It’s media day It’s media day
Got number 3 out Zac what you got to say? (music)
What you got to say about media day bush? It’s media day!!! Go baby
Let’s go aye…ahhhh
aye..ahhhhh time of the year, let’s go baby
let’s go bush what you got to say about media day payt? It’s good to get back in this jersey big dog
aye..you already know it’s bag season
ok dalt get right then ok
let them know what’s good ok..
oh ok check him out
Dalton Nixon number thirty three
flex on them flex on them then
that’s the kid dalt just getting ready for media day
I’m in here kind of shaving the chest hair trying to clean up so I don’t
no chest hair shows up in the pictures so trying to clean this up
(music) ayeeee
ughhhh (music)
Alright that was some of the guys getting ready for the media day shoot
getting a little hype session in now were headed to take these photos and do
the byutv broadcasting stuff so stay tuned for these pics
(music) come on nick
Yeah bryce you trying to be on the vlog bro Bro I got to be on that vlog
ayee my guy most viewers west of the mississippi
TJ’s still ugly though aye yoeli what you doing?
let em know what you doing ? got to get right for the pics
ok. on that eli weight
get right for the pics then little bent over
ok ok get right then
ladies and gentleman that’t yoeli childs you know just getting right back here. yep
aye throw it up then nick let’s go!!
let’s go!! love and basketball
ayeee alright now it’t time for the byu broadcasting
what tj? it’s time to get this money
right tj? ayee
(music) tell them how you feel right now..
how I feel right now? This is ughh
pretty serious right now serious moment
this is Luke and we also call him mr.stealyourgirl because he takes everyones girl on the team
feel the jams right now so exactly
luckily I’m a married mad that’s Luke everybody
(music) oh it really is oil
I thought it was water, no it’s baby oil then we sprix water on top
(music) you know they got to take care of us with
the food you know we got to do that
no..no..we don’t do that we don’t do that Alright guys so that’s a wrap for the video
if you’re new to our channel please comment below so we can get to know you guys. Subscribe, please subscribe. Like subscribe share with your friends. That was a day in the life or keeping up with
EB no J with my boys my teammates in the photoshoot in the media day so thanks for watching, catch
you guys later.

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