(upbeat pop music) – Hi guys, it’s Brooklyn
and Bailey, and today we’re gonna be showing you
the Color KaBoom Airbrush kit. Now, we’ve partnered with RoseArt to show you guys this product. We loved it, and so
we’re gonna show you guys some DIY crafts you
can make with this kit. – I’m going to be making this sock bin, and I’m gonna show y’all how to do that. – And I’m gonna be showing you guys how to decorate Converse or
any other tennis shoes as well. So, let’s get started. – [Bailey] This kit comes
with ten blank black pages that you can use to decorate,
and then these pop-out selfie shades, which you can
personalize for yourself, these other design black
pop-outs as well, and then they provided three blue stencils
with letters and designs, and then these 10 KaBoom
sticks, which are the markers and the paint you use
to put in the motorized airbrush chamber, which
is over here, right there, and it sprays the paint
for all of your designs, and it also comes with
an instruction sheet to tell you what to do. To begin using the airbrush chamber, go ahead and take one
of the 10 KaBoom sticks and place it into the airbrush nozzle. A trick is, that if you
don’t push it in enough, it won’t spray, and if
you push it in too far, the paint will spray
everywhere, so make sure you get that just right
to begin your DIY craft. Now I’m gonna show you what
I did to make my sock bin. So we went and found these
fun stencils with flowers on them, so I decided to
put two of those flowers on each side of my sock bin. So I went ahead and put
the green KaBoom stick into the airbrush nozzle and
sprayed my flowers green. After I finished airbrushing
my flowers green, I went ahead and added a fun pop of yellow in the center of my flowers. After that, I decided to
take one of the stencils they provided and airbrush
the word socks onto my bin. Just a helpful hint, the
longer the paint dries, the more vibrant the colors will become. After you have finished, you can go back and fill in any spots that you missed with one of the Color KaBoom sticks. And here is the final result
of my awesome socks bin. – [Brooklyn] First step to
decorating the Converse is to take the laces out, because
you don’t want the white laces getting paint on them for any reason, so I’m just gonna take
those all the way out. Now I’m going to take some
painter’s tape and cover the white edges of my black Converse, just to make sure that they
don’t get any paint on them, and I’m gonna put some socks
on the inside of my Converse to make sure the sides, which
I’m going to be painting on, are hard and flat so I can paint easier. Now, taking a floral stencil that I chose, I’m gonna place it where I want it, and using the motorized airbrush nozzle, I’m gonna be putting some of
the green KaBoom stick paint into the leaves of my flower. Once I finish the leaves on
my flower, I’m gonna begin filling in the stem with
green and then switch over to the purple paint and fill
in the petals of my flower. Once my design has dried, I’m gonna take the white KaBoom stick and
begin outlining my petals so that the purple color pops even more. Then, I’m just gonna take
my black KaBoom stick and begin outlining the
green stem and leaves to refine the edges even more. And then, just to add some
more color and dimension to my flower, I’m gonna
put some yellow lines in the middle of my leaves. And when you’re all done
and your design has dried, you can peel off that tape and you can see the nice, pure-white
edges of your Converse. And, last but not least, I’m gonna spray some water-proof spray onto my design to make sure it stays there forever. And there you have my DIY
floral design Converse. – [Bailey] You can find the
Color KaBoom Airbrush kit at Target and Kmart for 34.99
in the toy and craft aisles. – [Brooklyn] It would make
a great Christmas gift, and any kids ages six and up
would be thrilled to have it. – You can decorate shoes, hats, bags, sock bins, whatever you want, you can just let that creativity flow. We have to go because Kamri
and Rylan are actually sitting outside the door
waiting to use this, but we will leave all the
information on this product in the description box below. Don’t forget to give
this video a thumbs up, our goal is 100,000. – Comment below on what you guys would use this kit for to decorate. I decorated Converse, she decorated a box. What are you guys gonna decorate? Leave a comment below. – And we’ll see y’all next week. – [Both] Bye! (upbeat pop music)

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