♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (Katie) Today, we’re gonna see
how well you know popular ’80s comedy movies. – Okay, well, I’m gonna fail at this one. – Oh god! I’m just gonna say now, I know nothing. – The ’80s are a long time ago. That was way before I was born. – I might surprise myself, but I’m probably gonna get
everything wrong. – I don’t know if I know
any popular ’80s comedy movies. Maybe I do. I just don’t know
if they were made in the ’80s. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Katie) Do you know this movie? – What the heck is that? – No idea. – It’s really weird. It’s just a guy holding up
a frickin’ tennis racket. – There’s a dog growling at a snake. Yeah, I have no clue what this is. – It says, “Every summer, Chevy Chase
takes his family on a little trip. (dramatically) This year, he went too far!” – It’s called Road Trip
because every single decade there’s a movie called Road Trip
about a family that goes on a road trip and wacky adventures happen. – There’s no way I’m getting this movie. Like, this doesn’t look
remotely even– oh, wait! This is that one–
the family vacation one. Is it? – Is it the, like,
Lampoon Something Vacation? – This is, uh– which vacation is it? National Lampoon Summer Vacation? – (Katie) This is…
– (gasps) Vacation. I kind of feel like I’ve heard of that. – The movie’s great. It’s funny. It’s like classic, you know,
slapstick comedy. – I have never seen this,
and I know if my friends see this they’re gonna be like, “What?
You haven’t seen National Lamp– I mean, Lampoons?”
[Bleep], it’s from the ’80s! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Katie) Do you know
this comedy from 1987? – Shoot! Why does it ring
so many bells? But– ah, okay, I know obviously it’s
some kind of Star Wars parody. – That little guy on the right
looks like Yoda. But I don’t think
Mel Brooks was in Star Wars and I don’t think there’s a flying van
in Star Wars either. – Oh my gosh!
I feel like I know this title. – That is, um, um, um…
Ssssp– Spaceballs? – Spaceballs! I know that one. (laughing) – Spaceballs. – Spaceballs! I have this on DVD
somewhere in my house. – Okay, I know Spaceballs. For some reason
they showed me this at camp when I was, like, ten. It was a fantastic, stupid comedy. – (Katie) Here it is. – Spaceballs. Okay, wait! Yeah, okay,
I’ve heard of this one. – Spaceballs! I’ve heard of it! – (Yiddish accent) Merchandize! There was that one guy who was like,
“(Yiddish accent) Merchandizing!” – Mel Brooks is hilarious. Bill Pullman is just funny. I love him. He’s one of my favorite actors. – Who doesn’t like Star Wars?
Who doesn’t like comedy? Put ’em together, boom!
Genius movie. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Katie) Let’s see
if you recognize this ’80s classic. – Ah, man. No idea. – It’s familiar because I’m pretty sure
this movie is on Netflix and I’ve scrolled over it a few times. – I feel so bad ’cause I grew up
watching Eddie Murphy and I don’t know
the name of the fricking movie. – I’ve watched a lot
of Eddie Murphy movies. They just all kind of run
together after a while. I don’t know– I’m gonna guess the title. King of New York? – I know Eddie Murphy,
but I can’t think of a single thing that he’s done right–
no, no, don’t look at me like that! I know Eddie Murphy! – Oh my gosh! I totally know this
and it’s really, really gonna piss me off because I literally just watched this movie. – I’ve seen this. I know I have. But I forgot the title,
but I know he’s from Africa or somewhere and he’s like the king or something
and he’s really weird, and then he moves to the big city
and he has to fit in or something. – Coming to America. I haven’t seen it. My friends at school hate me
for not seeing it, but I want to. – (Katie) This is the poster for…
– “Coming to America.” Never heard of it. – “Coming to America.” See, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that,
but I know the whole thing. – How could I not guess that? I mean, it’s literally so self-explanatory. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Katie) Do you know this movie? – Uh, it’s… Golf? Oh my god! Why is there
a beaver on the roof? – It looks like we’ve got some businessmen and then we got
some fishermen in the back. – “Some people just don’t belong.” I know that’s true,
but I don’t know what movie this is. – Golfing? So– and there’s a groundhog. Oh, this is Happy Gilmore. Is it? – Is that Bill Murray? So… and there’s a groundhog–
Groundhog’s Day! – I don’t know the name.
It’s about golf and gophers. – I have this movie too!
Wait, is it–? No. Is this Caddyshack? – Is it Caddyshack? – Caddyshack! I’ve seen
this one a lot of times. The poop. The poop. (laughing) – (Katie) This is a poster for…
– Caddyshack! Ah-hah! There was a squirrel in the background. I thought it was a groundhog. – Caddyshack? Like, what–?
What’s a caddy shack? – I love this movie. It’s really funny. – Billy Murray’s in this. Huh. – “Chevy Chase.”
I’ve heard of Chevy Chase, but I only know who Bill Murray is. I’ve just heard Chevy Chase like,
“(dramatically) Chevy Chase.” And that’s about– wasn’t he in Vacation?! I just I read that. Oh my god! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Katie) Here’s your next one.
Do you know it? – Mmmm… No, I don’t know this one. – Oh my god! I don’t know
any of these so far. – For a second, I thought this was
supposed to be a motivational poster ’cause there’s police officers everywhere
and then there’s words. – There’s a dog in the front.
I think it’s holding a beer. I’m not really sure. And then some chick’s showing off her legs. – I’m gonna just guess here Police Academy. – Is this, like, Police Academy? ‘Cause there’s police officers. – That’s The Police Academy. I’ve seen this movie, oh, so many times. – (Katie) This one is…
– “Police Academy.” I’ve never heard of that. – Police Academy!
Okay, heard the title. Don’t know anything about it. – Ah, it’s so amazing.
It’s just got everything. It’s funny. – (Katie) This film was a box office
success despite its mixed reviews. Acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert
gave it zero out of four stars, but it still managed to spawn six sequels. – Damn! Six sequels?! – How? That’s like
The Human Centipede movies. How do those keep getting sequels? – I don’t think you can
go off what critics say. I don’t understand that like,
“Oh, but the critics say that.” Because everyone’s
gonna have a different opinion of what’s funny and what’s not. I think this movie’s hilarious or else I would not have
watched it a thousand times. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Katie) Anything about
this poster look familiar? – Not in the slightest and this one
looks way older than the ’80s. – You have a man tied up. I think they got him whipped pretty good. – “The power behind the throne.” These actors just aren’t clicking. – I was gonna say Charlie’s Angels,
but then I realized that that’s not what
Charlie’s Angels is about. It’s just the same number of women. – Dolly Parton? I know her. – Dolly Parton’s in it and I love her–
’cause Hannah Montana. Um, but I don’t know anybody else. – This is definitely, um, 9 to 5. And I love this movie so much. ♪ Workin’ 9 to 5 ♪ ♪ What a way to make a livin’ ♪ – (Katie) This is the poster for…
– “9 to 5.” Nope, never heard of this one. – Never heard of that one either. Man, I don’t know any of these. I’ve heard the song “9 to 5”.
Is that in the movie? Oh, okay. Yeah, then that’s probably
where I’ve heard of the title. – (Katie) Starring Jane Fonda,
Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton, this movie about three secretaries
that take down their sexist boss was the second-highest grossing film
in the US in 1980, second only to Star Wars:
The Empire Strikes Back. – Damn. Well, that’s pretty good. – Wow, okay, that’s strange though
’cause you always hear about Star Wars but you don’t hear about this. – I like it. It has a strong, you know,
powerful message to it. For that time, especially. – I would totally do
that if my boss was sexist. Just sayin’. Feminism! – Everyone who hasn’t seen
this movie– arrgh! You just have to watch it
’cause it’s so well done. It’s so funny. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Katie) Last but not least,
do you know this one? – Ghostbusters. – Ghostbusters. – That’s Ghostbusters! – Ghostbusters. – Ghostbusters. – Yeah, Ghostbusters! – Everyone knows Ghostbusters. – (humming) Yeah, Ghostbusters! Everyone knows it, man. – Ghostbusters. How do you not know Ghostbusters? – Ghostbusters. I mean, you can’t not know Ghostbusters. – (Katie) Who are you gonna call?
– Ghostbusters! – I’ve never actually seen it,
but obviously the logo gives everything away. – I know the songs. I know what they’d look like. I know what their car looks like. Never seen it though! (laughs) – It’s not like Spaceballs,
where it’s entirely a satire. It’s a serious movie
with big plots and stuff happening, but they have so much comedy
thrown in there. – (Katie) This year,
a Ghostbusters reboot is being made with women in the lead roles,
including Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. – Hell yeah. – (Katie) They even made a point
in the flipping gender roles so that the receptionist
is played by Chris Hemsworth. – Hah. That’s funny. – I saw the trailer for that and every single person
in the comments hated it and I don’t know why. – I don’t think people are hating
on this ’cause they’re all girls. If you’re gonna reboot a franchise,
just do it right. – I don’t like when they make remakes. Like when they remade
that random Point Break, how well did that do? There’s certain things you can’t redo. You just gotta leave it as is. – I’ve seen the trailer
and I’m a little worried because, like, again
a classic is being remade and I don’t really like that. But a lot of the names,
like Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, they are really funny women. We’ll see, but nothing’s gonna ever compare
to the original Ghostbusters. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching this episode
of Do They Know It? on the React channel. – Who are you gonna subscribe to? React channel! – Let us know in the comments
what you think we should test our knowledge on. – That’s a wrap! Bye, guys. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

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