well I started to use my backhand flick already in the young age think I was around seven or eight years old I actually tried to control the boards with a Becket doesn’t matter where the ball went and I got a lot of criticism for that many coaches the time and other player said that this is the old kind of game and you should use a lot more your forehand for the receive and this will not have success in a long term but me and my father who’s my first coach until today always believed in this yeah and it’s very ironic that 15 years after our 20 years after all players aiming to receive with the backing of link to get directly aggressive receive and push the opponent with the receive already in a defensive position and yeah I think the Chinese who was receiving everything at the point about 10-15 years ago even though I using outstanding only the back end right now and basically so I think it was very early on the right direction and water rally that was that was some fantastic table tennis there by both players we’ve had to be in battles Oh Oh Oh people there’s started to improve my back and mostly when the Slovakian national player Michael Baden changed to my former club to enough he’s not so well known but he had a very good back and flip and I learned a lot from him and developed it even in my style but finally this kind of skills are not flying from heaven you have to practice this inside our 10 days long I played hours days of multiple session with my father with Jay on our porch in Dusseldorf about reputation reputation reputation I did that thousands of times and I got the feeling for that for the fast ones and for the ones a bit slower miss placement and all stay because well I mean I was looking several players but most thinking about yes but mostly sinking myself days long how I can create a lot of speed and spin in this flick shot shot and yeah that’s not so easy many players just use the wrist here you have very little space to create a lot of acceleration and spin if you just use serious you really need space let me show you on the table if it’s a normal dolphin you just have space to swing over the table there is not so much space than people just use serious it’s important to come close to the ball and take your swing back the elbow has to be front and then you can play over with the wrist and with other like this you still have space to to get a lot of speed and spin in the front and depends of the service quality if you get down so when you have people under the ball if you cannot spend us to go over the hall this is like a cancel you and there is this is very important to you to create space when you play this shot like this you get spin entity you

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