad free teeth a brick I love that joke uh full disclosure oh my god I failed I stole that joke from from some it’s called awful like jokes calm or something like that I needed I needed a joke that was stone related because I was a golem at the time you guys don’t know that’s a it’s referencing the VR chat video that was also on hobros channel I failed dang it hey spork Silla can you just stop randomly saying you’re gonna subdue people I tell you’re trying to go for a sub4sub thing and that’s not gonna work cuz that’s all fine I don’t endorse that okay can you please stop Thanks you actually really like Mario sports games oh they’re really good I just don’t play them all that often I mean one you sort of need friends to play them to really get the whole enjoyment out of them and uh I don’t so I I think Mario Kart is really the only one of my familiar with Mario Tennis oh oh okay let’s go for it wait I need to go for a slice no I need to go for a may go for something I was trying to get him to go left dang heads oh my god I’m getting destroyed oh my god so destroyed okay oh my god so bad but yeah Mar sluggers also never played excuse me I like to sub to people for funds and make a video for people to sub to them that’s literally sub for sub no stop it just knock it off keep it out of the stream either way like it’s actually really obnoxious okay speaking of tennis cuz that’s what we’re doing here anybody has seen the animated baby steps sounds it’s really dumb name I recognize that but it’s a really really really really good anime about tennis and as you might expect it follows it follows a dude who was awful of tennis but he gets better but he takes baby steps to get better get it uh-huh it’s clever the names clever but yeah now for real I think it’s didn’t get in May the nasty moron what are you what are you some kind of weed you uh-oh we got him on the slide uh I actually I know I like some enemies really good it’s a like a great way to tell a good story some of its trash obviously obviously but yeah baby stuff is pretty good the opening is really good opening music but I I still I can barely remember anything actual like I don’t want to say battles matches there playing tennis oh my god this is so boring and I’m gonna fail again aren’t I okay so this is the tiebreaker I really hope I can nail this because we’ve been here for like thirty minutes it feels like okay the stream isn’t going for about 30 minutes but uh on this point I think we’ve only been here for like five or so minutes wait the main character’s name is kind of sad though is it Killa killed oh okay I see how it is what do you like about Killa Killa and please don’t answer what I think you might oh my god I hate that meme no Baba do you want me to have a TV show they’d be awful I don’t know how to run a TV show I could barely do bi-weekly videos on YouTube oh my god God um suck it can we please win this get it all right we’re good as inside I like the title I get it yeah yeah I guess I could understand that have you have ever seen a green logon I feel like I mean people compare the two a lot I think personally Gurren Lagann is much better than killa kill but it’s great come on get him I wasn’t using his special oh no wait what sergeant frog I’ve never even heard that is real hard no it’s real boring I just want to win I think is right through his legs this is for all the marbles all the bamboozles what look at that just ah right there yes perfect I love it service aces wait so i only won thanks to power shot oh my god he destroyed me ah we unlocked a thing excellent until you save me uh I think I said yes whatever gave me that trophy he just stole it wait why is it why can you fly it’s actually great yeah I’m into it can you beat this game what do you think I just did oh my god oh I don’t want to continue with this oh god no I know I take it back No get me out of here gave me all this hellscape I don’t want to be in here I don’t want to continue uh get me out of here okay oh this is on the Gamecube I already answered that let’s go with special games heck yeah I think this time let’s go for let’s go for Donkey so we have a few options actually you know what actually wait wait wait you know let’s go for this first so we have two options we have arts on the court Patera tennis where you slam the ghosts as they escape from their portraits Tech tech glow orange trance rights to earn points a Chain Chomp challenge or blue bird goober blooper volley I guess rally with him as long as you can okay let’s go with arts in the court use paint balls to finish Meyers picture let’s do it wait is it just me all right I’m probably to feel real hard remember what I said about the I wait oh there we go there we go I’m really bad at this apparently I need some black oh my god no I don’t ask for that give me that’s red here we go I’m garbage this game what was what was that hit I wasn’t I wasn’t handing good I can’t hit to save my life literally the whole of the universe rests on it on on me hitting this like oh my god what’s happening I don’t need him it red I think skewed black and blue I guess yep oh my god I like I like the blue lips if I could just hit the middle of the painting we could actually get some progress done I’m fine even if I miss painting I just want to paint the whole thing everything is red oh my god she just hit higher I’m trying to love but it goes too high make up your mind Mario I mean Bowser jr. my god oh my god hit in the center I hate in the center it actually happened I’m doing the law but it doesn’t want to do the LOB it always does love for the wrong wrong one oh my god is awful [Music] stupid okay it’s it keeps telling me how to do a law but obviously it’s not helping maybe this will do something for me yeah there we go I’ll just have to flip the flip seems to help [Music] oh my god I’m so good at this game how does anybody expected to do this yes he’s a clown and they give me all the garbage colors I don’t want it actually they’re getting plenty of the car gonna need I just need blue and white has anyone ever had the flu I think everyone’s had the flu at some point it’s awful how can i ki could hit all the cars I don’t want right to the spot where I’d I wanted to go is actually ridiculous there we go I like it now I just I literally just need the eyes we’ve been at this for four minutes I don’t know what makes them do a lob and what doesn’t like I press it and sometimes he Prime’s it and sometimes it just hits it’s really annoying you know go for like measures most people this is probably easier with more controls cuz it looks like I can tell what’s going on oh my god also if I gonna do is spam this game down don’t watch it’s really obnoxious and just annoying oh my god oh well I almost got it got it done but I can for life of me hit like halfway up I was hoping for demon eyes literally just any eyes I painted 97% you dirtied liar not tournament sorry well that was not supposed to go Mario maybe you know what it could have been like maybe maybe my all my shots were garbage and I’ll just try this let’s try this and said this could be more fun okay that was a fair what what even holding for Mario just go for it I don’t get how anybody controls the ball in this what even was that my thought is the but if I could oh there we go I’m just gonna hit that ones the actual one hit I apparently hate that blue one yes to buy helps also Naipaul only responds to actual commands if he’s not responding it’s because I removed the command strike each I’ll try to take that glow because why not the feelings only ones actually gonna be competent is probably gonna be the volley one for against blooper it’s my guess all right let’s try this welcome look in the stream guys a little too high okay oh I have to hit the button oh okay oh we’re good okay no I wanna go for a lob I think that’s okay a lot higher than I thought well I got I got some shines I guess how do you even wait for half a second let’s think about this how do you even hit a ball of water with the tennis racket I think that’s literally the exact tops of what would happen no I tried to lob but the lob did not lob as I’d hoped I got three in a row that’s good this is pure luck what how do you feel that one come on peach you’re better than this come on Paige I just want to just one one of these times I want to get 50 points I probably the volley one’s a little girl did manage I just don’t think I understand the game the game’s controls on how to actually like control a ball because controlling the ball is like super key it’s something I do for baby tips again yeah I failed whoo okay it’s great okay well this seems fitting that would go feed the Chain Chomp tennis balls and don’t let it catch you okay yeah hey hey quit no one can read Japanese please do not spam Japanese thanks position shuffle okay-y got it though I mean it’s gonna be interesting so how do we do well how do you even score points in this okay well this one actually has some spamming so that’s something do you all know Spanish no we know English this is english stream sorry I mean I took a couple years of Spanish classes but it doesn’t mean much I’m garbage this I’m trying to watch to see what Bowser’s doing but I don’t understand how is he getting so many points I just feeling really hard I keep keep backs I’m leaving okay shooting piglet and I don’t know how a light works and also dumb and I like it you are heating the bowl are you chomps well I was trying to follow my chomps but like I don’t know yeah quit why are you actively I mean you not speak English just say like say your stuff in English how many people can actually understand you okay okay okay you know what I just blooper clueper it up I think I could do this oh my god did his oh he has awful tennis rackets I just break apart after one hit cool you like other language is cool go watch streams in other languages I don’t know why you got to come in here and how did wait I failed alright let’s try again that was dumb [Music] so are the exes where I can’t hit it okay that’s that’s correct okay well I think I’m starting to understand how to play this alright ok I think I’m starting to get it and the moment I hit it I can control it with the cursor if I understand that right organs fail the – ah it’s dumb so try a different mode okay so try exhibition I haven’t played as a DK yeah I said I would but then it didn’t actually those two doubles the cool so my computer Ally will be obviously Diddy he will be I guess they were gonna have these awful guys wait how to change them the map burden cannot change have you ever heard of a garage mean I know I can barely understand what’s going on in the chat all I could tell is that just a bunch of question nonsense yeah Diddy you tell him what’s what as long as blowing apart that’s what happens when you let a bunch of children loose you know who you are so oh hey I don’t know I guess I have to say this cuz you guys don’t know this but lul XD random doesn’t equal funnier okay you’re just saying random things Oh is the yellow it’s the L attack it’s incredible he really did mess me up this was a having me look like yoga me are oh my god that’s cheating look at the ho cheater right there afk means away from keyboard how old you are miss American Pie cuz uh no man oh you’re 18 okay so I still have five years on you and about ten on everything else he swims crosses the court for one of the special it’s actually pretty cool yeah quit I told you to we’ll quit it because you’re being obnoxious if you’re gonna come in here just begging for attention don’t what it’s not how specials work you can’t hear yourself in the head and act like that does something oh that was bad it’s probably so much fun so much more fun if I was a play against people it’s like we all over again like a tent but actually a constructive conversation and Gager the streamer in a way that’s beneficial to them yeah the person who is costing we to leave their comment because it’s against the rules actual Gamecube oh my god he’s actually swimming golf was right Oh what that’s against tournament rules that’s not regulation at all is that is that a regulation racket I don’t think it is got some build sheets up in the eye why did you keep watching the same thing over over now xD random and I’m so funny that’s what it does I guess sound like it’s so stupid that’s right deleted it cuz I’m a moron yea-ah we do different tournament though let’s go be the wall master Espo’s singles let’s go for a world open oh wait no I have to go actually but what I’m not allowed to go oh okay I do Thunder Cup now oh yes – Thunder cup regulation doesn’t matter the Mario universe that’s true this is the purge no it’s not are against Donkey Kong ooh mmm got him good oh you got me good I catch another golf the stream likely won’t go too much longer thanks Tom bye what that’s a banana that’s not regulation that’s so cheap it’s so cheap got him and I’m right in the donkey chest shouldn’t the Delfino people arrest Bowser jr. no because clearly Bowser jr. isn’t a bad guy Mario is haven’t you seen the movie have you seen the source material oh my god you’re not you’re not that’s not how it works that’s not how many this works I was referring to sunshine you joking game theory isn’t source material what’s good nonsense are you talking it’s not what I’m referring to Fernan sunshine day arrest Mario because they can’t tell the difference no one cares about game theory United solve Rubik’s Cube I actually I don’t know for asking because of what I post on Twitter but I did actually by oh come on kind of garbage is this I didn’t actually buy a Yujin little magic 3×3 and I usually megaminx from speed cubes no I do not know how to do admit Meg mix but it shares a lot of same properties with 3×3 I’m slowly solving that and for the 3×3 um eternal walls to take to solve one without having a look up a tutorial I used to be able do it like just under a minute which isn’t incredible if you look at like the actual world record time it was like eight seconds but I would like to pick it back up again and start practicing which is why I bought them they’re pretty like those are the cheapest kinds I could find on speedcube shutter speed the speed cube shop I think it’s what called one of them was like four bucks that was like ten relatively cheap it’s so incredible to not actually have to use the Rubik’s brand one because the Rubik’s branded ones are the worst by far they’re just very not fun their clunky and gross and I don’t like him Oh God he’s advantage again I barely talked with him on the hobros videos yeah I don’t like to uh I don’t know I don’t like to talk nonsense it was only the talk would have something to say I’m like people here to throw too much shade but like you’d be hidden from – sunlight at the moment to make a sense out of that some people just like talking a lot I don’t like talking all that much it’s obnoxious I think it just sort of the tracks from any fun that could be had if all you do is talk and you don’t listen all right can we please get out of this hellscape oh come on but yeah I’m looking forward to learn more about 2:00 or 3:00 right now it’s just I’m trying to get used to like moving the cube like because before it’s really easy to move the cube if if it takes a very concentrated effort just to like turn one side which is what the Rubik’s rounded cube does but with this one ever like it could just it’s so it’s so smooth it could just like sort of collides come on stop with the cheating how much strange you miss unfortunately most of it I’m gonna call Gator after this tournament if I could even win I’ve been we’ve been stuck like at advantage point forever because I could be advantaged and he gets it stop using the cannon it’s not it’s not fair the candidate is so good my special doesn’t do that oh yes okay so that was one game we still have to win another game to win the match oh my god not good off to a bad start okay okay should have lunch there okay what stop with the service ace he’s cheating he’s a big cheating boy ding-ding player welcome Oh any of you uh into cubing in general oh my god okay so he won that game I have to bring it back this uh this board is not good I don’t like it come on it I think it really sucks cuz he’s such a power player or a powerful you know oh yeah it’s player biggis all of us twelve itself oh god that just sounds like like hell I have a 5×5 that is also actually garbage but I barely use it so it actually it’s stalling good condition come on I feel like buzzer no no no so I feel right now no no no I don’t like it are you serious token tournament no I refuse honestly I don’t get the appeal of that game also I don’t like fighting games in general which is why despite it being beautiful and I actually like the property I refuse to play like I had not very free to play but I’m not gonna ever play well I think I just I I think I’m gonna lose now I refused to play Dragon Ball Fighter Z because I just don’t like fighting games in pokken tournament is I mean it has some maximum aspects of it that could be fun but I just don’t not into it oh my god yeah Smash Bros I mean the same thing really like it could be fun to play but for those part don’t care oh my god he is ruining me the problem is he can do these powers power hits from the center of the court meanwhile I have to run around trying my heart and he’s gonna do the can and he’s gonna knock him back and now he’s in he’s gonna do another hit and then I’m not gonna be able do it I could feel it I feel the rage this is on dolphin yes this is one dolphin it’s so much easier to stream through dolphins I usually just do that smash 5 will likely be a thing eventually over watch that’s not a fighting game I mean that’s a competitive shooter I’m not competitiveness a shooter well I lost like a loser I do play overwatch now fortnight’s not a competitive shooter it’s a battle royale not the same thing Wow look at that free services one return wins and 5 power shot wins oh my god I got ruined actually got destroyed no dang ok let’s go alright you know what let’s do it once I want to see this whole oh you can’t do oh I just hope you could all be the same person well thank you thank you for stopping by yeah and mentos riku appreciate it i hope you’ve been watching the main channel videos those are the good stuffs I mean some of them good others not so much okay you know what let’s go singles we’re gonna fight we’re gonna feel Waluigi it’s gonna be pro so I’m gonna I’m gonna give standard court it’s gonna be a one-set power shot off let’s just it’s just gonna be a mono e mono sort of thing I got the name right nice I I do try what was that what was that me I’m gonna take down I know I know I’m putting my pro but I think with all the power shots I have a chance oh my god they’re mine I mean hey what’s up Lord Rama city sorry Lord rumba white someone called me pad gamer and that hurt me inside I was like it’s right there don’t act like you don’t see it oh my god how is he doing so good sonic forces doesn’t have glitches I’m sure it actually does but like it doesn’t have enough to be known oh my god how do I even react to that do I just stop giving him lobs oh my god can I call you d no how dare you it’s like mini glitches no stop asking like in the middle of a game kind of play I mean obviously he won but all right skate three oh my god I got ruined anyways you know what I think I was so bad oh my god I think we’ll just call it there ah this games pretty okay I think it’s more it would be more a lot more fun if I was actual playing against someone I should’ve been my funke’s hit the line yeah if I had a good referee I’d be winning anyways yeah that’s better for the stream hope you guys didn’t hate it tune in next time I’m really hoping that’s a shot of the clauses watch to come in by Friday because I’m hoping to get that from Gamefly and whenever that comes in I’ll be streaming a bunch of that and I’ll try to set it aside look at my schedule it’s currently the fourth if it can come in if it comes in by Friday the 9th that’ll be a longer stream maybe a few hours long and I want to play the hole through the whole game because I’m really excited for that B yeah if that’s thing it will be otherwise it’ll be something else but just keep an eye on the channel so be sure to subscribe so you know ahead of time what’s gonna be but yeah thanks watching I’m gonna catch you later bye see you guys

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