The president’s namesake took issue with transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon’s win at the 2019 Masters Worlds in Manchester, England  “You can never be woke enough! Sorry to all female athletes who spent their lives mastering their games,” Donald Trump, Jr tweeted alongside a link to a story about McKinnon’s win on Advertisement  McKinnon, 37, a Canada native who teaches philosophy in South Carolina, tweeted on Monday afternoon “They’re flooding my IG with hate speech That usually means that some right wing outlet published something hateful.”  An hour later, she realized the president’s eldest son was leading the campaign against her  “Oh THIS explains the explosion of hate messages I’m getting!!” she wrote alongside a link to Trump Jr ’s tweet.  One of the hate messages directed at McKinnon was from a Twitter user named Paul Cape Cod, who identifies as a conservative and a Patriots and Red Sox fan  “You couldn’t beat the men. So you got fake tits, call yourself a ‘woman’ to compete in women’s cycling You’re a disgrace. Pathetic actually,” that person tweeted.  One of Trump Jr.’s Twitter followers suggested it’s “Time for a Transgender division It’s ridiculous not to.”  A Twitter user calling himself “Brick” tweeted, “THIS — MADNESS— WILL NEVER STOP, UNTIL WE GET ‘ ALL’ THE DEMOCRATS OUT—- PERIOD. !!!!!”  That person, who didn’t elaborate on that theory, claims to be a licensed gun owner in Florida  Former women’s cycling champion Victoria Hood told the BBC that she, too, thinks McKinnon has an unfair advantage over her competition  “The world record has just been beaten today by somebody born male, who now identifies as female, and the gap between them and the next born female competitor was quite a lot,” Hood said “It is a human right to participate in sport. I don’t think it’s a human right to identify into whichever category you choose ”  Tennis great Martina Navratilova wrote in a Sunday Times op-ed in February that she doesn’t support McKinnon, either “A man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting organization is concerned, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse decision and go back to making babies if he so desires,” wrote the nine-time Wimbledon winner “It’s insane and it’s cheating.”  McKinnon, who labeled the lesbian former tennis star “absolutely transphobic,” after that article was published, defended her right to participate in women’s sports Sunday  “I have yet to meet a real champion who has a problem with trans women,” she tweeted “Real champions want stronger competition. If you win because bigotry got your competition banned… you’re a loser ”

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. expresses sympathy for female athletes who lost to a transgender cyclist”

  1. so libs and dems want 'equality' for trans freaks and here ya go! cant have it both ways. they cant be accepted in society but not sports. get over it. YOU started this b.s. now live with it. and chickee poos who want equality in pay, here is proof women cant compete with men …or trans freaks.

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