What’s your name? Diego Schwartzman Could you say that like in more of a James Bond way? Schwartzman… Diego Schwartzman Oh, wow intensity. I like that. Serious. What about fighting or any weapon skills? Hmm… I’m really, you know a quiet guy But I think fighting I’m going to be good because I’m fast If you could play a part, would you play
the hero or the villain? The villain! Oh, okay. The villain in the movie is Goldfinger.
Yeah, he’s quite serious. He’s quite menacing Yeah Do you think you could do like a serious like
stare to camera in a menacing way And action! That was really good There’s one part in the film where he has a bodyguard
and the bodyguard’s name is OddJob and he like throws the hat If I could just find a bodyguard somewhere. We need to find one This big guy here You just happened to be strolling by.
Do you mind just standing in? Oh fabulous. What you do is you say your line to me? Say I see it’s necessary to remind you and then you point
you point to your bodyguard Okay, and then he throws a hat. So you’re trying to
intimidate me with your bodyguard. All right and action! I see it’s necessary to remind you I think it was good. I think it was very good. We don’t need to repeat I’ll talk to my people but I think you got the part.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. Que ? No entendí un choto. Aguante Argentina y el español.Otra cosa el yanqui habla muy mal el español parecen retrasado mentales..en cambio nosotros nos dejas 5 min en el Baño entre cagó y videteo y te cantamos el himno yanqui pordiosero mejor que Michael jackson…toma parala de pecho Cheeto Trump

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