BRANDON MORGAN: Denison Big Red Football moves to 3-0 after taking down the Oberlin Yeomen, 45-17 We caught up with David Weimar Alex Rainer and Head Coach Jack Hatem. JACK HATEM: I’m really excited you know. It was a really hot day. They’re a tough football team. They always great, they’re always great strategically you know so we had to battle in battle to get the win. DAVID WEIMAR: They are a good football team feels great anytime we get a win. It’s really a good feeling, it was a hot one out here today, but like I said, any time we come out on top. It’s awesome. ALEX RAYNOR: We have a young defense we believe we have a lot of potential. But, as a young defense we make a lot of mistakes, so you make the mistakes we learn from it moving forward we’re just gonna get better and better. JACK HATEM: Well, I was really happy. I mean they’re really big up front. Both backs run really hard, but our defense played really hard an did a great job. There’s a lot of guys for Canaan to get the ball to and it makes it hard I think we can force people to cover the field horizontally and vertically. DAVID WEIMAR: We just try to attack any time We saw holes in their defense we were trying to go after them. Our offense is the best offense in the NCAC I think just focusing on Wittenberg is key this week. One game at a time. ALEX RAYNOR: 3-0 heading into Wit, Wabash, DePauw will all be tough games coming up but to be 3-0 gives us a lot of confidence. JACK HATEM: Everything will lead to this week. This week for us getting ready to go to Springfield and play the Tigers and I think we’re ready for that. BRANDON MORGAN: Denison will travel to Springfield, Ohio as they take on the Wittenberg Tigers kickoff is set for 7 p.m. Brandon Morgan, DSN

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