Hello, everybody. My name is Andres Herrera, and today I’m going to teach
you some football terms, players, and positions. So, let’s start
with the goalkeeper. This is one of the most
important positions in football. Their main objective is
to stand in the team’s goal and try to stop
the other team from scoring. This is the only player who can touch the ball
with his hand. Gianluigi Buffon is a great
example of a famous goalkeeper. Our next position
is the defender. Their role is to prevent
the opposing team from scoring. They do this by blocking shots,
intercepting passes, and tackling other players. Mats Hummels is an example
of a defender. Okay, guys, let’s move
to our next position, the midfielder. This player controls
the central area of the field. He is usually in the middle of his team’s
defenders and forwards, but can also play
wider on the wing. Their main roles are to disrupt
the opposing team’s attack, and create goals
for their own teams. These players must be very fit, because they travel the greatest
distances during a match. James Rodríguez is
a famous Colombian midfielder. And our last position
is the forward. These players are responsible
for scoring goals. They are placed
near the opposing team’s goal, and need to be very skilful and accurate to beat
defenders and score goals. Cristiano Ronaldo is a great
example of this position. And we can’t forget
about the referee. Without the referee,
we can’t have a football match. He makes sure that certain rules
are followed by the players, and he is the final
decision making authority. Sometimes, referees give
yellow cards or red cards. The red card is given when a player must
leave the field, and the yellow card
is given to warn a player. If you liked this video and you want to continue
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