I’m Ellie Bender from Steamboat Springs,
Colorado. I’m a sophomore this year and my major is psychology. I’m Kris
Kiland from Prince George British Columbia. I’m a junior this year and I’m
a chemistry major. Choosing Doane, like specifically out of all of colleges
like I just had no idea I was going to end up in Nebraska at all out of any
place I coulda went. Like coming from Canada I knew I just want to play
collegiate tennis somewhere. One player from the team actually gave me a phone
call, which was a bit different than any of the other colleges like instead of
just it’s just nice to hear from an actual human instead of just emailing
coaches so that was a pretty nice touch that definitely influenced me into
coming to Doane. I never would have pictured myself in Nebraska. I thought I would stay
in Colorado or anywhere besides here and when I came to check it out my senior
year that summer I ended up loving the campus. The item I chose to bring was my
high school towel it’s just kinda old and gross and stuff but I just chose to
bring it because I always have it with me on court and it’s just kind of just
a nice reminder of all the people that influenced me back home. I could look at
it just be like all right I cando this sort of thing so. And I brought my
tennis racket um I used to figure skate my whole life and until freshman year of
high school I picked up the racket and I decided that I wanted to pursue my dream
of tennis throughout college. Figure skating is so different from tennis I
mean on the court you are graceful and when I decided to pick up the tennis racket
it’s just like you know strong and tough and it’s still that footwork and
quickness with your feet but it’s just a very different rather than
I’m figure skating I’m spinning on the ice and I’m wearing pretty dresses so
now it’s pretty skirts. Our team this year has definitely been a family to all of
us it’s not even like our coach thing okay guys we have to get together here
and do this but we just all pick up like we all want to be together. Yeah one big
one big family we always all cheer each other on it matches and on like any
kind of road trip we always do everything together we all watch each
other’s matches we all go out eat together afterwards it’s just such good
team chemistry so. If anybody’s you know feeling down or having a bad day or a
tough time like maybe in the classroom or personal life anything like that they’re
just not having a good time like everyone’s always there to pick them
back up. I mean I felt very blessed when I received a scholarship to Doane.
Yeah it made me just like okay this is where I’m gonna go. Definitely yeah
there was a huge help it’s just really nice to have any kind of anybody that’s
thinking of donating or giving scholarship money like student athletes
just we appreciate it you you

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