the thing I like about Disc Golf
is this – what I consider the magic of Disc Golf and that’s when I throw a perfect shot and I can feel
that shot leaving my hand and flying all the way of the target and I know exactly where its going and I know that I had just done it perfectly. That’s a magic moment for me. Most of the drives you see on a disc
golf course are backhand drives. Now, lets go deep in the game and I
show you proper backhand driving technique. There are two main types of grips: The
is the fan grip and the power grip. The fan grip is when you spread all four
fingers along the bottom side of the disc, power grip is tucking
all your four fingers. Fan grip is good for putters, midranges and
control drives. I personally like the power grip for big maximum distance because it
allows me transfer more power into the disc itself. Thumb position on top is very important.
Your thumb is all you have on top to counterbalance all four fingers on
the bottom. Thumb positioning right where the
rim meets the flight plate itself. Thumb too far in cause a loss of rotation Thumb too far on the edge cause the
disc to slip out of your hand. You want a nice firm grip, nothing too tight
will cause you grip lock your shot. Nothing too loose with a disc could just fall out your hand. And now for the arm swing. Your are pulling back with
a one straight line – pulling the disc across your chest nice
and flat, driving the elbow and extending to very final
release point. You wanna keep in straight line
A to B. You have three hinges – You have a shoulder, your elbow and
your wrist. You get a lot of power out of
your shoulder, A lot of power out of your elbow as you
drive in it, and not a lot of power out of your wrist. You
want to lock your wrist for the most part very little movement and motion. Too much motion in the wrist will cause a loss of accuracy. Also by point
across your chest you´re able to utilize your major muscle groups. Your traps, your deltoids and your triceps. those will help to drive the disc and pull it through. It all about simple physics – keep the disc nice of flat, a nice flat pull line and a nice extension through on the nice straight line. You don´t wanna curl the Disc
too much or over rotate. this will cause a loss of accuracy
As well. Head turn – when I’m reaching back, I don’t turn my
head more than ninety degrees to get full extension. Turning too far – you lose accuracy and its usually designated throwing
maximum distance. So when shifting the weight
from back to front I´m really trying to get good extension
in my arm locking my hips and loading them and then bringing all the momentum and power accross
keeping the disc flat – and to the release. Its all about reaching back in one
straight line and generate all the power as you pull through to the chest drive the elbow use your legs hips and drive the disc. like I said: its entire body throw
not just your arm. The run up is all about putting your body in to
optimum position to throw the disc. I personally use the four-step run up. When I´m lining up on a tee pad, I line
up facing the target taking a small step with my left leg a medium step my right actually gets hips to rotate and load
toward the back as I crossover behind on my left foot again totally load my hips backwards as a turn my
torso backwards. It’s very critical as you make your last step forward you plant foot lands at ninety degrees facing forward. It will help you utilize your
power from your legs and your hips coming forward. Now let´s bring it altogether. Using your legs and your torso
to drive the disc I´m actually shifting my weight from back to front using my legs and my hips. Reaching back on one straight line pulling through keeping the disc
flat across my chest and driving my elbow. I’m trying to bring my elbow over my lead leg. A split second after it hits the ground I´m trying to drive my elbow forward. Timing is everything: a split second early or split second
late will cause also lost power and control. Now let’s talk about the hit point. the hit point is where you transfer all your
body’s momentum into a release at the end. The hit point is
described as were the disc pivots and rips from your fingers. Its a point of release where you hit your line and release and launch your disc
down the fairway. After releasing the disc you want to
follow through – rotating on your plant foot swinging forward taking a large
left step rotating your hips and your shoulders following a shot. It helps maximize distance – also helps accuracy and control. It also prevents strains on your knees your hips, your shoulder and your elbow. It’s very important
to follow through if you want to play this game for years to come. So there are hundreds of different
drivers out there that´ll have a different flight patterns. You don’t need to learn to throw them all,
you just need to know these three angles to control them. First off you have the nose angle: that’s the front edge of the disc and driving the the front of a disc
is the nose. By controlling this and getting the
nose down you maximize distance in the field. next you have the angle of the release. that refers to matching arm angle and matching the line you’re trying to hit
from a hyzer to a flat to an anhyzer shot. Next is angle of height. That’s if you are throwing up hill – throw from low to high on the release. if you´re thowing downhill from high to low. Learning these three angles will help you throw any disc
out there in the game. So, here’s a tip on throwing
the backhand drive: when you’re taking the final last
step, your plant foot, lining ninety degrees perpendicular body and you transfer your lower leg energy
and momentum and shifting on their front leg. As you’re turning, you´re going to rotate
on your heel. Not much lifting it off the ground but
rotating and spinning on the heel. It´s a cleaner rotation that will produce
a lot more power. typically, you´ll see other players if the
rotate they rotate on the baller foot losing a lot of power and control. so it’s planting rotating and spinning. as you follow through on your shot. That´s your pro tip take it or leave it. Three key points to the backhand drive: 1. Controlling the angle of the disc have your arm swing angle match the angle
of the disc. Visualize the line. 2. Body alignment. the main objective of the run-up is to put your body in optimum position
to deliver the disc. 3. Timing: Timing is everything. A split second early or a split second late will result
reduce the distance and control.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 2 – Backhand (Instructional Disc Golf video)”

  1. what i love about disc golf, as a "ball" golfer is that the rotation is quite similar, but on the opposite side of the body.

  2. I'd just like to say HD makes it that much better. I'd also like to point out that it was funny as hell seeing the grass gnats buzzing Avery.

  3. Really thin on content. I also noticed that before he mentioned heel pivoting, Avery clearly pivoted on his toe. Also, nose down vs. up was mentioned, but not talked about. Most newer players lose distance due to nose up throwing, which results in big climbing hyzers. Throw some technical stuff in there guys! How much wrist snap does Avery use? Show us how he moves his hips to avoid rounding, how keeping your head down (which he doesn't do well) can improve distance just like in ball golf.

  4. How about what the non-throwing arm should be doing, back angle, etc. There are plenty of beginner resources out there, I was really hoping this series was going to be "deep".

  5. You get more power from heel pivots but I'm not entirely sure you get the most accuracy from it. In this video I wouldn't really say he was putting much power behind his shot, it was much more an upper body shot than a full body shot. You can tweak reach back, arm speed, grip, and footwork all to increase or decrease both power and accuracy.

  6. Nope, not Cradams. And it's his explanation in the pro tip that was confusing. He mentions power and accuracy, so it makes you wonder why anyone would ever do a toe pivot, power and/or accuracy are generally good things. I'm just saying that it's contradictory with no backup. I'm not saying he's wrong, I would just like to know when and why he uses each different pivot method…and why.

  7. its actually kind of decieving, u can see it in a close up of his feet at round 4:15, he is shifting his weight so he actually comes up on the outside of his plant foot, and he actually releases the disc a split sec before pivoting thru Many euro players drive thru stuck on their plant foot and pivot thru after release(jesper lundmark) big american arms rotate on the heel as they are coming thru to release, will schusterick(sorry if spelled wrong) couldnt be a better example, watch him in slo mo

  8. ran out of characters…throwing the "euro" way=doesnt matter if you pivot thru on the ball because u are able to throw your weight and hips in a straight line with the throw If u rotate thru on the ball up to your release your left hip starts rotating outward from the back pulling the disc offline=hard to be powerful and accurate. with heel=able to maintain line and keep weight shift and hips in straight line to shot. watch "dgm 95" dave feldberg shows and explains exactly what im talking about

  9. these really aren't so "DEEP" in the game, are they? just the basic info that can pulled from tons of other videos on line, seeing the previews before all this came out, i was getting really excited. im a little let down, was expecting so much more 🙁

  10. djfinesse1: Sorry that you are disappointed. We admit that the name Deep in the Game as a name promises a lot. Our goal with this project was to offer deeper insight to people who has found the sport and they do not know much about techniques. Our target group for these videos are players with 0-3 years experience. That´s the mass off players. For more advanced players, we have episodes Mental Game and Monster Distance. These are areas that are not reviewed too often.

  11. Our target group is players with 0-3 years of play. Content may be thin, if you expected to hear / see something for pro Disc Golfers. Our mission is to spread the information of Disc Golf and that has to start with the basics. Some of these tips and techniques are deep in the game for most of the players out there. And how you pivot, depends how much power you want to put on your throw. Finesse throws should be pivoted on ball.

  12. This is great material, I don't know why so many people are being overly critical. This could have saved me a lot of wasted time and energy when I started playing disc golf. What a great resource for future generations of disc golfers. Thank you discmania for your hard work!!

  13. A question about release. Do I open my whole hand or just my thumb and let the disc come off of my fingers? The reason I ask is because Avery mentioned something about holding on to the disc too long, grip lock or something. I do something like that occasionally and to be honest they're my longest throws. Sure they're off course but they go hella farther than my average throws.

  14. How do you control the nose angle? When I take the disc back should I just make sure the nose end is lower than the back end on my reach back?

  15. If you really want to get max distance out of your drives, you need to watch THIS video. This is normal players (you) getting their mechanics corrected, with direct results. CHECK IT #discraft. /watch?v=G-5uHMoYJ6Q

  16. cool, well i will definately look forward to those, monster distance should be interesting, since it really all comes from more mechanical correctness than raw power and strength.

  17. keeping the head down doest matter, but keeping it still in whatever position you happen to have it helps, and also letting your left shoulder (assuming RHBH) push your head through your shot on follow through, the equivilent of keeping head down in golf.

  18. when throwing for power you dont actually open your hand at all. the force and acceleration of your body and arm causes the disc to "RIP" out of your hands, giving it spin. if your opening your hand your losing tons of spin and power. i think what you mean by holding on to long to what avery was talking about was holding to hard making it more difficult for the disc to rip out. it all about goldie lox, not too soft, not too hard, but just right=firm. far and inaccurate loses to control any day

  19. being a forehand player for a while i seen this video really help and actually matched my distance maybe even more

  20. So far the series of videos has helped a lot. I've been playing for about 8 years now, and I have been a forehand player from day 1. I forehand right and putt/midrange with my left, therefore both having same flight patterns and thats why I never really learned to throw backhand for drives. But after watching this video, I am going to at least go out and attempt what was mentioned in this video. Putting video was also helpful. Sometimes it's good to just go over the fundamentals.

  21. Could use some more time on Grip, cant quite get a clear picture of how the disk is held, its mentioned but goes by fast. How about some still shots, top down, bottom up, pov,

  22. Great video! I've been playing for about 8-9 years now and love the sport. My skill level varies a lot depending on the day. Most days I can be competitive at the advanced level. Some days I can beat pro's and some days I would be lucky to place in the amateur bracket. These are great tips and have already made me more consistent in my game. Thanks

  23. I'm readin' some hate in the top comments… I've been throwing for about a year now and this is a great video for me. Awesome form to emulate, and in my opinion, a lot of "in depth" that I can use.

  24. I really appreciate someone putting out a high quality product. The camera and editing work done on this video is excellent. I view a lot of DG videos. This is among the superior quality works. Love the high speed shots showing the flight path. so many times videos loose the disc.

  25. Some of the issues you're confused about were addressed:

    On wrist snap: Avery mentioned the Shoulder and upper arm being primary muscles used and the wrist being secondary.

    On avoiding rounding: Avery mentioned trying to pull your arm through on a straight line, and to try to pull the disc over your lead leg on the plant. Try the lead leg visualization!

    Also, I think many would disagree with your comments about keeping head down equating to distance…

  26. Excellent video, very professionnaly done, with a lot of stuff that can be found elsewhere, it's true, but also genuine tips from Avery himself! The subtitling in particular makes this precious for all DG players who do not master English (those from the outside world).
    Keep up the good work (and issuing good plastic!) and don't bother too much about picky whiners. There is a lot of advanced stuff availabe out there for English-speaking guys, all they have to do is learn how to read.

  27. Just wanted to say thank you for the video! I have been playing disc golf recreationally for years, but have had no actual technical instruction. I'd hit a plateau in my game- but after watching this I had some major breakthroughs with my backhand. This video was perfect for what I needed to learn- it was clear, simple, well shot, and showed me the basics without overwhelming me with too much at once. Thank you, I look forward to truly representing the ladies with my newfound technique 🙂

  28. I think these videos hit the sweet spot! Not too long, not too much word salad. They wisely focus on the key components of the shot and give you some useful phrases to take on the course with you. That is not in and of itself unique, but this series adds great video production and camera work. If you are already a pro, you may not get all the detail you want, but what do you really think you are going to get from an 8 minute video?

  29. Excellent — I've been playing for 5 years and this is a nice refresher. I know the big D video is coming as well.

    For the next round — perhaps addressing some common pitfalls and misconceptions — make it a progression.

    This is easily the best backhand instruction I've seen so far. There's some good videos out there, too.

  30. I switch about a month ago using what I saw in this video and have seen some great improvement. Before I used a 4 x step drive and averaged ~65 yds. Now, I using just a one step drive, using roughly 70% of the effort as before, and averaging ~85 yds. Still getting used to the form and timing. Every once in awhile I'll get that oh so sweet throw that will go 110 yds in a straight line while not going over 6 feet high. Can't wait to incorporate a 4 step again when I'm more consistent. Thanks

  31. I really enjoyed the video, as a player still in the early stages of learning, this helps out greatly! I enjoyed the quality of the video, sound and how they slow down the video cleanly and different angles. Discmania keep up the videos rookies need all the help!

  32. I dont know what djfinesse1 is talking about, but I LEARNED proper disc golf throwing techniques from these videos and began playing just this year in March. I played my first tournament this summer and got 3rd in intermediate which most of the guys have been playing for 3 yr + . I can only thank discmania and avery jenkins n crew for letting us watch these FOR FREE!

  33. Great videos Avery! I have watched them multiple times and each time I get something new out of it to help my throws. No complaints here. Maybe an Anheiser shot video?

  34. Anyone used the 'mvp' brand disc much?
    Our local shop JUST started carrying em.I use mostly innova & discraft-am looking for something similar to the Discraft-'stalker esp ' & Innova's 'ape' & 'blizzard in the mvp brand just as i noticed i liked the feel of their edges.

  35. I really don't know about the rotating on the heel tip. I've never been able to do it without yanking the disc to the right. I get enough power on the toe anyway.

  36. After years, this is, hands down, the best instructional video I've seen. Gives beginners the mechanics and control! Excellent teacher and superb camera work!

  37. I'm a huge fan of Avery now. These are simply the best instructional videos EVER. Those who disagree are just myopic or simply full of jealousy.

  38. Heel/toe pivot is personal preference. I was always a a super long thrower and always pivoted on the balls of my toes. Much smoother.

  39. these deep in the game series are the best disc golf instructional videos on the net. It would be great to have some more. I have watched all of them several times.

  40. I started learning disc golf 8-9 months ago and I have learned how to throw a good back hand, but when I first started there wasn't a video this detailed. All you new people will learn the most from this video because he talks about important things like grip, and timing. Watch the video, learn the backhand and then come back and thank this guy!

  41. Hey Avery,

    I believe I am an intermediate disc golfer and throw just over 300'. I recently got two muscle sprain on my lower neck while throwing power shots. Trying to understand if those sprain were caused due to follow through or no warm up problem. Please help me to understand the ways to reduce injuries so that I enjoy disc golf through out my life.

  42. I know this question is off topic, but I haven't really played since I was 14, and now I'm 18 and have gotten much stronger, and I went and played a few weeks ago I went to a course and I kept throwing really far (375+ ft average) but it was about 150 ft from the basket because I'm rusty. I have 4 innova Beast's and other discs the are stable and fly pretty straight, so should I throw more overstable discs and do you know any decent ones because I will be going to a tournament sunday?

  43. Just played disc golf for the first time today. My backhand throws were hurting my elbow and I read up and learned it could develop into tendonitis. I really wanna enjoy this game without injury. Does anybody have anything I should focus on to avoid elbow injuries for the next time I go out and play? Im 17 years old and I play golf fine without elbow injury. Please let me know how to throw the disc without hurting my elbow. Thanks in advance!

  44. From my experience, you likely just worked a muscle group that's underused. When I first started I thought I jacked my elbow too, but after a few days I noticed it was actually my tricep muscles being sore and the pain went up my arm. Give yourself plenty of time to rest until it stops hurting, then play again, but ease into it. Don't try throwing 350+ ft drives your first time out; start small. You may also want to do exercises that work your tricep to strengthen it.

  45. Thanks for the video. I have a decent forehand (still could use work), but my backhand isn't too great. It would usually end up going too high, and then banking hard. I'm hoping this will help me the next time I play.

  46. Ive started off with stable mid ranges and putters. Some people say to throw them at least 200ft before moving up to a slower driver. My discs will make it to 200 from time to time. But the dont tent to go to straight. I feel like Ive tried so many techniques but same results. Ive tried slowing my arm down but that seems to make it worse.My elbow feels like its going to blow after I throw for a while. This is for forehand cuz that come more naturally. My backhand is so much worse. Need help PLZ

  47. Why Will is teaching to NOT pull through your chest to get maximum power and distance, and youre teaching completly opposite way? Check video called Driving instruction – Will Schusterick. I dont have any clue whats the right way anymore.

  48. My opinion (Avery may disagree). Work to your strength. Will is not as powerful in the chest, but has a springy gray hound like build that spins like a ballerina on steroids. He attains very fast hip rotation, massive arm speed and the fastest release speed on the planet. (I've heard 135 mph). Some of us may attract attention at the beach with pronounced Pecs, but rotate like Frankenstein. Our chest is our strength. For distance ballerina beats Frankenstein, but make the most of what you have.

  49. These videos are really helpful however I do have one issue; the Disc Mania guys have themselves posted in this comments section that these are for the relatively new players however why then does a video that tells you how to throw backhand, only concentrate on the drive?!?!?! I know the pro's generally drive>putt, drive>putt etc etc but new players (like me) also have to throw the shorter, mid-range backhand shots which no-one seems to cater for. Come on give me some useful tips on that too 🙂

  50. Can't really understand the nose down statement.  Nose down for more distance?  They just dive into the ground if I try that.

  51. His last pro tip is to rotate on the heel of your front foot during the follow through, but for all his demo drives before that he rotates on the ball of his foot.

  52. Awesome video. You listed the music as Airhead and Blackstar halo, but what is the song used on the intro? 

  53. THe best piece of advice I learned in this video. The last step of the x-step should land at 90 degrees. Seems like a small pointer, but it has enabled me to use more force from my hips and legs. I've generated around 30-50 feet in my throws from this one tip.

  54. I have not tried the heal pivot yet. In this video early while demostrating the 4 step drive he clearly piviots on the ball of his foot yet preached pivitong on the heal later. However I do love his videos I find them informative amd  professional. I am goping to try this heal technique later today. Thanks for posting…

  55. The pros would shit bricks at the courses around where I live. All these courses I see on youtube are on open fields with maybe 1 or 2 trees in the way. Every course around here has 3 trees minimal right in front of you or super long straight shots between trees.

  56. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover how to increase your golf drive try Pyzork Golf Drive Professor (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  57. 3 years after starting to play I figured out one of my main problems as a RHBH.  Before I made the change I'd average around 285 ft.  Every once in awhile I'd throw 320+ but it was rare if I did and if I threw it where I wanted to.  I first saw the inspiration on Will Schustericks video and had to come back to this one to make sure.  I always would have my disc trail my hand on the pull through.  My hand would always lead.  The change was to have my hand on the outside of the disc.  The disc being sandwiched between my gripping hand and my body.  Right off the bat I'm averaging 50 feet more, consistently.  Since I'm not forcing the throw like I was before I have a lot more control because I'm getting more torque, more spin and more snap.  I just need to work on my timing for when I do throw now and I time it I throw 350+.  It is amazing how a little, tiny change can have such an impact.

  58. I personally find that my underwear make a HUGE difference, if I wear tightly whiteys I throw 250 feet if I wear a thing or gstring about 325 feet and if I go commando my dick swing adds 45 feet more

  59. Avery, man let me tell you. Since I started playing last year, and looking at many videos and everyone in my ear trying to tell me how to throw, within the last month when I saw this video, it changed my game big time. My distance increased so much and really lower my score. Then I watched the others in the series, putting and dealing with pressure and they all have helped my game.

    I am a black guy and I don't see many of us playing at this time 🙂 , but I took only one throw for me to fall in love with this game. I hope more do start to play because it is a great game. Again, great videos from you and Jussi Meresmaa.You have a fan here dude!

  60. Sick video, I learned a ton a few years ago and now I'm pretty damn good compared to how I was. Still learned a ton rewatching lol. 😀

  61. Is the x-step critical when just getting used to even throwing? I typical do a weight shift but ultimately am trying to get comfortable with throwing.

  62. Somewhere I got the idea that both feet should be placed perpendicular to each other and a line drawn through them both should point directly at your path of flight. As I have watched the pros and videos like this I am seeing this is not what anyone does. Also in my own game as I can throw harder I am finding I tend to release what would be late according to what I originally thought.
    SO, what about the feet? I have not seen anyone address this. THOUGHTS?

  63. How far do you consistently throw off the tee? I've been playing 10+ years and until 1 week ago have always "armed" my discs maxing out at about 150 – 175ft. I started getting more interested in proper form and increasing my drive distance but even trying all of the tips I've seen on youtube and using the x step I still can't break that 175ft mark. For the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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