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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “DO NOT punch your volleys, DO THIS Instead – Volley Tennis Lesson”

  1. Djoko who has a not too shabby record as well as many players on the wta tour use full western.But winning on grass is a major issue with this grip.

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  3. Your presentation and definition of a Punch was all wrong. A professional boxer does not mechanically tense up his arm, bring it back “stiff” and then deliver his punch with his arm. That kind of punch is for amateurs, it’s slow and lacks real power. Power and speed comes from the entire body … from the toes, the shoulders to the tip of your fist. Speed and power comes from a very very loosely delivered arm … and more importantly comes from the recoil or “bounce back” of that arm. In martial arts it’s called a reverse punch … Bruce Lee demonstrates it perfectly. Master Martial Artist Byong Yu taught Mohammad Ali this Punch. After delivering the punch, it is pulled back immediately after impact. The same idea is used when volleying. In fact, I use this same concept on all my strokes.

  4. Good demonstration on those slow, dropping balls, but how does one handle a fast approaching-straight-on ball (when you're at the service line in doubles, for example)?

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