(music) Hey guys! ….Hey guys! Hey guys! What´s up? It´s Kamii and welcome back to my channel. So today I have a DIY video planned for you guys. I hope you guys love it! I thought it would be cool to like take some high-end sneakers and show you how to make ´em for less. So I really hope you guys enjoy this video. I was basically surfing on the web one day and I came across these Kate Spade shoes that were $250! When I saw the price I was like ?! Realy?!? $250? Let me make those myself. So I decided to actually go out and find a similar color and style to the shoes that I liked that were Kate Spade, and remake ´em myself! So I hope you guys like this video and let´s go ahead and jump right in. (music intro: can we go thrift shopping?) So this is a very quick and easy DIY project for you guys. The cool thing about this project is some of the items that are needed are just going to be laying around your house. Um, so what you´ll need to get started is a cellphone, some Gem-Tac Glue, sticky notes, um, sneakers, tweezers, and your rhinestones. And everything I´ve linked in the description to let you know where I got it from. So for my very first step I went online and I went to the store that sold the shoe and I took a close-up screenshot and saved it on my phone. So I´m just pulling it up. I´m not getting the placement exact because don´t have the exact same rhinestones. Um, I´m just trying to get it as close as I can. You know, just have fun with it! It doesn´t have to be perfect. Continue to make adjustments until you´re completely happy. (music) Next, you´re going to want to take your cellphone and take a quick snapshot of your rhinestone placement. (music) This just makes it easy so when you like put on your rhinestones you can like, look at it, at the same time. So now I´m just about to use an app that I already had downloaded to my phone called Pic Jointer and the reason I´m going to it is you can flip the image, and save it, to your Camera Roll. This step allows you to see the placement for both the left and the right shoe. Now it´s time to get out the sticky notes, and you can really use whatever scrap paper you have lying around your house because this is just what I´m using to hold the glue. (music) So now it´s time for the fun part. Here´s the thing: So the tweezers really don´t work for the larger rhinestones. They only work on the smaller ones, so I´m just using my fingers and applying pressure to make sure each rhinestone is locked in place. Also, make sure you apply enough glue so each rhinestone is more secure. And the glue shows up white but it dries clear. So Gem-tac Glue is definitely the best way to go. So I definitely recommend playing some music while doing this because although this is the fun process it can also be very tedious. (music) Now I´m all finished with one shoe. Remember the rhinestone reflected image we saved on our phone? We´re just going to use that and repeat the same exact process to the other shoe. (music) And voila! Aren´t these bad boys pretty? And they´ll cost you less than $35 bucks! Totally beats $250! So I have a new shout out and
I want to say Hi to Monika the Diva. Hey girrrl! I hope you guys enjoyed my first DIY video. And um.. Let me know how you think I did by giving this video a thumbs up if you like it and would like to see more DIY videos from me. I actually ended up getting my shoes on clearance They´re from Target and I only paid like $9 for them with tax, and I think the original price for them is only $16.99 so even if they´re not on sale at your Target, or you want to order them online, (which I think online has the regular price for these shoes) you´re still going to spend under $35 to recreate these. And also my gem stones, those are from Etsy, and I´ll make sure I put all the links below and let you guys know where everything´s from in the description. So yes. If you´re new to my channel and you´re not subscribed and you would like to see more from me, please go ahead and hit the subscribe button. Bye! (music)

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