Tennis Equipment In this video you will learn about the equipment you will need to play tennis. The key elements are: essential equipment, the clothing and the extra accessories Essentail equipment To play tennis, you will need a racket These come in different sizes and materials and can vary greatly Rackets are made of three main parts: the head or frame with the strings in the middle, the throat, and the handle The handle is octagonal and often wrapped with an overgrip The sides of the handle are known as bevels and can be used as guides when finding the correct grip At the bottom of the handle there’s a butt cap The other essential item to play is a fluroescent tennis ball Clothing To play tennis, come combinatio of t-shirt and shorts or skirt will suffice You’ll also need some socks and a pair of tennis shoes The extra accessories You could wear a cap to avoid the sun Sweat bands help absorb sweat and prevent the racket from slipping out of the hand You could also put a vibration dampener The ball’s in your court Enjoy your game

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